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Coffee Bean - Carpinteria
4961 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 745-5861

Reviews by the General Public

Typical corporate chain...
Reviewer: MIKE from Santa Barbara, CA
Has went downhill...too "rigid"...go up the street to "Lucky Llama" for a more "CARPINTERIA VIBE".

Good place to go
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I thought it was a good place to go, Chai was decent, people nice, seating inside and out. Their bakery items were good. All in all a good place.

Dog Hair??????
Reviewer: Simone from Santa Barbara, CA
Why is it ok to have ANY dogs in a restaurant? We sat on the patio and watched as a few people took their dogs inside (gross) and then has the displeasure of sitting next to them on the patio as we tried to enjoy our drinks,,,never again

What happened to this place!!!
Reviewer: Dante Minone from Santa Barbara, CA
Saturday morning, just trying to order two cups of regular coffee and 2 bagels. For some reason it took 3-4 people and 10 minutes to receive our order. What happened? This used to be my "go-to place" in this town! What changed? We used to love this place.

Yummy Coffee for a breakfast on the beach
Reviewer: Andrea from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
For our breakfast on the beach, we had mexican bread from Maria's Bakery and Coffee from Coffee Bean! Mmmm very good Coffee. I like the white chocolate one!

Best in Carp!!
Reviewer: B Costa from Carpinteria, CA
Great latte's and bagels (get the Jalapeno-Cheddar). We've been taking the kids here for the last 2 years and are never disappointed. Friendly staff..great drinks and food. Staff is VERY "kid-friendly". Sit on the patio and people watch.

Great sevice/coffee..buts need free wireless access...
Reviewer: Dante Minone from Los Angeles, Ca
I was in town visiting friends and went in at about 10:00am. I asked about the wireless access and was told that they had AT&T and there was a charge for it. Although I only wanted to have a cup of coffee and retrieve my emails I had to pay...not good. I really needed to check my emails so I paid. It was a good decision as the following hour was most entertaining. The banter between the barista (I believe her name was Corina) and the store manager was the highlight of my day. "Corina" was betting the manager that he wouldn't put on the mascot costume and "entertain" this young boy that was on the patio of their store. He put it on and the little boy was thrilled (until the family dog barked at him)...the manager (in costume) proceeded to sneak up on various people walking up the street and shake their hands, dance with them and walk them into the store...quite funny. I've been to other Coffee bean's in Los Angeles and this was probably the cleanest/friendliest. The Praline pecan latte was delicious as was my danish. Nice place...would definitely recommend.

Oh its open , at least its clean
Reviewer: Henry from Dallas,Tx
Its cleaner then most of the town is , sad to say . Carp use to be a nice town ! The place was empty ( must be too clean for most people in the area ! ). There were a couple of unhealthy and unfriendly people hanging out on the corner . Wow some one with some money should buy up some of these places in Carp and clean them up , hire some people that are friendly to everyone and that speak english ! The coffee oh yea it was cold , i asked for water but that never happened ... last time i will go there ! There is a local place , a block away that had great coffee with some good art on the walls , not a clean place but that seems to be the theme with Carp in the last few years and getting worse . But at least that place had good HOT fresh coffee and friendly people that spoke English .

Reviewer: Dave Wilson from Carpinteria, Ca
Finally AWESOME coffee in Carpinteria!! I've been a "Bean Junkie" for years and couldn't wait for them to open here. I go 3-4 times a week and the latte's are far superior to anywhere else in town. The staff is awesome and is made up of local kids from the High School.The Manager's name is Mike (he's the guy that used to run the Blockbuster in town) and is just as friendly as he was there, even more so. Congratulations on your great store guys!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

Better than Starbucks...
Reviewer: JS from Goleta
Well most places are better than Starbucks (The McDonalds of Coffee), but the Cofeee Bean is a big step above. For chain coffee it's excellent and they offer a wide variety of morning oriented goodies. The staff at this location have always been effecient and any drink I've ordered tasted just fine. There's a locally run place nearby I prefer, but I must admit I hit up Coffee Bean when I'm a hurry as it's always fast and the drinks/service have never let me down.

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