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Three Pickles - Downtown
126 E. Canon Perdido St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-1015

Reviews by the General Public

Looking forward to first visit!
Reviewer: Corn from Brooklin, ME
Sarah B of Santa Barbara, your run on sentences and the "wouldn't of" leave me cold. "Wouldn't have," is part of the verb phrase. To what did you think the "of" referred? I have no respect for your opinion so look forward to great food at The Three Pickles..

Best sanny's in town!
Reviewer: Zing from Ojai,CA
I've eaten here many times and will continue.The sanny's are great,lots of meat and the bread is always fresh and once in a while the Lovejoy's(owners) will give out a little joke telling on the side.Dont forget about the Pickle Room next door.It opens at 4:00 or 4:30 and has great drinks and the bar menu is killer.One of my favorites in SB.

BEST sandwich!
Reviewer: Arlene from Santa Barbara, CA
Ordered the Cuban and ...WOW!!! Both my husband and I kept looking at each other in disbelief over how good that sandwich was. Service is very good for how busy they get. If I went here as much as I crave it, I'd be a much larger person....

Yet to regret a visit here.
Reviewer: Erik from Santa Barbara, CA
So, the sandwiches are insanely good and I've tried almost everything on their menu. The food alone will keep me coming back. However a lot of the staff's social skills are a bit lacking, usually I have to get their attention to take my order. Anyway, like I said insanely awesome food.

Reviewer: sarah b from Santa Barbara, CA
The sandwiches to me were nothing special and I made a mistake by ordering it with the relish it just overpowered the sandwich. What made me more upset was when I was ordering I used my axxess card and the deal was buy one get one free so of course I used it, right after I got done paying I heard the owner talking about how they shouldnt accept the axxess card anymore and how next year they wouldnt sign up for it because it was a waste of time and about making a customer feel uncomfortable I would have left if I hadnt of just paid for my "one" sandwich. I should have told him,"Had it not been for the axxess card I wouldnt even of come in here!"... this place is overrated to say the least. Needless to say it will be my last trip there obviously they dont need my business.

pickled me pink
Reviewer: Dhara from Santa Barbara, CA
Came in on the recommendation from a store around the corner, and boy was I glad that I trusted in it! The sandwiches were incredible and made me wistfully reminisce about how deli sandwiches should taste - fresh, with the vegetables and lettuces having their own flavor, the meat stacked on, the bread toasted to perfection. And an open pickle bar! The pepperoncinis are to die for, and the dill pickle slices are also incredible. Bliss on a sandwich!

Honestly, addicted
Reviewer: Spencer from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't know what they put in the sandwiches here, but i've actually eaten here about 5 times in the last 7 days. So far i've had about 4 different sandwiches and each one is a really great option. The service is always great and speedy. Only one sandwich had a mistake (forgot to put mustard - which is a bummer when you order to-go) but they were super slammed so it's understandable. I will probably be in again... tomorrow?

Good Food
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Try the Rueben sandwich, you'll like it! This places solidifies for me the local sandwich triad of Three Pickles, Panino and South Coast Deli as the three premiere local sandwich chains in town. The atmosphere is nice here with both indoor and outdoor seating. Don't know if people will chat you up here, they just crank out sandwiches and fast for the amount of customers there. My pastrami was piled high!

Pickle Rising
Reviewer: Brendan from Santa Barbara, CA
Went to the grand opening of the already best sanwich/deli place in town this past week and as usual came away full and so happy...If anyone wants to take a trip to the east-coast without the security line hassle this is it Santa Barbara. The new venue at the old Jimmy's is proof that we can maintain some old historic charm with a brand new re-model in SB...The food is still epic...The staff was very friendly as usual and the added bonus of great beers on tap coupled with a stealthy good wine list makes the already best that much better...

New building, prices up, quality down
Reviewer: Forest from Santa Barbara, CA
As a long time Three Pickles patron, I must say I'm disappointed with the move. Though the new space is nice, the prices have gone up and the quality has gone done a couple of notches. I got the Goodland Club which is normally an exceptionally delicious sandwich. This time the crispy capicola was so leathery in parts that it wasn't even breaking apart - big pieces were coming out of the sandwich like beef jerky. Also, the wheat bread wasn't as good as I remember. Lastly, the service is never particularly friendly. I'll give it another shot, but if the quality is consistent with what it was today, I won't go here anymore.

Why did I not come here before?
Reviewer: Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
I usually don't eat pastrami because it's not all that healthy. I was craving something different today and I finally hit up Three Pickles (I thought they would already be in the old Jimmy's space). OMG. Great sandwich and a generous portion. Very nice people working there too.

awesome place, good service, amazing food
Reviewer: kenny power from Santa Barbara, CA
three pickles is by far the best sub shop in santa barbara. everything on the menu is so amazingly tasty. the subs are stacked with a hefty pile of meat and the freshest produce around. the bread they use is always fresh and fluffy. they also have delicious salads and hot sandwitches as well. you would have to be insane to go anywhere else for lunch.

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