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Montecito Deli
1150 Coast Village Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 969-3717

Reviews by the General Public

I love this place
Reviewer: Jason Streatfeild from Santa Barbara, CA
I work a few doors down and eat here 3-4 times per week. The food is great and the service is amazing. Super nice people always making sure your food taste great!

Best sandwich EVER!
Reviewer: K. Plunkett from Santa Barbara, CA
Our first time visiting from LA. Had an amazing tri tip sandwhich ! The people are all so nice. They tracked me down when i accidentally left my wallet behind! Great food, great prices, great people..., what else could you ask for?

Delicious Deli
Reviewer: Peggy from Oxnard, CA
Have been fortunate enough to eat there several times. The food delcious and worth the short wait. Everyone i have encountered helpful and professional. Looking forward to going back sometime soon. Wished I lived closer!

If your looking for 'REAL' deli corned beef sandwich...
Reviewer: Leonard Todd from Santa Barbara, CA
If you're looking for a real deli corned beef sandwich, you'll be sorely disappointed. A real deli has the beef piled high, usually made with fresh sliced corned beef....sometimes cooked on the premises. Not the case here....look and tasted like some sort of lunch meat, presliced corned beef. Now I remember why I hadn't been there in years.....

$1.75 for a can of soda?
Reviewer: Ben from Santa Barbara, CA
Dont know about the food here because I never ate here. Looked great. But I was shocked when I went in to get a soda and it was $1.75. Now I have paid a lot at a sit down restaurant these days, sometimes up to $3.00. And I thinkk that is too high, but I pay it because of the staffing, dishwashing and other costs. But this was $1.75 for a can of diet coke! No glass, no ice, no service, nada. You have got to be kidding me. Charge me a buck, and I will be back.

Delicious the best thing I ever ate
Reviewer: Shelly from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was absolutely delicious! although it is small on the inside the food was fresh,delicious and it is my new favorite food spot.Outdoor seating is the best for this deli. Its nice and gives that homey feel where you can relax outside and nibble on your fresh made food while reading a book or the paper I highly recommend you try this place on casual lazy Saturday or during the week.

Ok food, Good Service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Small place with some indoor and outdoor seating. Food out fairly quick. My roast beef was rare on the inside which I have never had in a sandwich before, they need to cook it a bit more for my taste.

Something Missing?
Reviewer: Tiffany from Santa Barbara, CA
I often grab a sandwich or salad from Montecito Deli. What I've come to notice is they they often forget crucial ingredients. Last time I was there I ordered a cobb salad, and the avocado was missing. Another time I ordered a sandwich and they forgot the cheese. I would like to hope these were mistakes, because for about $10 a salad, I would like to know if something I ordered is not available.

Good stuff!
Reviewer: Justine from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered salads and a tray of cold sandwiches for a work luncheon. Ray took my order by phone and was very accomodating and friendly. When I came to pick up the food the next day, it was ready and waiting. It was all very tasty, obviously made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Especially enjoyed the turkey sandwich on baguette (more like a soft french roll) and roast beef on sourdough. We would definitely order from them again!

MMMM soo good!!!
Reviewer: Cathy from Santa Barbara
I went to the deli yesterday with 3 of my friends! We were all impressed with the food! Each of us order something different but we all LOVED what we ordered. We would defintely go back!! I had the montecito chicken salad! mmmmmm I go to a lot of deli and everything was freshly made to order!

Reviewer: Alison from Santa Barbara, CA
My office orders in from the Montecito Deli often and it is great. My favorite thing to get is 1/2 of the Montecito chicken salad and 1/2 of the Piadina de Perversi.

The best sando shop in town
Reviewer: Larame from SB
I've been a patron of the Montecito Deli for just over 1 year and I must say that they have the best sandwiches in town. If you just need a small bite try the Deli Knot sandwiches, not on the menu but awesome (the bread that is). Also their "Piadinas" are just short of the perfect meal. Soooo goood. It can be a little busy, but you know the situation when you decide to go there.

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