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Pizza Guru
3534 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 563-3250

Pizza Guru writes:

Locally-owned and operated, Pizza Guru serves traditional and eccentric gourmet pizzas, salads, panini & pastas - made fresh daily from locally-sourced, organic ingredients. The Guru also specializes in vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free pizzas & entrees. Daily Lunch Specials and Blissful Happy Hours, too! We're devoted to deliciousness!

Fresh, locally-sourced, organic goodness in-house and delivered.

Pizzas, Panini, Pastas, Calzones, Soups, Salads, Desserts, Beer/Wine

Home of the Gluten-free Crust! and Gluten-free beer!

  • Happy Hour: 3pm - 7pm
  • Delivery: $15 minimum, $2 delivery fee, Delivery hours: 11am-9pm, Delivery region: Milpas St to Patterson Ave, Payment options: cash, check or credit, Call (805) 563-3250

Reviews by the General Public

Want To Like This Place So Much More
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
Pizza Guru is the little underdog neighborhood joint that kills you with their potential, but just hasn't gotten there. Love the fact that we can walk there, love the vegan/vegetarian options (wife is vegan she loves this place), but the execution of the pizza leaves me with that, "this could be better, but it's not terrible," feeling. To me, and this is just my opinion, the crust is like a frozen pizza (that's not good) and it's too much like cardboard. Salads are ok, good beer on tap, friendly service, let's improve the pizza crust and add some herbs to the sauce and see how it goes.

We're crossing this place off our list for pizza
Reviewer: michelle from Santa Barbara, CA
Their website shows a menu with prices that are extremely out of date. The pizza we ordered said $19 online but was $27.50 on the phone. This is very misleading. The topping was skimpy but fresh, but not worth ordering again at that price. I was still hungry after three slices and ended up eating half the pizza! I did not feel like my meal was worth almost $14.00. We will not be ordering from Pizza Guru again.

great,absolutely fabulous
Reviewer: sue from Santa Barbara, CA
Food is always great. The pizza is great, salads are big and fresh! THe pizza crust is great, good, flavorful. The staff will always change a few things if you want. 10/10 Service is prompt, friendly, helpful. It is my favorite pizza place, as the pizzas are big, with lots of ingredients. I would add some different beers. thanx it is always good.

The Menu is better than the Food
Reviewer: Andrew Baker from Santa Barbara, CA
Just ordered and ate a couple salads and a pizza from PIzza Guru. Picking up was a standard affair with zero thanks. No worries, don't care. Back home, the salads, Gorganzola and Sweet Tang, that sounded amazing on the menu, weren't, at all, amazing. Below average. All lettuce and cheese and dressing and no magic tastes whatsoever. The Big Cheese pizza, only Big to be found was the size. The pizza itself, eh. Sorry to rip on you guys, but honestly, this place was way below the promise of the menu.

Great Pizza-Bring back Sierra Nevada Ale
Reviewer: steve from Santa Barbara, CA
The Pizza would almost be the best in town if they would just tone down the garlic in the just take a minute and TASTE your sauce..way too much garlic, and the customer can't get rid of it,so just set it up that they can add it if they want it more garlicky---just keep garlic salt in a couple of your shakers along with the Parmesan shakers...think about it please. Pizza dough really tastes amazingly pure and good, and most ingredients excellent.Really good complex smelling and tasting cheeses on pizza...nice quality grated Parmesan in shakers at the table too. Music has been turned down some(good-)but is always rock....why not a little light blues of interesting light cooljazz stuff some? Just one BIG gripe...and the only reason food not a 5....they stopped having Sierra Nevada pale ale draft. Look on Beer Advocate...the draft beers you have currently mostly only get 70's or so ratings...and they do just taste Blah....but Sierra Nevada gets a pretty consistent 90/s Plus..all the time!!--Sierra Nevada is known as the most consistently delicious and fresh beer in US. Please, Please, Please, bring it back...would hate to have to go to other pizza places just to get Sierra Nevada. Will come once a week if you start having Sierra Nevada Draft again.-a serious promise. Thanks.

On time delivery, delicious One With Everything, but...
Reviewer: Liz from Santa Barbara, CA
The One With Everything Pizza and the Vegetarian Pizza with the regular crust were delicious: I rate them 5 stars *****. Fresh--you could taste the flavors of the various ingredients. That is the regular crust pizzas. I did not enjoy the flavor of the gluten free crust. Though those who regularly eat gluten free might be more likely to appreciate the flavor. Customer service: I was pleased with Josh who helped over the phone to plan for our group of 16 for the pizza (3 large regular crust, 3 medium gluten free) to be delivered to our downtown venue. The delivery arrived at 6PM as promised, and the pizza was hot. We ate every bit and everyone had enough to eat. I would definitely order the regular crust pizzas again--they really were super good, but I wouldn't want to eat the gluten free again.

Reviewer: Kevin from Santa Barbara, CA
I love pizza and eating out; exploring new restaurants. I was told about pizza guru and wanted to check it out. First time there the food was mediocre and the service was HORRIBLE! Manager was rude and not accommodating. After waiting 45 minutes i finally received my slice of pizza and sandwich. The sandwich was disgusting; bread was dry and stale while the pizza slice had burnt cheese and sloppily put together for a horrible presentation in which i lost my appetite before even eating. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!

Awful. Overpriced. Rude staff.
Reviewer: ES from Santa Barbara, CA
I gave this awful place two chances, and was disappointed both times. The wait staff is RUDE and both times staff were talking smack about the customers calling in to place their pizza orders. They charge $2 extra for the whole wheat crust even though it doesn't say it on the menu board inside the restaurant (apparently only on the printout menu). Too bad because I am in favor of eateries that use organic and healthier ingredients. Not worth the stress or price.

Finally, after 18 years, I can have "pepperoni" pizza again
Reviewer: Michelle from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been vegetarian for about 18 1/2 years and vegan for the last several months, so I've not have my old favorite pizza, pepperoni, in all that time. I recently discovered Pizza Guru and found they have vegan pizza, including a vegan pepperoni which is everything I could wish. After reading these very mixed reviews, I almost didn't try it, but I decided to judge for myself. I'm very glad I did! As is my teenage son who loves the cheeseburger pizza (real meat, not vegan). We've been twice now, so far, and the pizzas were very good both times. I did think the regular crust was better than the whole wheat crust which was just okay. We've not been displeased with the service either as have some of the other reviewers. Oh, and the lemonade is very good too. :)

Please don't mix assaultive music with Great Pizza
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Addicted to the great crust, and memorable taste of yum ingredients. Last few times there, the music was not just loud, but like agonizing screaming rock and 60's agonizing, repetitive guitar riffs of acid rock nature. Management....can't there be a more thoughtful music that still fit with your name? How about mellow, interesting McCarthy/Lennon music from the same era? How about early James Taylor stuff? You know..."You've Got a Friend"....still cool and hip...but can serve all tastes.... "You'd" have more friends......people have to sit and wait...and then the disturbingly repetitive- angst labored continual rock...please....most of your customers that I see there are varied sorts....thanks if you could change to music everyone could your advertising says..."We are one with everything"...Please follow your motto. A while back, the music seemed to get a little better,-but now back to the "same ole"...the point being, perhaps,-that the STAFF seems to like the ROCK a lot...but that doesn't mean that ROCK is fair to be blasting at the customers while they wait or eat. And keep making your life changing pizza...we think about it all week long until we come back. -Service is sometimes a little slow and sometimes you are out of some things such as certain beers or drinks...but not that bad and is forgivable considering the superb results of the actual pizza. Thanks, Your Faithful Ones.

better service best pizza!!!!
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
i have been going to pizza guru for a while now and i love their pizza. i went in here yesterday and i was pleasently surpised they had changed alot of there staff. i think they are still a little new but everyone i incounterd were very nice. the pizza was amazing like always. and there large pizza and beer special to me cant be beat :)

Pizza good, service appalling...
Reviewer: Sophia from Santa Barbara, CA
Love eating here for a big pizza and a pitcher of beer; I agree that the crust is too doughy but the quality of ingredients and some of the special pizzas are enough to keep me coming back. The salads here are also really good - enough to tempt me away from pizza on occasion, and I am a sucker for warm goat cheese. HOWEVER, the service is just laughable. Dirty dishes are stacked up on the tables, tables aren't properly wiped and the service is very slow. I don't do take-out because I think they prioritize customers in the restaurant; I learned this the hard way when I watched my pizza sit out on the counter waiting to go into a box (next to a wet rag and a heap of food that had been pushed to one side) while other folks got table service. There are enough staff working at Pizza Guru, and so you are left with the feeling that none of them are interested in bussing tables or cleaning up. However, there is really no excuse for letting food sit around with dirty dishes and rags in a restaurant, and this needs to be fixed.

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