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Taqueria Rincon Alteno
115 Haley St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-9798

Reviews by the General Public

Been eating here for 20 years...
Reviewer: Larry from Thousand Oaks Ca
I come up from Thousand Oaks, especially for the birria on weekends...I am often the only Gringo there...the boys like the fact I eat Buche and Lengua and Cesos!!! Larry

Food was good, service was not
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The food is good here and its tasty. The negatives for me were the server looked like he did not want me there and almost hostile, e.g. there was no thank you etc. more interested in talking to his friends, seemed beyond a language issue. The previous reviewer talking about the park next door did not mention a lot of homeless sleeping in the park. They do have parking in the back. The fountain drinks are behind the counter. They take cash only. If you are after anybody remotely friendly try somewhere else first.

"all our salsa's are hot, really!"
Reviewer: Pablo from Ventura, Ca.
We all spent the day at the Santa Barbara Beer Festival at Elings park and then came here for a late lunch after we got the tip from some friends we met while drinking Firestone's and Island brewing beers all day long. We walked in and found them grilling a pile of peppers on the grill about 8 inches high that covered the whole back of the grill. We all ordered taco's and then I asked about their salsa bar. "which one of these is the hot one?" They are all hot...was the reply. I only asked because I didn't want to suffer from making the wrong choice. So I took one green and one red. Tacos were great in size, warm and cheese was melting as I squeezed on some lime. I decided to test the salsa with a chip and they were right, it packed some heat! So then I tried the green thinking it was verde, or mild as in most places...uh not so much. I went thru my whole coke before I even had a bite of my taco. Granted, I'm not much of a fire eater, but these were some real caliente' cups of fire here. My friends laughed, thought I was just kidding, and then dug in on their own. One guy with us can eat anything hot, anything, and even he was sweating after just a chip full. Service was fast, and the locals got a kick out of seing a big gringo cry like a little baby after testing a toothpick in the salsa. Food was great, we're heading back as we all talk about it still to this day, but next time, I'm taking my own salsa. there's a park right next door to relax and eat outdoors if you'd like. You'll see a line too, it's good grub.

solid tacos al pastor
Reviewer: benn from montecito, ca
the tacos al pastor were really good (2 tortillas, meat, salsa, cilantro, onions) -- arguments of 'authenticity' aside (some would argue that this is more authentic), i think the tacos are better than at la super rica but the variety and creativity is not. its simple stuff, tasty, short menu. good prices... except: i got a quesadilla as well, which was ok, but i misread the menu and ended up with a $4.35 cheese quesadilla, so i'd reccomend you get meat in it if you want one (same price) or just avoid them all together.

Good burrito
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
Had a good chicken burrito. Served fresh and hot. This is an authenic little Mexican diner that also has another store in Carpinteria.

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