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Eller's Donuts & Thai Food
4317 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 683-0838

Reviews by the General Public

Ya they will serve you say old doughnuts w day old service
Reviewer: Catherine from Santa Barbara, CA
If you want rude service ! Here is your place to go . Ordered a croissant sandwich and bagel took over 15 minutes and when asked when they were ready her response was I gave only two hands ! I would like to support small business but will not be coming back !

Reviewer: Jake from Santa Barbara, CA
Been going here regularly since 2002. Great donuts, fritters, twists, etc. In the absence of a similarly excellent place (like say, a Dunkin' Donuts, for example) it is my go-to place for these treats. Their Thai food is also very good. I personally would, and do, recommend that you at least go once and try them to see if you think the same.

Santa Barbara's Hidden Secret
Reviewer: C.J. from Destin / Florida
I loved that it was a family owned business using their original family recipes. The donuts were top quality but get there early as they were almost sold out when I arrived late morning. I got them to- go for my road trip and found the employees to be delightful. I will definitely put this on my 'to do' list for my upcoming visits to see my grandson.

Reviewer: Kendra from Santa Barbara, CA
What's not to love?,...donuts & Thai food! I've tried the basil chile noodles, curry pastries, & Panang curry and loved them all. The donuts are my son's treat after getting his hair cut next door. We love the filled donuts. The nice Thailady behind the counter always adds in extra donut holes. For ordering food, since they make everything to order when you order, I call for pick up so I don't have to wait. Their menu is available online. Just be sure to order before they close if you want their food for dinner. However, if they could switch from styrofoam to go containers to something recyclable I'd feel less guilty!

Childhood favorite
Reviewer: sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
Chicken Chow Mien, and a few donuts. Every time. Oh, so good. Been coming here for years!

I hope the donuts are good...
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
Ordered a Pad Thai to eat there for lunch, 20 minutes later I was delivered a styrofoam container to go in a bag. OK no big deal but $11.50 seemed a bit high for what was slopped into the container with 2 slivers of scallion for garnish. I don't know what was on the noodles but it tasted like bbq sauce, seriously, nothing like I've had in years of ordering this dish. I'm stunned to see 4 star reviews of this food...low quality and no value. Please try harder.

Interesting combination
Reviewer: Laura from Goleta, CA
Thai and donuts sounds like a funny combination, but I love the spicy panang curry with tofu, and a donut.

Reviewer: Richard from Santa Barbara, CA
I get a box of donuts for the office every couple weeks and the last three times I have gone there I've been sold stale old donuts. Sorry but this place has lost its charm.

It's Thai Food + Donuts: What's not to love?
Reviewer: Katie from Santa Barbara, CA
I think this is one of those places you either get or you don't get. Don't go for the ambiance-you could eat in, but I can't see why you would, and yes, it's not as cheap as one would expect given the whole donut shop/Thai restaurant thing they're rocking, but I think it's the best and most authentic Thai dining experience in Santa Barbara from the menu to the sometimes leisurely service time. It is so worth the wait, though. My favorite is the chicken with basil and peppers (or something like that) and the Panang is great, too. We like it spicy and they don't mess around when you say "Thai Spicy", but they'll accommodate less masochistic palates, too. :-) We always phone it in, sometimes we get eager and arrive a little too early, but there's fun grocery items to explore while you wait. I've never ever had anything approaching bad service (unless you automatically equate slow with bad): the women who work there are darling and kind; plus, we always get free donut holes with our order. Divine.

Reviewer: Hank from Santa Barbara, CA
As a self proclaimed expert in the dounut arena, I can tell you that Ellers is the best in SB. If you want the bar-none BEST crumb-cake, you must go to Ellers on Milpas and get there early as they are the hot sellers... If apple fritters are your fav, then you go to the upper State St. Ellers-

Good Food It's to go no service needed knucklehead
Reviewer: Richard from Santa Barbara, CA
Very good food and they make it when you order it. I think the service is fine they hand me my food when it is done. I have eaten here many times and the only thing that varies is how spicy it is. That is not a issue for me so very good food and the size is generous. It is 2 meals for most people.

Best Thai Food in town
Reviewer: Krystal Freedom from Santa Barbara, CA
So I see someone said the service was bad...hum yeah I can't say it has been the best over the years i have been eating here, but I don't care about service, like he said this is a take out place...the food takes a while, because it is fresh...we arenít used to waiting since most places microwave our food for us...common practice people! I am in to their curries, i have had them all and love them...the Panang is to die for, the TomYUM and TomKai are great! Prices are a bit high, but you don't have to eat the whole thing in one sitting...10 bucks for one thing of curry that feeds two generously...just add a little rice and have at it! I highly recommend!

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