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Ye Olde Butcher Shop
4317 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 967-9213

Reviews by the General Public

Deli and Thai, neither very good
Reviewer: PJ from Santa Barbara, CA
First of all the photo on this review site is very outdated. It hasn't looked like that in years! It's not a butcher shop. It serves a limited menu of sandwiches and and a few Thai items. Very few choices no sides (salads, potatoes etc.) A few bags of chips and only bottled and canned drinks--no soda fountain. The sandwiches are loaded with meats and come on only a white roll or wheat roll. The place inside is depressing looking. There is always a TV on and the owner's desk is behind the counter. They make the food behind another wall. It's not a deli. It's a place that doesn't know what it is and it makes some sandwiches. It is owned by the same Thai family that owns Eller's Donuts next door.

Skip the Boba
Reviewer: Pippi from Santa Barbara, CA
Boba Tea is really catching on elsewhere in the country. When it is made well, it is a heavenly experience. The Boba shops in SF and NYC have lines out the door. Santa Barbara awaits a great Boba shop like these. This one isn't it. I stopped by to try it, needing my Boba fix. But, the two variety I tried were both sickly sweet, poor underlying flavor, and the tapioca balls were way overcooked. I'm hoping the owners will visit a successful Boba shop in another city and adopt their recipes and practices. It is a golden opportunity in SB, to have a high quality Boba shop now, before they are on every corner.

Good sandwiches
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Nice people, Thai girl nice but hard to understand. Meat good, Break Ok reminds me of a Jersey Mike's in terms of sandwiches. Worth a try. Limited parking, Thai Ice tea and Boba drinks available here also, have to walk a business away for Thai food and donuts at Ellers from same owners. Plenty of seating.

Better than before
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is now owned by a nice Thai family. The hot pastrami and swiss on a French roll is out of this world!! I remember the old place well, and it was good, but I feel the sandwiches are even better now. My "go to" place for good subs and Sammys.

Not the same
Reviewer: Rachel from Santa Barbara, CA
Was looking forward to my tri-tip sandwich and it didn't taste very good. I didn't realize that ownership had changed. Won't be going back.

Miss the days when it was a real butcher shop!
Reviewer: Shelly from Santa Barbara, CA
Used to go here often for their chorizo breakfast burritos and real butcher counter with fabulous meats. Haven't been back since the new owners changed it to a deli only.

Always Fresh and Delicious
Reviewer: Theresa from Santa Barbara, CA
We have ordered sandwiches three times over the past few months and they are always delicious, fresh and generous portions. The tri-tip with Jack cheese and the turkey with swiss, yummo!! The staff is always so friendly. I am going there for lunch today.

Tough Times for New Owners
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
Although I have eaten here in the past and loved it, my experience last week was sub-par at best. I ordered two sandwiches (splitting them with a buddy) and the first one was so bad I was shocked the second one had the audacity to be worse. I fear that as this place loses business, the quality will only get worse. While eating there, I swore going back for life. Now that it is a week later, I will maybe attempt to try them again in six months if they are still in business. Maybe.

Still Good Sandwiches
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
I just got back from Ye Olde Butcher Shop and was pleased to discover they still make a very good sandwich, which was plenty big enough. After reading the previous postings I wasn't so sure. I phoned in my order and it was ready upon my arrival. I was also greeted by a very pleasant young woman who was energetic and efficient. In other words, the service was good too. Sure, the decor is a little outdated but if they fixed the place up more, you'd end up paying more for the sandwiches. I think everyone else should lighten up a bit, focus on constructive criticism, and give the new owners a break while they get into the swing of things.

I understand
Reviewer: Rick from Santa Barbara, CA
I understand that the new owners are trying, but it's not working out. I used to love this place and come as often as possible, even making 30 minute commutes just to get a sandwich. Also, I remember how I ordered a Manwich when the old owners were here-- I was only able to eat half of it, and was completely stuffed. Last time I came, I ordered a full footlong, and ate it in 5 minutes-- felt like a subway sandwich. The owners need to fix what is going wrong here. Go back to what Ye Olde used to stand for-- huge sandwiches, great employees, fresh ingredients, fair prices. I haven't been back since my last visit, opting to go to the Country Meat Market instead (I ask you all to try it! It's SOOO good... reminds me of the old Ye Olde!) Best of luck.

new owners
Reviewer: c dub from Santa Barbara, CA
as of a month ago the butcher shop is owned by the ellers donuts give em a few months to get in the swing of things

A Disappointing Change
Reviewer: George from Santa Barbara, CA
Ye Olde has really gone down the tubes. The atmosphere is extremely outdated. Ye Olde = Very Old. The counter, flooring, and 15 year old TV makes the atmosphere very unpleasant. All the tables and chairs are different and look like they have been second hand from other restaurants years ago. **The food is a disgrace. I paid 7 bucks for a greasy sandwich with thick bread and overly soaked tri tip. I really do not want to go back there ever again because of the service I received and how much I paid for the quality of food. The worst part -- they sold 99 cent Arizona iced tea for $1.50. The Arizona tea specifically says 99 cents ON THE CAN!!! Yes -- I got ripped off big time. For improvement, everything needs to be updated, the ambiance has to be more enjoyable and pleasant looking. The menu was very specific and clear. The fridge where the drinks were stored was clean and carried a variety of drinks. Overall as a third generation Santa Barbara local, I would say Ye Olde has to step it up in order to maintain its reputation from the past owners. I was disappointed.

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