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Naan Stop
966 Embarcadero del Mar, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 685-4715

  • Category: Indian
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-10:30pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Consistently good and cheap eats, 1/10/2018
Reviewer: Hugh from Goleta, Ca
I sure miss India Club's buffet but this is the same food and I'm addicted. I get a 2 item dinner for about $8 and add a side of Saag for $3.50, I get 2 meals out of it especially if I add a large samosa for only $1.75. I always find the service friendly but they know me there. There is a full menu still but the cheap combos keep me happy and I go every month at least. I find their fare more well seasoned than the competitor who I still visit when in the area but I drive into deepest darkest IV gladly and there is always parking right alongside the place.

Good price
Reviewer: Ximena from Santa Barbara, CA
Half of their dishes are vegetarian/vegan and the prices are low which is a welcome change from IV restaurants. Every time I've ordered naan, it's been warm, fresh, and delicious, and for that I have given them 4 stars. I have also not noticed any rudeness from employees so I think their service is pretty good. My only complaint is that the samosas seem to sell out rather quickly.

Only when desperate
Reviewer: Brad from Santa Barbara, CA
I am so interested in there being a third decent restaurant in IV (after Freebirds and IV Deli), that I try Naan Stop every few months. The food is OK, worse than the Indian restaurants in Santa Barbara. The employees range from surly to disinterested. Sad that this restaurant has not been replaced.

Great food, scary service
Reviewer: Kat from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here is simply amazing. I have eaten here many, many, times and haven't gotten a bad dish yet. I also highly reccomend their milk teas, which are to die for. My only complaint is the service. Either the owner or manager who is always there is consistently rude. I have tried being bright and sunny every time I go in there but without fail he gives the impression that he really wishes all the customers would simply disappear. You have to go for the trade off, awesome food, but a feeling of crushing inferiority to go with it.

For the sake of the boba
Reviewer: Tae-Sik from Palo Alto
As a boba addict I can tell you that Naan Stops boba is the second worst boba I've ever had. I ordered the almond boba and as soon as I started drinking it, I could feel all of the artificial and chemical substances attacking my taste buds. I've heard great things about the food but stay away from the boba.

Average indian fare
Reviewer: Vinay Shivakumar from Santa Barbara, CA
The Channa was good , however the vegetable rice was poor and aloo-mutter was very average. The naan was pre-made , hence it was tough to tear. If you dont have your expectations very high or if you haven't eaten a lot of Indian food , you might like it ! One big positive is that its quite cheap ....

5 stars from the surf team captain
Reviewer: Joe Riggio Jr. from Santa Barbara, CA
for 2 years i was the surf team captain, i needed so many carbs after gnarly workout at sands. After taking off my atwater wetsuit, the fist place I went to was Naan Stop to fill my hunger. The best food in IV for sure.

Best food in Santa Barbara- SURF TEAM CAPTAIN
Reviewer: Joe Riggio Jr. from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to UCSB for 4 years and didn't find a more delicious place to eat!!! I was a surf team captain for 2 years and living a faced paced radical life style I needed all the carbs I could get. After hours of training each and every day Naan Stop was my first stop after taking off my atwater wetsuit. The chicken tiki masala makes my mouth water to this day. I miss it so much.

Reviewer: Marco from Santa Barbara, CA
It's funny to watch the employees work. They scowl at everybody as they take orders, acting like they have better things to do. But when a cute blonde walks in, they are suddenly all smiles. The food is pretty good, and a good value.

Reviewer: Annie from Santa Barbara, CA
The main foods (the curry, rice, etc.) never fail to get me hungry when I smell them. It's always warm and flavorful, though I wish the naan wasn't so tough. However, the boba and the milk teas are genuinely gross; lots of powders and such that give it a very artificial taste and make me think the owner hasn't tasted genuine boba in years. It appalls me that it would be so bad when it's advertised in the shop sign. I think the only people who would like it are people who have never tried it anywhere else and don't know what it's supposed to actually taste like. Of course, "good" boba typically requires specific equipment and ingredients that might be too much for a non-specialty shop to carry, and that I don't mind so much; what I do mind is that they have such an extensive menu of bad milk teas when I think they would do a lot better to narrow their focus and make fewer but better drinks. The newer workers I see there are nice, but the older guy I see the most (the owner?) is... unpleasant. I've seen him talking to some customers on friendly terms, and then I'll walk up and he'll turn cold and tight-lipped. I've been there maybe five times, and two times he took my money without giving me change until I reminded him to. What the hell? He is the only reason why I don't go there often.

Reviewer: Angie from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend brought me here for a bobba tea and got hooked. The next time we went in and got food and it was awesome. The workers there are always nice. I'm addicted to this place best Indian food I've had so far.

Good food but could work on "friendly" service
Reviewer: Marie from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here is really good for the price. I wish the saag tofu was saag paneer instead (cheese rather than tofu) but i still happily eat it. I appreciate all the vegetarian options. But the guy who is always there (maybe the manager?) is such a grouch. He makes it really unpleasant to come in. I'd say I'm not going back but since there are no other indian places I can bike to, I'm sure I'll be back many times.

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