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Savoy Cafe & Deli
24 W. Figueroa St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-6611

Reviews by the General Public

Bad Quiche
Reviewer: Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
Whoever made the last Quiche Lorraine needs a lesson. I have had this dish on multiple occasions from Savoy. This one in no way shape or form resembled quiche. More like scrambled eggs poured into a crust. No bacon no cheese and what looked like kitchen scrap onions. Disgusting. It will be a while before I venture back to the Savoy. Hope they are not lowering the quality permanently.

Ehn, no big deal
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here is okay. But it's not great and not even very good. I've given this place three decent shots, trying a different type of thing each time. The eggs I ordered for breakfast were okay, but a bit rubbery and had little pieces of whatever was in the frying pan before my eggs were cooked. Not the mark of a good place to eat imo. The second time, I tried the salad bar and soup and again, just okay. The third I tried an entree with some sides from the hot deli and my chicken was cold on the inside and the sides were overly salty. To me, someone like Guy Fieri liking a place makes me want to run in the opposite direction, but I didn't even notice all the pictures of him or know about his show visiting until the last time I dined here, so I can't say it swayed me one way or the other. It did explain a lot, though.

Reviewer: Cindy from Santa Barbara, CA
Impressive menu and food is FRESH and DELICIOUS, all of it! Sam took wonderful care of us and we will be back often!!

terrific breakfast
Reviewer: chris from Santa Barbara, CA
Our discount card got us to Savoy for brekkie. Very happy it did. Their online menu doesn't reflect either the variety or the flexibility of their morning fare. Both the standard eggs benedict and their veggie style were great...with the veg bordering on ***** outstanding. Friendly and attentive service, good coffee, and gluten-free options. The salad bar and sammies were also available early.

Good but could be Great.
Reviewer: Rick from Santa Barbara, CA
Saturday 12 Noon ,Hot Entrees all had steam table "skin" or looked very over cooked, not appealing at all. Salad Bar & Cold Entrees quality material but lacked flavor. Ordering was complicated. Self serve coffee definitly gourmet but lukewarm. Loved the atmosphere, staff very nice. Will give them another try.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives surprisingly got it right!
Reviewer: Krista from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this place and was surprised it was featured on America's #1 Food Network show because it is not a diner per se, not a drive-in and not a dive - so in that way they 'missed the mark'! This place is a cut above those types of establishments. What's so great are all the details put into the place. From the beautiful fresh flowers on the bar and on each table, to the fresh organic, quality food which means it's not cheap food, cheap inhumanely-raised chicken (if we're talking chicken). You can feel the love that goes into this place. The bakery is awesome and offers gluten-free and vegan desserts for those who need it which are delicious to the not-gluten free types. The carrot cake is AMAZING and from what I've heard talking to the owners was the only dessert that Guy Fieri was willing to try and loved it, though this got cut from the show (probably for consistency - he never eats dessert!) Yet, they keep it on the Guy Fieri special plate. Awesome! You won't be disappointed in that cake, but may be in every carrot cake you every have anywhere else! The breakfasts are so wonderful - my favorite is the breakfast burrito. If you like feta cheese, you'll love the Scramble too. I'm still working my way through the menu a week at a time. Everything is so fresh and yummy - the eggs are farm-fresh organic free range eggs like you get at the farmer's market so of course their prices reflect the need to make a profit. Eating out like you would make for yourself at home costs money, but you know you're eating the same quality you make at home. This would be my go-to place to eat daily if I were remodeling my kitchen and had to eat out. You'll be getting quality ingredients without hidden fillers or preservatives or processed food and feel better not worse after eating here. We had dinner here once and could not get over how good the Portabella Linguini with chili pepper was, and it went perfectly with the suggested wine which was from the Ministry of the Vinterior Winery. Try it! So much to talk about that is great here - their coffee - DIGS, Ethiopian blend - better than any coffee shop in town people! Get it before lunch though because once it's gone, it's gone. The afternoons are made for tea and they do make a great Americano if you need an afternoon buzz. I love the artistic flare of the place, the tea cups which are all unique, the fountain, the flowers, the warm tones of the's just a great place. I guess upscale diner would be what qualified it for Guy's greasy spoon show - it's not greasy spoon though - so know what you're in for before you go - just good quality, organic food put together with love.

Guy Fieri missed the mark on this place
Reviewer: Steve from Los Angeles, CA
I am a big fan of Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. I have eaten at other places Guy has recommended and they have all been good. This place however, not so much. I ordered the chicken curry "hot entree" which was rather tasteless and served lukewarm almost cold. My friend ordered the chicken leg and that was a very small portion of food for $8.95. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere and may be a good place for a drink but I would take a pass on the food.

Best Salad Bar in Town!!!
Reviewer: Javier from Santa Barbara, CA
Try the gluten free cookies!!!!

A delightful dining experience! The best!
Reviewer: Ashley from Santa Barbara, CA
We just had a wonderful breakfast here. If you like Jeanines or Tupelo Junction, you MUST try this place, I think our experience was even better! My husband was in the mood for breakfast burritos and we debated all sorts of places to go - we remembered that we had an axxess card deal to use up at Savoy and ended up there. The food is organic and local, but the attitude there is not pretentious. Our burritos were fantastic served with fresh homemade salsa on the side (made with heirloom tomatoes and not overwhelmed with onion). My husband added turkey sausage to his and I added bacon to mine. They were both delicious, the barely grilled tortilla was a wonderful touch. I think next time we might ask that they omit the potatoes, but they were delicious just didn't need the extra bulk. Also two people could easily split their breakfast burrito, we just needed to use the buy one, get one free discount our axxess card provided. Our service was lovely, the young woman who helped us was sweet and attentive. We had our 1 year old son with us, and he loved his pancake served with fresh berries. We sat by the window and he watched the trucks and buses pass. The high chair was clean. We also enjoyed the soft instrumental music playing. Highly recommend this place! Wonderful salad bar and lunch selection as well.

Excellent lunch
Reviewer: Dana from Santa Barbara, CA
Just had lunch here and thought it was great. Really delicious and unique sandwiches, with no skimping. Greek salad was great and carrot cake perfect.

Savoy is top notch!!!
Reviewer: Christopher from Santa Barbara, CA
I just ate at Savoy today and I had to come back to my office and give them a stellar review!! 1. The owners are a super friendly local couple. 2. The food is made from scratch right there. Their salad bar is a little slice of heaven and all of their prepared foods taste amazing. 3. It's a great casual atmosphere and their service is fast. Savoy is all of my favorite things... 6 out of 5 stars from me! I'll be going there much more often.

Love this place :-)
Reviewer: Becky from Arroyo Grande, CA
Whenever I come to SB, I go to Savoy. I found it by chance and so glad I did! I love their fresh salad bar and their daily prepared foods. They also sell Kombucha by Synergy, which is a staple for me :-) My mouth is watering just thinking about going there.

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