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Siam Elephant Thai Restaurant
509 Linden Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 684-2391

  • Category: Thai
  • Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 4pm-10pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Very Good Thai Food and Exceptional Service
Reviewer: Joyce from Santa Barbara, CA
We ordered their lunch special and were pleasantly surprised - everything was very fresh and tasty. The service was over the top - all staff was very helpful and courteous. The restaurant was very clean. We'll be back.

The best Thai restaurant in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Patrice from Santa Barbara, CA
As a resident of Santa Barbara for 57 years, I have tried every Thai restaurant in this town, and now I must say that Siam Elephant, in Carpinteria, is the best in all of SB. I have tried every Thai restaurant that has opened in SB, and it wins, hands down!

Delicious food, gracious owners
Reviewer: Gene from Carpinteria, CA
I had dinner last night with my daughter and five year old grandson and we each ordered dinner specials. My pra ram was rich, peanuty, and full of tender chicken on a bed of fresh spinach. They each enjoyed red curry paste duck, ordered mild for my grandson. The owners always seem genuinely pleased to welcome their guests and the food is my favorite of all the Thai in the SB area. This is a local fav and even on a Wednesday was almost full.

Needs Serious Improvement
Reviewer: Genny from Carpinteria, CA
I am not one to give bad reviews, and honestly feel bad doing so, but this has got to be one of our all time worst meals. We got a good six dishes to go, and all of us (four adults, several kids) regretted eating it. It was not fresh, we could not distinguish between the pork and the chicken sate, and the scallops tasted downright fishy. Needless to say, we will not be returning -- even though we live in Carp and have serious hankerings for Thai food...

Great since the new owners took over
Reviewer: Shelagh from Carpinteria, CA
SO GOOD!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I have had Thai food all over Southeast Asia so I know what I am talking about. I live in this wonderful little sleepy town and we used to joke that Siam Elephant was maintenance food. Just fine, and if you needed a Thai food fix it was better than making the drive to Santa Barbara. Now I would make the drive from SB to Carp just for this delicious food and I am so thrilled that the new owners have really taken so much pride in what they do. Thanks! Love your food.

Food quality slipping a little
Reviewer: Jason Koivu from Santa Barbara, CA
I go to Siam Elephant about once a month or every other month at least, and have been for the last 5 years. The food is generally very good, some of the best Thai I've had. But lately the quality seems to be slipping. I mean, it's still good in an adequate sort of way, but it's lost some of the "wow!" it used to have. The wontons used to come with a little pork mixture, now they don't. The egg rolls were once more peppery. The soup that comes with all combo meals has less kick to it. And the curry has been watered down a bit too much. I had a Thai friend try the place once last year and they said it was good, but definitely "made for Americans", meaning not as spicy/flavorful as it might be. None of the previous mentioned issues is enough to put me off from going back, but I'll probably be asking them to spice it up a bit. I don't want something that's going to burn my tastebuds off, but I don't mind a little heat.

Nice owners, Food Good
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Everything was adequate to good here. The Chicken satay was a huge portion. The thai owner couple were very nice and the place has some intimate charm. They also have outdoor seating.

5 stars aren't enough!
Reviewer: Bob from Santa Barbara, CA
Our family spent a month in Thailand in December. From Bangkok to Chang Mai, Chang Rai and Phuket all the while eating in hotels, restaurants and of course street vendors. All was excellent. Today we found the Siam Elephant on Linden Ave and were treated to that same excellence in their food and service. This is truly a Thai family that cares deeply about what they do, we urge you to try the experience !

Good food, HORRIBLE service
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to Siam Elephant twice since moving here 5 months ago. The first time was for lunch, and I ordered the pad thai. For $6.95, I was given a small portion of pad thai, some white rice, and an egg roll. The good news was... the pad thai was excellent. Wayyyy better than both Your Place and Your Choice, the two other thai food restaurants I have tried so far. I thought I found my new place .... ---------- The second time I went to Siam Elephant was at night, about an hour before they closed. I already knew that the pad thai was good, so I wanted to order my other favorite dish... cashew nut chicken. The menus at the restaurant show a picture of each dish and give a description of the ingredients. The cashew nut chicken looked and sounded delicious. After 15 minutes, I was handed a plate of... some kind of chicken dish. It looked nothing like the picture, and had ingredients not listed on the menu. It didn't even have cashews! I flagged down the waitress and told her that I did not get what I ordered. She asked me to explain - I told her that my cashew nut chicken didn't even have cashews. She apologized and took my dish back to the kitchen. -------- Literally 20 seconds later she emerged with another plate. It was the same plate, only this time they sprinkled cashews on the top. Frustrated, I flagged her down again and told her that I knew what they did. I explained again how the meal looked nothing like the picture, and it was not what I ordered. She sarcastically asked me "Oh, so you want it EXACTLY like the picture?!" and I barked back "that's what I ordered!" The menu did not say that the cashew nut chicken had mushrooms, but I had huge mushrooms in my meal. She told me that I had the cashew nut chicken and that the menu was wrong. What really happened is that they screwed up my order, and were too cheap/lazy to prepare another dish. So they lied and treated me like I was some idiot who would not know the difference. I ate the meal because I was tired of arguing, and it was pretty good. It wasn't what I ordered though. ------------- Obviously I won't be returning to Siam Elephant. It's a shame too, the pad thai was good.

Americanized pan-asian cuisine, but excellent service.
Reviewer: Andrew Hammond from Santa Barbara, CA
I live in Carp and drop by Siam for either lunch or dinner about once a month. The food is usually somewhat generic pan-asian cuisine. Like pretty much every other ethnic restaurant in America, they add "hot" to order instead of layering it in while to create the deep, rich flavors that make really spicy food so delicious. If you have a typical American pallet, this will probably be an interesting and accessible Thai food experience.

Reviewer: A'alina from Los Angeles, CA
I'm in the restaurant business and try to eat at places that aren't reviewed by AAA or other corporate/conglomo companies. Stumbled upon this ABSOLUTE DIAMOND tonight...great food, reasonably priced, perfect portions (I hate HUGE PORTIONS, even for a cheap price) and the service was attentive, friendly and knowledgable about the menu. The menu itself was very unique! Will definitely come here again!

Reviewer: dan koivu from LA
Whenever I come up to Carp to visit my brother we always go here cuz this is the best thai I've ever had. There's so many different choices, but I usually get the red curry which is great. The dinner specials are a good deal too cuz you get egg rolls, wantons, rice, fried shrimp plus whatever oyou ordered. The asian ladies that (i think own the place) wait on you are always super nice too!

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