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Oaxaca Fresh
721 Linden Ave, Carpenteria
Phone: (805) 684-3635

  • Category: Mexican
  • Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm Sat-Sun 8am-9pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Disappointing Food and Service = spend $$$ elsewhere
Reviewer: Joyce from Santa Barbara, CA
We were the only ones in the restaurant being served (well, not served, actually). I had to go to the counter to get some help, chips were not fresh, food less than satisfactory - I had the carnitas tostada (yuck, it was NOT good), had to ask for water, staff acted like they were doing us a favor, we even had to ask for the bill. I'm amazed they are still open - here they are located on the main street - maybe they live off of tourists. We ate here a couple of years ago and it was the same service / food - we thought we'd try them again to give them a 2nd chance - no more.

Would like to review....
Reviewer: Tina from Carpinteria, CA
but we ended up walking out. They were in the Axxess guide with a 2-for-1 deal so we thought we would try them out. They said they would not honor the card so we left. Too bad for them because we eat out all the time in Carpinteria and if we liked it we would have come back again and again.

Great Mexican Food
Reviewer: Carla from Morro Bay, CA
Our favorite Mexican restaurant ever. We both grew up in SoCal, ate a lot of Mexican and now are retired to the central coast. We have eaten here 20-30 times even though we do not live in Carpenteria, always stopping here when driving through and even plan our trips around it. We like lunch here the best, especially the 3 taco special they usually offer at lunch time. Although I am not vegetarian, the roasted veggie taco and the rajas taco are my favorites. Be sure and look at the back page of the menu as they offer some great taco plates. Don't be afraid to try the unusual here. The food here is lighter than a lot of Mexican restaurants. This isn't the usual "Tex Mex" or taqueria fare. The service is pretty good usually. We are always friendly with the owner and he treats us right. Everything here is prepared from scratch so sometimes it takes some time to get your food but it is worth the wait. You can see the cook preparing each dish from one of the rooms. It is in an older building so the bathrooms are dated but always look clean to me. A great place to eat.

Best chile relleno
Reviewer: Sandra from Santa Barbara, CA
The best chile relleno I have had ever! The service was similar to what we get in Oaxaca, they take your order, and serve the food. The food was extremely fresh, so it took a while, but that is why it was so good. I'll definitely make the trip to Carpinteria to eat there again.

Awful service, just bad food
Reviewer: Ed from Ventura, CA
Awful service, had 3 tables served before us. Took forever to get our drinks, water and a beer. Food was average at best, don't waste your time. To Create a better environment, they need to hire more people and a better chef

Terrible Service and Terrible Seating!
Reviewer: Frank Trevino from Ventura, CA
We were in a great mood during the Avocado Festival and we picked this res. to have dinner. We were asked 3 to 4 times what we wanted to drink why? because they didnt write the order down!! We waited longer than normal, and they seated us next to a dumpster with the lid open!!, thus the cause of so many flies!!! Grrr, this place is very unorganized, and filthy. We should have walked out at first, but we were very hungry. Never again will we eat here, and I dont recommend anyone eating here unless youre tired of living!! This place is terrible!!

This is not Mexican food...its a joke.
Reviewer: DAvid from Santa Barbara, CA
We made the mistake of eating here while at the Avocado Festival. We ordered and told no carne asada. Then a waitress asked what we wanted to drink. Waited....nothing...then another waitress asked what we wanted to drink....waited and again nothing. Another waitress came by and said what would you like to drink..we all said..AGAIN!? FINALLY our drinks came. The food came later and was bland and pathetic.

I Don't Think We'll Return!!
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara, CA
We went up the coast to visit for the day from the Rancho Cucamonga. Were starving & wanted Mexican Food. Went in there for lunch. Only 1 other table had people at it. The chips were warm but not really fresh & Very bland. The salsa was like tomato juice,onion & cilantro. No chilies or taste just yuck. The Tamales were dry,didn't care for them, the chile rellenos were so-so. Beans & Rice bland. Waiter wasn't real talkative or friendly. No language barrier, we can speak Spanish. Tried English & Spanish. Neither worked. Bathrooms were, won't talk about it. Kitchen (can see on the way to the bathroom)...Gross. If we would not have ordered I would not have stayed. I'm very sorry! Food needs more flavor. The hall to the bathroom & kitchen need cleaning! Check took forever to come. If it would have been a friendlier place & better service you can over look certain things, BUT really work on the salsa!!

Great Food
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The food here is as good as a Super Cucas Burrito. Great, I think garlic rice was used in it. The food is of the Oaxacan kind. They are apparently known for their moles, I'll have to try it next time. Not aware of any other Oaxacan type restaurants in town. Seems to be of a Mayan influence. Makes we want to go back and try other stuff so recommended for the food definitely. In terms of Service and Ambience the ambience is cozy but not great and there is a cleanliness/clutter factor that does not help with kitchen being in the middle of one wall, the owner does seem a little distant, the waiter service also. I think its partly just a cultural/language problem. If I would have waited 15 minutes I would have asked how things were going let alone the 40 minutes of a past reviewer. Place worth a try.

Reviewer: FOOD from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm nice when I go in there and they treat me well and the food is great. Haha, I wouldn't have served you either. You sound like a true "angry customer" and your spelling is horrid. I'm actually delighted you had this experience and happy the owners of the restaurant put you in your place. I eat YOUR banana leaf tamales, lol :)

Reviewer: Angry customer from Santa Barbara, CA
I drove from Santa Barbara to Carpinteria to get some Banana leaf tamales (they are hard to find) So, I got there and asked for two orders of tameles. I waited 40 MIN for my order, so I went and asked one of the ladies that work there about my orders, and she said, "Well we only have for one order of tamales". So I asked her "Why did not you tell me that at the begining". She was very rude and told me it was not her fault. She said she did not know. So, she went to get the owner of the place, and after 10 min the owner came and said "What's the deal". I explained him, I said we have been here for almost an hour now and I told him that his employee was very rude. He simply replied "Do you want to order something else". NOT EVEN AN APOLIGY!. I SAID NO!. He simply turned around and left. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Trust me I was hungry anymore after this odeal, I was really pissed off.

Favorite Mexican
Reviewer: Lisa from Santa Barbara, CA
We love this restaurant - the food is so delicious (salsa, guacamole and Oaxaca style burittos are amazing) and the people are always super nice. I wish more people from Santa Barbara would venture down to Carp to eat here.

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