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[closed, no longer in business]

12 W. De La Guerra, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-3805

Reviews by the General Public

Restraunt Closed
Reviewer: Danny from Santa Barbara, CA
This restaurant looks like it has closed...............

Not Bad At All!
Reviewer: Moi from SB
Great little place with an excellent service. The food is "good". I have not tried the desserts yet! I would like to see a bit more choices for the dinner entrees, that's all. Good selection of wines. Had 4 or 5 dinners at Tiramisu. It is close to Ruby's where we dance Salsa. Perfect!

Reviewer: Adriana from Santa Ana, CA
I had the salmon crab cakes which were excellent, and my husband had this delicious fettucini with both spinach and regular pasta. The bread and olive oil/vinegar dip was sooo good I asked to take some home. It had some red pepper flakes in it. Everything about this meal was excellent including the waiter. We had to try the tiramisu........It was the best I've ever had!!!!

much more than Mall food
Reviewer: chris from Santa Barbara CA
We had a very nice lunch at Tiramisu at Paseo Nuevo. The meal began with a basket of bread with olive oil dip. We ordered the chicken focaccia and a spinach salad. Both were excellent - fresh, nicely presented, flavorful - and delivered in a reasonable time. The sandwich came with a choice of side salad or soup. The Cesar was passable and a good complement for the pesto-rich sandwich, though nothing to write to Tijuana about. The service we received was quite fine - attentive but not obtrusive. Sitting near the open front, we had the added pleasure of honey bees sampling the blossoms nearby. (They've not all gone on strike.) The only complaint would be butcher paper over the tablecloths; that's fine for Kreuz Market with brisket and butcher knives, but a little off-putting at Tiramisu.

Reviewer: Maria from Santa Barbara
This place its really good, the food is excellet, and the waiters are really nice! The Tiramisu mmmmmm YUMMY!!!

Excellent Focaccia
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
I went with a co-worker and we both got Focaccia sandwiches; I got the di Mazno (Tri-Tip) and he got the di Pollo (Chicken). The Focaccia bread was excellent, nice and thin so that it didn't overwhelm the sandwich, and the tri-tip was sliced super-thin with good seasoning. And the mangos were a nice touch, giving it a different flavor than standard tri-tip fare. The service was a bit slow considering that hardly anyone was there but they were friendly and there were no problems.

Great Food!
Reviewer: Joel from Santa Barbara
My co-workers and I ate outside in the patio and the paintings on the wall really made the atmosphere great! The food was excellent, all of my co-workers thought so too! The serivce was so-so, although the Tiramisu was the best i've had! Yum! Im coming back!

Very Yummy------
Reviewer: monica from santa barbara CA
we were going to a movie nearby and stopped for a quick lunch--considering it was raining and not too busy, the waitress was a little slow--but the food was really authentic...and I used to live in italia--so I know good italian food...

Best Food Around!!!
Reviewer: Jessica from Santa Barbara, CA
I had some of the best food I have ever had and the service was pretty good.

Reviewer: Ada from Santa Barbara
My roommate and I really wanted to try this new restaurant especially since its name was Tiramisu. We thought that even if the food was bad, they can't possibly mess up the tiramisu. Overall the food was so-so, portions were extremely small, the price was unreasonable for the amount they gave us, and I have definitely had better tiramisu. I had the salmon crab cakes, which was decent, and my roommate had this rice pasta that basically was rice, cheese, and chicken mixed together. Atmosphere was kind of romantic and service was pretty good though.

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