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Panda Express - Upper State
3849 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 569-8800

Reviews by the General Public

Depends on cook...
Reviewer: Linda from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here sometimes has good seasoning and flavor but today was very bland. Please step up the chiles and/or make the chile oil/sauce readily available to customers. Kung Pao chicken is supposed to be spicy! Also needs more peanuts. Because I was the only person in line, I was made to wait. I wasn't offerred a sample or a drink.

Lazy Sunday
Reviewer: Garth from Santa Barbara, CA
Figured I'd run up to Panda and pick up Sunday morning breakfast/lunch. The Panda website listed an opening time of 9:30am. I thought I'd give them time to get organized, so I waited until 10:20am. When I arrived I noticed the opening time posted on the door was 10:00am. Still, I reckoned they'd have the food out by 10:20. Unfortunately, only 1/3 of the trays had food and there was only one guy cooking. I knew it would be quite some time before they had everything out. I won't be back on Sundays, that's for sure.

18 in line
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
ONE person serving. 18 in line and people walking in and then leaving. I waited because the food is good and @ a low price.

Always Something To Look Forward To.
Reviewer: David Wright from London UK
I've eaten at Panda Express all over the US. Its something we don't have here in London and I love it! If I fly into LAX, I stop off at PF Changs, but If I fly into SBA, I come here. Food is ok, but service often a bit slow, meaning your meal is cooled when you start to eat. Manager always seems to give out coupons, but never to us!

Better than Fairview one, Good Chinese Fast Food option
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Stick with the new Thai one and the Orange Chicken, the other stuff is pretty standard fare. The bins were full on a lunch hour, in my experience different than the Fairview one.

good and cheap but empty bins often
Reviewer: Andrew from Santa Barbara, CA
It is classic fast food- Chinese Style. Their selection tends to be empty, however the staff is always willing to make a new batch. The people are nice and I eat there pretty often. I would say the food is consistant and service better then most places.

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