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Panda Express - Fairview
131 N. Fairview Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 683-1857

Reviews by the General Public

always walking out
Reviewer: Trisha from Santa Barbara, CA
They say 3 times you are out! That is how many times I have had to walk out of this location of Panda. I was there today (7-30-12) at 11:45 am to get a hot lunch & once again the angus beef was out. I waited 10 minutes watching the cook that said it would be ready in 5. He later went on break to the back of the restaurant & a server yelled: "we are out of chicken, get cooking!" The line was long now and the cook was still in the back. I walked out! The service here is a disgrace!

fastest Chinese food around
Reviewer: John from Goodland
this place rocks. Any time you are looking for decent Chinese food at a great price, and you are in a rush, go here. You enter the door, immediately order good food, pay less than $8.00, and are eating within three minutes. I won't go into detail on what I normally order because it changes each time, but this place is a ton of great food for cheap money. You can feed a family of five for around $20.00. I highly recommend.

Quality takes a back seat to profits
Reviewer: Hugh from Santa Barbara, CA
Sorry to say some corporate meddling has reduced the quality here. Worse(for me), no more soup! Damn, damn, damn; what's Asian food without a hot soup? I guess more greasy fried stuff that lounges under infrared light is supposed to fill that need. Anyhow, portions reduced, flavors reduced, all around quality reduced. More shrimp choices if that is your bag, not terrible (but $1 more). Remember how the sweet and sour pork is kept separate from the sauce until serving? No more, it's all mixed together now and mushy. Kung Pow Chicken was almost flavorless. Orange Chicken wizened and dry, they were out of cream cheese rangoons...but I got a meal and a half for $10 but here I am complaining as the quality has certainly declined. Oh, well I am going to have to pay more for good quality food, what else is new? The service here is always fine btw and the line moves well.

Clean the place up
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is just fine and so are the serving staff. However, the customer tables were mostly dirty...sticky and so were the chairs. The floor also had food on it. Someone needs to give the place a good cleaning everyday and keep the place clean during business hours.

Ok food bad service, you get what you pay for
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton, Ca
If you are really craving cheap Chinese w/o waiting go here. You will be treated to an <$10 meal under heat lamps. They were out of the vaunted Orange Chicken, the Beijing Beef was cold and too deep fried. I stated I wanted the three item meal and they thought the veggies was an item not a side and I did not want to argue and got the two item meal...basically it came down to bad communication with people not understanding english. Please hire up front people there that can 1)read your own menu, 2)can understand english, nuff said. Keep the food coming faster to the trays, dump cold stuff if there too long. I felt rushed up to the cashier. Positives: Vegetables as a side was good, they make them from fresh. Sweet Sour Pork was good. Don't think I'll be back any time soon though.

Reviewer: Lilly from G town, CA
This panda express is so much better than the one in the mall. This panda has flavor! The service is all the same tho..... makes you feel like they are hearding cattle.

Its great!
Reviewer: Dwight from Goleta
The food was really good, i loved the chicken with mushrooms a lot and the orange chicken was the best! The service was excellent, the girl Rice treated me very kindly. I really recommend coming here.

go to the one in SB
Reviewer: Liam from Goleta, CA
Go to the panda in SB... it seems wierd but this panda is horrible in comparison - the orange chicken tasted like fish

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