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Domino's - Upper State
3006 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 898-0606

Reviews by the General Public

The worst Domino's in Santa Barbara, 10/1/2018
Reviewer: Rehan from Santa Barbara
Raul...wanted to give your location the benefit of the doubt out of respect and not review you guys right after the incident with my order but the way you handled it was pretty disappointing. Never experienced something like this from a restaurant before: I ordered delivery on a Tuesday night via online order, waited over an hour until the Dominoes tracker said "Raul double checked your order for perfection" so the order itself definitely had gone through to them. I never received my order that night, despite numerous attempted calls to their location which took me straight to voice mail. I'm then thinking OK, they'll obviously just refund it and I just won't purchase anything from that location again, no harm done. I wait a few days for the refund, however the charge goes THROUGH and posts on my account despite me never having received my order. I've never ordered delivery from a restaurant that not only DIDN'T DELIVER AT ALL but also CHARGED ME FOR IT. Despite all that, I gave them a call to respectfully ask what happened, assistant manager (who was friendly) picked up and said she wasn't sure how to help due to limited access and referred me to Raul who was expected to come in at 8PM and told me to call back then. Hours later, I call back at around 8:30PM, only to be told by another employee that Raul STILL isn't in and he will write my number down and will have Raul call me back. An hour later, Raul finally calls back with some story that he didn't see the order in the system that night and if I wanted that order delivered tonight (5 days later). I say no, if all you can offer me after all this is to redeliver my order (without a refund or anything by the way) as if nothing was wrong, I'll just take a refund. He says ok you'll just get a refund, and quickly hangs up. Absolutely ridiculous customer service. Raul, I went out of my way to treat you and your business with respect despite everything I had gone through and this is how I'm treated? Now I understand why the reviews for this location are absolutely HORRID. I HIGHLY ADVISE YOU NOT TO ORDER ANY FOOD FROM THIS LOCATION. If you're craving Dominoes, there are far better locations that are close by here in Santa Barbara.

Still doughy?
Reviewer: Zack from Santa Barbara, CA
I eat here alot, it's usually a can't complain kinda pizza but I decided to try the new pan pizza that's out, I usually get deep dish but this seems the replacement for it on the menu. I ordered 2 of the new pan pizzas, one was doughy...but oh my! The one that wasn't doughy was very airy and buttery! Very good compared to ANY other pizza from dominos I ever had..I just wished both pizzas were like that. Maybe next time?

Never again!
Reviewer: Melissa from Santa Barbara, CA
Since my discount card is about to expire, I decided to use it to try out Domino's. I tried going once but the guy behind the counter didn't know how to use the register & couldn't even tell me how much a pizza cost! His boss was the one who took the orders & apparently he didn't want my business because he remained on the phone for at least 5 minutes before I gave up & left without a pizza. I decided to give it another try with my trusty discount card in hand. It turns out that the discount deal is more expensive than other deals they have going on. But, unless you get on of their 'specials' the pizza is a ridiculous price. I called my order in & was told the 'specials' - where I had to buy 2 pizzas when I only wanted one. When I went to pick it up the guy at the counter said, 'oh I guess we did have a special for just one pizza'. So I ended up spending more than I wanted to, but less than if I'd just ordered what I wanted because it wasn't on special. If you're confused don't worry, so was I. The pizza was the equivalent of DiGiorno from the frozen isle at Von's. Maybe worse, they used canned tomatoes on my pizza - yuck! Although it was ready for pickup in 15 minutes - I'd rather wait for a much tastier pie somewhere else & support local businesses. I'm assuming their pizza can't be improved since it's a chain, but the employees should at least know the deals & inform you of them before you order.

Pizza Ok, Rustys preferred
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The pizza was just Ok here, Rustys is preferred for this kind of pizza. Interesting that Dominos has four types of crusts you can choose from now. The regular, thin, deep dish and a NY style that you can fold over. You can check it out on their website. Discount card gets you 2 for 1 everytime.

Great Pizza at a great price
Reviewer: John Reynolds from Santa Barbara
I gave it 5 stars because it was a carry out large for 5.00 !! Beat that!!! Rustys outta be ashamed, they get almost 25.00 for a large. Great tasting sauce too. I'd eat here anytime.

great pizza
Reviewer: wally from santa barbara
great pizza best value under 25 min delivery

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