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Domino's - Mesa
1808 Cliff Dr, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 564-4303

Reviews by the General Public

Bad Driver!
Reviewer: Daryl from Santa Barbara, CA
Not about the food this time. Saw one of their drivers blatantly run the stop sign at Las Positas and Cliff, cutting off two other drivers who most definitely had the right-of-way, and nearly causing an accident. Called the store. Manager was "on break." Assistant manager didn't seem to take my complaint seriously. NOT good customer service. Your drivers are your PR people, Domino's. When they break traffic laws, it reflects upon YOUR company! You should care about this.

love it
Reviewer: john from Santa Barbara, CA
We order pizza EVERY Wed and it has gotten to the point where they know who we are and what we want! Service has always been GREAT, the STAFF nice to talk to (in store and out) and the food...well we wouldn't go back every week if it wasn't good! The kids LOVE it and their "specials" are a FIND for a budjet!

Always something wrong! Never again!
Reviewer: Alex from Santa Barbara, CA
Long term client hate seeing this place go downhill. Past 5 orders there has been something wrong. From soda type to sauce to toppings. TIP: Quality Control orders before they go out!

Reviewer: Rosa from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered pizza like around 12:30 and the lady told us it was going to take 35 minutes so we waited and the 35 minutes pass so we called the store at 1:19 pm to ask the status of my pizza and they said it was on the way so I waited and then at 1:40 the delivery guy came with my pizza. I was so mad I didn't want to pay for it so we calle the store to see what they can do and they only gave us a $5 discount I was so hungry so I got it but never again I will order from here.!!! It was the worst service I ever gotten.! And to make it worse my food was cold.! Never again I'm dealing with this store.!!!!

Reviewer: wendy from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm a regular customer at other dominoes, and I was extremely dissatisfied. My 2 philly steak sandwiches barely had any meat on it. The chicken wings were under cooked, and it took the delivery guy over an hour to deliver, I live just a few blocks away

SHould read
Reviewer: Brett from Santa Barbara, CA
They jacked the price up and refused to give me a receipt twice... Most the time the pizza is soaked in grease. Hit and miss with this dominos. Good luck

worst pizza, bad deal
Reviewer: maggie from Santa Barbara, CA
I had a med 3 topping special for $9.95 first of all the size of a med was 10 inches( any med size pizza is 14 inches, ) i had it delivered, the prize came to about $14,00, i asked the delivery guy if delivery was included, he told that he get only a dollar from the $4,- than i asked what the rest of the money was for, he said tax and the rest he wasn't sure, this is another way to rip people off, even the manager was very vage when i called and asked that question he also was very rude and unprofessional about the question, i will never order from them again, it also was the worst pizza i have ever had, toppings were stingy.

Delicious awesome food
Reviewer: Marybel from Santa Barbara, CA
The young lady that took my call was very kind to me on the phone she was very patient with me and she convinced me to try there awesome lava cakes and to top it all off the food was delicious n my friends n I were very satisfied

LATE, LATE, LATE again!!
Reviewer: Bella from Santa Barbara, CA
Ordered 3 medium pizzas at 4:40pm to be delivered, big mistake. At 6:00 the delivery man brought us 3 very old and COLD pizzas! When we called to inquire we were told the driver got lost... We only live 2 blocks from the Mesa Dominos, how could someone get LOST? Good pizza, poor service.

customer service? really... very bad!
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
ok so the power went out, for what 20 minutes. ordered a pizza at 8pm, waited till 9:30 to call and wonder where its at. was told about the problem with the power and my order was in the car with 4 other orders, ok I'm cool with that. An hour later called back and was told my order was next out the door, wich is is it? so I canceled and was hung up on right away! no sorry sir here is a free bread stick, or anything, just lies! I know I should have went with a local place. Never again.

Brooklyn Style Baby!
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
Being a native New Yorker, I'm not saying this pizza is as good, but it is far superior to the traditional pizza Domino's is known for. I got a large 3-item 'Brooklyn Style" because they have a carry-out special on Mon, Tues, Weds for $7.99. Great deal. Check it out!

Reviewer: jessica crow from Santa Barbara, CA
Sometimes the food comes good and sometimes it doesn't. Same with the service. One time we ordered a 5 topping pizza and they were so scarce on the toppings some of the pieces had nothing but cheese! Then one time they put the wrong name on our box and it took forever to figure out. But sometimes the food and service is excellent. You just don't know when you order what"s going to happen.

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