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El Sitio - Salinas
138 S. Salinas St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-0171

Reviews by the General Public

If you want Amerimex this is not the place.
Reviewer: Tony from Santa Barbara, CA
El Sitio serves the best tortas that I know of in S.B. I teach at SBHS and we won the dollar drive. They said they would bring us bagels and I suggested they get us breakfast burritos from El Sitio. All of the students, white and brown were very happy. Everything is easier if you speak a bit of Spanish y si no puede, necisita um poco de humilidad. I have eaten at many Mexican restaurants on the East Side and if you want to go food, El Sitio is the place!

Good Food
Reviewer: T from Santa Barbara, CA
I think the food is outstanding and the service has never been a problem for me.

A Santa Barbara neighborhood classic
Reviewer: Bru from Riverside, CA
Found this restaurant by mistake and bought a chicken burrito. It's virtually all I get when I travel through Santa Barbara to get to wine country and the salsa is always fresh, service prompt and professional, and quality second to none.

El Sitio
Reviewer: Jenni from Santa Barbara, CA
Ive been there a couple of time and the FOOD is great!! No problem about that... But That Lady Just has has BAD Customer Service..! And to top if off they gave a wrong Oder i went up to the counter to let her know and it was all full it seemed like she wanted to fight! SO I LEFT.. I WOULDNT RECOMEND IT!

Great food bad service!!!!
Reviewer: Al from Santa Barbara, CA
The food at El Sitio is great. I recommend it. The cashier at this location is rude and does not care if she gets your order right. The lady that cooks is great I recommend talking to her after ordering so they get your order right. Overall it's good food at a good price.

Consistent, if they get it.
Reviewer: Bill from Santa Barbara, CA
Can't expect much here, but if you have the burreto with pork, mushrooms, onions and cheese, no rice no beans, if you can get them to understand that, you'll have a great meal.

Same as the other El Sitios, order taker clueless
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The trick to this place is put your order in with the cooks as you walk in the door. The order taker was a bit clueless and skipped my order. This is a place frequented by the local Hispanics and as a gringo I felt out of place. El Sitio has many different "meats" available(think parts of cows etc) that some may not particularly like and going in for a chicken burrito you will probably be disappointed as I have been at the other El Sitios I have been to. What is nice about this place is that it is a food establishment in the middle of a neighborhood that you don't need to go to Milpas for but for better food I would suggest going to Milpas.

Awesome mexican food! Service is ok.
Reviewer: Peter E from Santa Barbara, CA
They've definitely got to have some of the best burritos and tacos in town. They're unique, authentic and I'm always satisfied. The only thing is sometimes I have to add stuff that's usually included in other burritos like sour cream and cheese and that brings up the price a little. They only accept cash which is quite annoying but I still go there anyway all the time.

Good food, bad service
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here is great. We come in a lot, or used to. But the service (specifically one cashier) is horrible. It's a joke in the family now about how bad this person treats us. Unfortunately we are not going to go there anymore because we are treated so rude by this lady cashier. There is another nice young lady there sometimes, and she is soo great, but this other lady, is so rude it's funny (after you get over the rude part). Its curious how the owner has not figured this out.

Worst service ever.
Reviewer: Tom from Santa Barbara, CA
I ate there today for the first and last time. The food was overpriced, and the service was just horrible. there was no "can i help you" no "thank you" nothing. I asked the lady behind the counter a couple of questions about the menu and she did not even bother to open her mouth and answer the questions she just grunted and charged me for the food. the only words that came out of her mouth was the price and that is it. I will NEVER eat there again.

Best in town!
Reviewer: Julia Brown from Santa Barbara, CA
El Sitio has the best adobada in town! I love the adobada tortas and burritos. I cannot move away because of my cravings for el sitio. The other locations are fancier, but i think the salsas and ingredients cannot be beat by any other el Sitio. Salinas is the real deal. The best mexican affordable food in town!

Best local SB food
Reviewer: KD from Santa Barbara
I love El Sitio!!! Best local mexican food. Try the "special" with grilled chicken. You'll be hooked on this dish. Finely chopped grilled chicken, beans, rice and avocado with tortillas. The atmosphere is nothing, just a hole in the wall kind of place which adds to the allure so if you can dine without fancy it's the place mainly the Local Santa Barbarians know about and frequent especially at lunch and takeout. Lots of choices and the food is super tasty. The folks who had negative reviews should try the "special" or other dishes.

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