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El Sitio - Fairview
102 S. Fairview Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-6104

Reviews by the General Public

Unwanted Customers Beware!!!!
Reviewer: Unwanted Customer from Goleta, CA
I ordered a vegetarian breakfast burrito to take to work with me. When I got to work, I bit into a carne asada burrito that tasted like the dried up scrapings from the grease trap with runny eggs. HORRIBLE! I went back the next time I could and complained that I went without breakfast because I had to throw the burrito away. I was scolded by the cashier for not calling to complain instead. Don't go to this Goleta location! Go to Los Agaves who actually care about their customers. The Ventura El Sitio is good, but now I will not go to any restaurant in this chain because their employees hate their jobs and their customers and it shows in their work! Don't go there when they open in the morning unless you like bad food from grumpy people. UNACCEPTABLE!

Reviewer: Mukesh from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is much better in service and is cleaner since my last visit, their breakfast burritos are the best in town, too bad they do not serve coffee though.

Good food but lacks customer service
Reviewer: Claudia from Santa Barbara, CA
I eat in or do take out. The times I have eaten there food is fresh. Customer service is awful. They can be rude and do not seem like they like customers. Maybe its because they can not speak English very well.

Good food overpriced
Reviewer: Dean from Santa Barbara, CA
Lol its funny others comment on the price of the added cheese or sour cream. I never add it anymore and add at home. I have even had times i got a burrito there and for the same price as adding cheese and sour cream i stopped by the store and bought an entire tub of sc and a bag of cheese. What a joke...i refuse to pay them 1.50 for cheese when most all places include it in their burritos esp for the price they charge for a burrito.

overpriced, yucky
Reviewer: Frank from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the El Sitio in midtown, so I thought I'd give this place a try. First time I got an asado burrito... it contained about a pound of "meat". I put "meat" in quotes because it was greasy and full of fat, gristle, knuckles, who knows what. I was just grossed out. Second time I ordered a "bean and cheese" burrito. Lady says its $8.50 "because cheese is extra". Granted it was a pretty big burrito, but c'mon, $8.50?!

Good food, need a few changes to keep customers happy
Reviewer: Richard from Santa Barbara, CA
My only real issue with El Sitio has been the difficulty introducing friends there. They usually stick to what's comfortable when ordering somewhere new off a menu written in spanish, bean n cheese burrito! and when asked about sour cream they say always say yes (despite my praise about the normal burritos). BAM $8 and left with the worst tasting item El Sitio offers. Meanwhile, I'm sticking to a normal burrito for $6.50, it's delicious and usually plenty big, but Im not enjoying the free side dish of guilt after disappointing my friends with a bad lunch location suggestion. El Sitio, are you trying to shoo away first time customers? I suggest re-looking offering a simple burrito and reducing the price on the sour cream/cheese when being added to a full meal.

Cheating their customers
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
I go to El Sitio fairly often. Today I went to the Fairview location and ordered my usual - #3 taco and #6 taco. They are priced on the overhead menu at $2.80 each. The register rings them up as $3.00 each. I checked the receipt and it lists the correct items with the higher price. I am fine with the 20 cent price increase but why lie to your customers? I didn't complain because there was a long line behind me and none of the employees speak English well enough to understand my question.

The incredible shrinking burrito......
Reviewer: Bam Bam from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been going to all four El Sitio's for 10+ years. I must say today, July 27, 2010 was my last trip there. For years and years I was happy to pay over 8 bucks for my chicken, cheese & sour cream burrito because it was big, delicious and filling. Today I got one for a coworker and myself, and they were.... honest to gawd..... half the size of the burritos I remember. Over 15 bucks for two scrawny burritos. Still tasted delicious, don't get me wrong, but miniscule. Goodbye El Sitio, was a nice run but you can't do that to customers and think "nobody's noticing". We um, noticed the rip off.

The Place
Reviewer: Jesse from Santa Barbara, CA
Alright so heres how it goes down. Me, the chris guy, and the gru are driving back from the beach and i say "hey how bout we go get some el sitio" so we head over to 102 S fairview avenue and hit that up. At first you'll probably look at the burrito menu and say: six bucks what a rip off!!!! But dont walk away just yet. Order up a carna-asada burrito take one bite, then look me in the eyes and tell me if thats worth six bucks or not. But to finish it off not only do they have the best burritos in town, el sitio is also a warm friendly enviroment. from the second you walk in the door, you see smiling faces ready to greet you generously.

Ok food service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I would put it above Taco Bell and the Rudy's on Calle Real but not above Jerrys and New Baja Grill. The do have the more authentic dishes but Ice machine unreliable, no chips, cash only and on the dry side meat. Woman server seemed nice and no English problem.

I wouldn't say "authentic"...
Reviewer: M G from Santa Barbara, CA
But, it's pretty dang close. The small, obscure places without much fanfare are always the best ones. This place did not disappoint. It's hard to find real, authentic Mexican food in SB, but this is some pretty good. I had some good tacos de asada with some awesome hot sauce. The meat was a sizeable portion and it wasn't dry! Pretty great place too. Friendly service and a very clean restaurant.

Best Burritos in Goleta
Reviewer: Garrett from Santa Barbara, CA
For 5 Dollars you can walk out with an amazing tasting Burrito that puts places Baja Fresh and Rudy's to shame.

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