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El Sitio - Winchester Cyn
7398 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 685-4888

  • Category: Mexican
  • Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-8:30pm, Sun 8am-3:30pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch
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Reviews by the General Public

Go with a Spanish speaker
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
I have gone here in the past and vowed never again..I was treated poorly because I didn't speak Spanish to the non-English speaking counter person. Today, my friend (whose Mexican) insisted we go for lunch. She ordered the Rajas and cheese tacos (in Spanish) and asked if we could order an a la carte Enchilada because we didn't want 3 Enchiladas w/ rice, the answer was flat out no! Rude...My friend and I were confused and irritated. The tacos were great but we avoided the meat because it is usually grissley. The salsa bar is limited to a smooth green and red sauce, both really spicy, so not for everybody. I loved my Rajas tacos and I will go back for that particular dish. It's odd how unaccomodating they are. Not many folks can eat 3 Enchiladas and rice for lunch!

Disappointed and the locals already know.
Reviewer: Erik Scott from Santa Barbara, CA
My buddy lives a couple blocks away from this particular El Sitio and had already told me not to bother - and he's nuts for mexican food. I was there and thought I'd give it a chance, I ordered a pork adobado burrito. I was going to share it with my son, but bite after bite, I encountered the toughest and gristliest meat I'd EVER had. I picked out all the meat and threw it away. They really need to take more care in the cuts and preparation of their meats if they want return customers. To be fair, I've had good service and decent food at their Salinas St. location. The reason I decided to post, is because I bumped into another friend last night and we started talking about mexican restaurants in Santa Barbara, and he began telling me about his unpleasant experiences taking his family to El Sitio - mostly with the service - which I've noticed being slightly unfriendly as well and I always tip :(

Pretty good, need a better salsa bar
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Was not too bad only thing I don't agree with last reviewer is the lack of toppings at the salsa bar so not as good as it could be. I'll have to try the other el sitios to compare. They must be doing something right as they have so many around here. They do have very interesting menu selections that probably appeals to the Mexican American population the most that they would not have at other places(stomach taco?). Order taker I don't think could speak English but understood me enough. I think its more of a Mexican American customer hangout for authentic food. Cash only.

Very down-home
Reviewer: Russell from LA area, CA
As a southern california native, I've seen my share of hole-in-the-wall mexican places. I always say that if I go to one, and see things on the menu that I've never heard of, that it's a good sign of homestyle authenticity. Usually I just grab one of their big burritos to go on my drive home...the lomita, chorizo, and carnitas burritos have always proved quite good. They're about $5, but pretty big, roughly "freebirds" sized. They take a while, but that's because they don't start making anything until it's actually Taco Bell style here! I don't go often, but it's always a welcome treat, and the only place you can walk to in El Encanto Heights. I brought my mom once, and she feels similarly.

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