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Vons - Turnpike
163 S. Turnpike Rd, Goleta
Phone: (805) 967-2181

Reviews by the General Public

Very Poorly Managed!, 4/15/2018
Reviewer: Megann from Goleta
Shopped here for years, before and after the closure. Used to be a very nice store, lots of selection. Awful now! Today I bought Kelloggs cereal (2 of 12oz. boxes of each on sale at $1.69 each if you buy 4 or more). Got home and saw the 12oz Corn Flakes rang up at $4.98 EACH. This seems to happen now on a regular basis. Dept of Weights and Measures needs to investigate. Other items on sale just not stocked. Meat department has little or no selection on some items EVERY time I go in. Items advertised on sale should be stocked and kept stocked. These are items such as cereal, coffee, bread, meat, canned goods -- every day items. Floor was filthy between meat/dairy cooler. There are 4 colleges and 3+ high schools so there is no excuse for this other than poor management. I also had to bag my own groceries which is why I cannot watch the scanned prices. Customers should not have to watch the scanner, it should reflect the correct price BY LAW! Cashiers are nice - the only positive experience.

Reviewer: Closed from Santa Barbara, CA

empty, sad deli
Reviewer: elizabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
I work in a deli so i always check out other delis. I Have been in this vons at all times throughout the day, morning, afternoon, evening dinner time. Every time i go there there is hardly any food in the hot case and it looks like its been sititng there all day. their hot case is really tiny so i dont understand how it is so hard to keep it full. not only is it empty but the windows are always so dirty and greasy that you can barely see the scraps that are laying around in there. Also, the salads do not look fresh, or appetizing at all. they are crusty and sometimes half full. their cheese island is equally bad. it is empty and messy. i am not writing this review to be mean, only to bring it to everyones attention. i often wonder if there is even a manager for this department? it's just really sad because im sure they could do great business if someone made some type of effort to have fresh appetizing food available for their customers. on a positive note, when they do have food in the hot case, it is pretty good. the sausage and tenders are great as well as their sandwiches. service is okay the people that work there are nice.

Vons Safeway: Stop Shaming Pressuring Bullying Tric
Reviewer: ann from Santa Barbara, CA
Vons is engaged in an organized Campaign to trick customers . I confronted the local store, Corporate office and Charities involved. All denied and all pointed fingers at each other. All you have to do is google" Vons Charity" and you'll see what they are doing to customers. Vons should be ashamed at their scam of repeatedly asking paying customers to give a donation to the charity of Vons' Choice. I was donating a dollar each time I shopped. I stopped after hearing a radio talk show complain about this practice of shaming the customer into donating. The next time I was in the store checking out, I selected "decline to give to a charity" I thought that would be the end but the cashier stopped the completion of the transaction and held my receipt hostage while asking me to give once again. I politely declined then she said we can "round up " meaning if my bill was 25.70, I would agree to pay 26.00 for the third time I politely declined . She reluctantly released my receipt and allowed me to leave. Vons is determined to force, bully or shame you into giving. I will NEVER give a cent to a Vons sponsored charity. I also will boycott any charity they were forcing down my throat. Here's how the scam works: The guy bagging the groceries asks you over and over if you need help out, at the same time the cashier asks you for a donation then she asked if you found everything ok, then the , guy bagging asked another question then the cashier starts "rounding up your bill pretending she has your approval then the guy bagging distracts you again and you have to force the cashier to STOP adding donations to your bill. The Cashier and the guy bagging fire off a barrage of questions, it's part of the SCAM to Confuse , Distract, Disorientate and Bombard the customer , while desperately trying to ADD money to the bill. I was so insulted by the behavior, I went in the following day to video tape it and I have this lady on video trying to force me to donate, while the guy bagging is asking over and over if you need help out. He asked 3 times. It's a coordinated scam and Vons corporate has instructed the staff to engage in customer abuse, harassment and fraud. Can you imagine how an elderly person survives this onslaught? Shame Shame Shame! Shopping should not include aggressive panhandling at the register. It's so sad, the homeless beg in front of the store and cashiers beg inside. It's not good enough that we shop there. Never Again , Vons Never Again………Full Boycott!!!!!

Junky store
Reviewer: Donna from Santa Barbara, CA
The store is junky with limited selections. Have you used the restrooms? They are disgusting!!! I can't believe they don't provide better conditions for their employees.The Vons on Fairview is much better. Happy Shopping!

Don't shop here!
Reviewer: Shelly Cobb from Santa Barbara, CA
I vowed never to shop here again after an extremely bad customer service experience, but after the remodel I decided to give them another try. Why did I doubt myself! Some things never change, this store is simply unsafe due to extremely poor management. First, there were extremely long lines at the checkout and not a manager in sight. Second, at the checkout I saw a cooler containing Ground Turkey - the cooler was plugged in but it didn't have a cover! The turkey was very very warm with blood pooling around it - GROSS. This is not only extremely dangerous and unsanitary but disgusting. Third, the checkout lady had laryngitis so she could hardly talk. I'm sorry, but I don't want someone who is sick handling my food/groceries! She was also rude. I won't be shopping there again - ever!

Interesting Signs
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I'll specify more in that the signs tell you exactly where the food is in the aisle itself(directly above the food as you look down the aisle) which I have never seen before so check it out.

Reviewer: Becky from Santa Barbara, CA
Well yes, previous reviewer, there are "interesting signs" down each aisle telling you what is there...this is a grocery store. You might be delighted to know you will find the same phenomenon in other grocery stores all throughout Santa Barbara! :-)

Much better like the Vons on Fairview now
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Remodeled six months ago and looks nice, I think the Fairview one is still better though(has a Starbucks inside at that one). Deli sandwiches are good and they cook the bread there and have soda available for combos also. Good grocery selection and interesting signs down the aisle that tell you where things are. Nice people working there.

Finally done remodeling
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
This place has finally been remodeled. Their seafood selection looks fresh and delicious and their deli has really yummy bacon!

Reviewer: Sam from Santa Barbara, CA
Deli is always terribly inconsistent, you never know what you're going to get...

Some decent sandwiches for our fast lifestyle
Reviewer: Brian Allen from Santa Barbara,Calif
Not too shabby,they pile on a generous sandwiche loaded to the hill. Took a while to get waited on but once I was they treated me like a King. I would go back

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