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Subway - Kmart Center
6831 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 968-1964

Reviews by the General Public

I go to this subway at least 3 or 4 times a week!
Reviewer: Reavell and Dan Orr from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the special treatment they give me! They know I like jalapeņo bread and they make sure I have it! I can call and they will have it ready for me!! There is a particular young lady her name is Natalie she has the brightest smile and greets us like she really was looking forward to our visit and her sandwiches well we love them they are the best!! This is the best subway ever and I have been to many of them!!!

prices & service
Reviewer: Sarahi Zarco from Santa Barbara, CA
Ok, for everyone talking about how there is no bathrooms, i will inform you that the size of a restuarant matters & if it is not big enough it will not include a restroom. For prices, i will like to remind you all that this is a BUSSINES. So obviously if a six inch is more money than a footlong, that is only because they are trying to tell you that a footlong is more convinient. Also, not all employees are rude or make bad sandwhiches, people just tend to be bad costumers. For everyone that complains, heres a piece of advice... Try to learn a little more in the bussines area before you go & review somewhere else!!

i think this subway is alright
Reviewer: Brigette Orr from Santa Barbara, CA
ok so i am tired of hearing how subway employees get the math incorrect when customers are ordering a sandwich. it is more expensive to order a 6-inch so clearly that is why a footlong is more convenient and i have been reminded of that by the same employees. If people would just get their heads out of their asses and listen there wouldnt be such problems.

Severely lacking in customer service
Reviewer: Becky from Santa Barbara, CA
I stopped by this Subway about 30 minutes before closing to get a sandwich to go. The man behind the counter was rude and acted upset with the fact that he had to make a sandwich for someone so close to closing time. When I asked for tomatoes on my sandwich, he said they were out. Out of tomatoes at a sub shop? I saw tomatoes in the back, and pointed this out, but he refused to chop one up for my sandwich. Never going back to this poor excuse for a sandwich place.

Terrible Subway experience
Reviewer: Garrett from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eaten here for lunch many times and their service has been above average for Subway; however, I bought a 6 in sandwich only to find out that it costs MORE than a Ft long and when I let the woman at the counter know that I bough a 6in @ $4 and my bill came out to $5.44, that her math was incorrect to no avail. Wasn't worth the time to further explain the intricacies of addition, so I paid and left.

Ok food Ok service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton, Ca
Does not seem to be as good as a subway I went to in Lompoc recently. They seem to be in more assembly mode and don't listen too well to what you are saying. My sandwich always ends up a mess in their bags when I get it back too. The food delivery was quick though for a subway but not sure if the quality or service was there.

Lousy place for a good chain
Reviewer: Russell from LA area, CA
I really like Subways in general, and am especially happy that they've opened one on campus in the new Arbor. But this particular subway has messed up my order almost every time I go, or they try to overcharge me for combos that are described explicitly on the menu. Plus, as of the last time I went, they don't have a bathroom for customer use, so you have to go down to Pollofino or one of the others along that strip if you feel like washing your hands before eating your sub.

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