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Little Caesars - Milpas
21 N. Milpas St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-1966

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Veronica Juarez from Santa Barbara, CA
Loving the new pretzel pizza

Manager disobediant
Reviewer: Blake Ranson from Santa Barbara, CA
My pizza was cold manager was arguing rather than helping! Women in the register can't speak english horrible service never going back.

deep dish pizza
Reviewer: scott from Santa Barbara, CA
hello I am sorry to say that I am disappointed in your deep dish pizza.They look great in the advertisement.I have tried it twice and received nothing like the picture in the ad.It was mostly dough with very little sauce .The pepperoni looks great in the picture but not the same as what I received. This is false advertisement.I do like the regular pizza,and would love one of the deep dish ones like the picture.

Their employees don't take their job serious
Reviewer: Desirey from Santa Barbara, CA
Their pizza is alright... i mean your paying $5 what else do you expect? I did find it ridiculous that they give you 1 little packet of Parmesan cheese and then charge you any additional packets.The employees at the Milpas location do not take their job seriously... their has been numerous times where I go in and the woman who works the cashier is gossiping on the work phone... you can hear her perfectly clear talking about her problems... while we just stand their waiting to put in an order.

At one point the best pizza
Reviewer: pizza eater from Santa Barbara, CA
At one point when they didn't offer $5.00 hot and ready pizzas, The pizza was the best in town. Now not so much. If you don't go during a busy hour the pizza will be like the dissatisfied customer below me describes cold and rubbery. It's a shame because little Caesars definitely had a unique crust like no other. On the other hand if you want a cheap fast pizza and go when they're busy you will get get just that a cheap fast pizza. Not only that the crazy bread used to be AMAZING. Soft, and delicious. Now all it is, is cold hard bread with Parmesan cheese. I used go solely for the fact that the crazy bread was so amazing, and order two crazy breads and a coke.(3-4 times a week lol)

pizza cold cheese rubbery manager mareble argued nevr resulv
Reviewer: ricky johnsen from Santa Barbara, CA
The problem was never resolved the manager marabell who sold me the pizza told me that it was hot and fresh then insisted in arguing with me and gave me a bad time when i tried to return the unsatisfactory pizza.the pizza that i order was so cold the cheese was like dried rubber glue and the dough was tuff to bite. iv never been treated so bad by a pizza or any restraunt before. i do not recomend

about little caesers
Reviewer: Jose from houston,texas
little ceasers is okay but the part that i dont like is that we have to go and get it because they dont deliver that sucks.

Quick Pizza and Cheap!
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Not much more to say than the previous review, pizza out quick, Cheapest Large Pizza in town w/o a coupon($7 for a large Hawaiian , their only size). Order taker a bit hard to understand on the phone.

You get what you pay for...
Reviewer: Stewart Bagels from Santa Barbara
Living near Milpas, cheap pizza joints are hard to come by. This is one of the cheapest, and for the price, not bad. They have the $5.00 large pepperoni pizza deal going 24/7, and the nice thing is that they pump them out so quickly there's no need to call up your order. Just show up and as many of them as you want. The problem, however, is for people who don't like or want a pepperoni pizza. You'll find it long winded to try and get anything but pepperoni, with the ingredients not tasting too fresh. Hard to blame them when they don't get used often though. There also is no dining area or buying by the slice, so this isn't a lunch break spot either. So, faults asides, not a bad choice to get a pizza as long as its pepperoni.

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