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Super Cuca's - Mesa
2030 Cliff Dr, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-3863

Reviews by the General Public

good food
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
Have come here about 10 times now food has always been good. The people are nice except had a rude person 2 times, she was rude and very disrespectfull and for that reason i will not go back!

Very good would reccomend trying if you haven't already
Reviewer: Juno from Santa Barbara, CA
Great restaurant, great service I'm always treated well when I come in, my food is always on point and never takes longer than 5-10 minutes, as a local I would recommend super cucas to any of my friends when they visit.

Fast Friendly & Delicious
Reviewer: Ondine from Santa Barbara, CA
I have ordered take away from here for almost 5 years now but just had lunch on site. The staff was really friendly all through their lunch rush, greeting every customer and the shop was clean and neat in spite of the constant turnover(yes, even the restrooms!). My group ordered shrimp tacos, chilireanos burrito and the veggie burritos. All our orders were brought to the table at the same time, everything hot fresh and delicious. For $6.50 the shrimp tacos were HUGE and loaded with grilled whole shrimp, lots of crisp veggies, rice and picodegallo. We were very happy with lunch and will be dining in next week. Thank you Super Cuca's on the Mesa!

Reviewer: Burritos Anonymous Member from Santa Barbara, CA
Prices are reasonable, food is tasty, and my order is usually ready in less than a minute. BUT, I THINK I'M BECOMING ADDICTED TO THE MARINATED PORK SUPER BURRITOS! HELP ME!!!!!!

Westside is SO much better.
Reviewer: Nikki from Santa Barbara, CA
I just moved to the Mesa area from the Westside and today was my first time trying out the Mesa one after going to the Westside one for so many years. And to sum it up, the Westside is SOOOOO much better. It just tastes better, the food is fresher, the customer service is 10 times better, let alone the cool patio. The food on the Mesa just didn't have the love they put into the stuff that comes out of the Westside one.

Good food/service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
My food was warm and good. Try the chicken burrito, they do wrap it in tin foil so I wonder why it was cold for you. Chicken very tasty. You need to add salsa/veggies to kick it up from their bar. They have unlimited soda on tap but unfortunately don't have the unlimited on the mexican drinks as other places do. They also did not provide chips in the bag as other places do. A lot of indoor seating and server nice with no language issues.

I Heard it was great...
Reviewer: Ginger from Santa Barbara, CA
but wow - the food was horrible. It was cold. The portions were rather small. Sadly most got tossed at home.

I crave this in my sleep...
Reviewer: Tammy from Santa Barbara, CA
Everyone is very nice and you get your food fast! Nachos are to die for!!!!! My friends and i share them, enough for 3 people, and i can eat a lot :) If you are in the area i would try them!!

Todo Super Rico!
Reviewer: Franny from Santa Barbara, CA
The service is excellent! They are always really friendly and I didnt' want anything to drink so the cashier handed me a pitcher of water and a glass :) The food is by far the best fast food I have ever had. I used to always go for their burritos until I discovered that their shrimp quesadillas are 3x the size of my head!

Super Flour Quesadilla with chicken
Reviewer: Johnny from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this and delicious! The food is so good and I recommend the Super Flour Quesadilla with chicken.

Smallest Super Cuca's=No lines
Reviewer: Hajir Sailors from Santa barbara
Never seen a line here, it's really nice, the one on milpas has them and so does the one out in isla vista, but if your up on the mesa, this is basically the best mexican restraunt you'll find. The burritos are consistenetly good, but they're so big that the tortilla consistently never closes, so be careful and you may need a fork and a knife. My choice, as is at Del pueblo and everywhere else, the marinated pork burrito. Here the service may not be as good as Del pueblo cafe, but the food is just as good and cheaper, maybe not the ambiance, but a lot of people would rather pay a couple bucks less and not have that ambience, especially if it's just take out.

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