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Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch - Fairview
163 N. Fairview Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 692-9200

Reviews by the General Public

Tasty chicken and great service everytime
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
The reviewer below went to a place KNOWN for spectacular mesquite BBQed chicken and tritip and had neither, and then criticized the food for lack of flavor. Hmmm. We enjoy CR and bring it home for dinner at least once a month. Hubby and I always order the chicken. We've never had it cooked poorly or had it lack flavor, or had issue with any of their food. CR in Fairview helped save a party disaster once when I overloaded our propane BBQ with fatty tritip and set it on fire - hubby ran out to grab chicken only for all our guests (30 people) and they had it ready with just a phone call ahead. I'll always be thankful for their outstanding customer service then, but they are good everyday too. The original location is smaller but since it's been in operation longer the mesquite smell is stronger... a definite bonus to leave and still smell yummy.

Food doesn't match the service or decor
Reviewer: Ami from Santa Barbara, CA
This is a nice looking space, very clean and well designed. The staff is friendly and helpful and the food comes quickly. The salsa bar has only two salsa, hot and not hot, both are good. I ordered a BRC Burrito (Beans, Rice, Cheese) and it was the worst burrito I have had in a very long time, and definitely the worse in SB. There was no real flavor except a burnt taste to the half-cooked refried beans. The salsa helped make it palatable but that is unfortunate. Please make the food match the nice décor!

Awful and Dry
Reviewer: T from Santa Barbara, CA
I was just in there on 9/1/2011. There are 2 choices, Tri Tip or Chicken, no ribs. The chicken was dry,had no flavor, and had an orangish color (which must be how they cook it). Very unappetizing looking. I ordered 4 white and 4 dark. The wings had NO meat on them. I asked for barbecue sauce or some other kind of sauce, and was told my choice was salsa or I had to go to Woody's for that. Really, they said that! So that is exactly what I will do next time I want BBQ chicken or ribs, go to Woody's. A waste of your money.

Reviewer: Rhonda from Santa Maria, CA
I drive my mother down to Santa Barbara on a regular basis from Santa Maria to see her Cardiologist. On one of our trips we discovered this restaurant and have been going ever since. Not only is their chicken combo plate the most delicious meal around but their employees are also very accomodating. My mother is physically handicapped and drives a motorized scooter. The restaurant is small but the employees always make sure that my mother is seated in a comfortable booth and that she is taken care of. We especially love their home made salsa bar and the fabulous tortillas. Comfortable atmosphere.

Almost Awesome
Reviewer: MB from Santa Barbara, CA
I have dined at SB Chicken Ranch for years, and this review is based on about 50 visits. Chicken is awesome, tender and not overcooked. The tri-tip needs attention. It is sliced too thin and is overcooked, and has a somewhat leather, beef jerky texture. Recently tried the Tri Tip Sandwich. Very good sandwich but did not have much guacamole, and is overpriced at $7.75. The burritos are solid choices, not sensational, but good. Service is efficient and fast. Overall, Chicken Ranch is a good place to eat.

Good Service but Uninspired Food
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eaten here several time in order to be fair to the place before reviewing it. I have to say that the service here is excellent. The staff is friendly and willing to offer suggestions on what to order. The first time, they recommended the chicken burrito. It wasn't bad, but the burrito was all meat, very little in the way of other fillings. If you like that sort of thing, this might be ok, but it was too much for me. The second time I went in, I ordered the tritip burrito, and this really was not good. I'll just say that the meat and connective bits all find their way into the burrito. Occasionally you'll come across chewy bits of cartilage...very unpleasant. I took this as a one off and came back again for the half-chicken plate. The sides were good, but the chicken itself was dry and really overcooked. I have to say that this is a reluctant pass. They need to be more careful about what ends up in the burritos, and the restaurant's namesake (i.e. chicken) needs a big rework.

Terrific Tri-Tip
Reviewer: Chris and Margaret Taylor from Marina, CA
We are from out of town and this was close to our motel. The meat was delicious! The service was quick and friendly. Although a small place, it was nicely decorated and clean. The prices were very reasonable. We will be going here again as we come to visit our daughter at UCSB.

Local Flavor
Reviewer: Kevin from Goleta, CA
I have had the plates and the burritos here, and for the price, they are plenty of food. You are paying for good quality meat also, not the stuff you get from El Pollo Loco, etc. It can take 5 or 10 minutes to get your meal made, but this is very much worth it. The service is fine, you mostly just deal with the cashier to order your food. They offer only a few items, but its like In'n'Out - what they do offer is unique and very enjoyable. I would rather spend a few more bucks here to support a local company than save money at a chain such as El Pollo Loco.

Must have
Reviewer: Joselyne from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the chicken ranch. I'm an endurance athlete, and the simple ingredients in the chicken burrito help me refuel after a long workout like no other meal I have ever had. Occasionally there is a wait, but that is easily solved by phoning in your order. I'm moving to Colorado, and the Chicken Ranch is one of the things about SB I will miss the most!

Prices keep going up, up, up!!!
Reviewer: Kathy from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to be an avid and loyal customer to this restaurant, but it seems like this restaurant isn't being loyal to its community. While other restaurants are lowering their prices to help families out in tough economic times, this restaurant keeps raising it's prices. I used to pay $5.99 for a tri-tip burrito, which is mostly made up of rice, now priced at $7.25. Their website has not been updated and still reflect the old prices. Have a little compassion and stay loyal to your loyal customers.

Good Burrito
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The Combo(Tri Tip and Chicken) Burrito was good. Place similar to an El Pollo Loco but a bit better flavor. Wait was a little long though. Some gristle in the tri tip. Salsa Bar small.

Good meat...
Reviewer: JoDee SM from Goleta/CA
I really enjoyed the interior design of the restaurant. I felt like the service was awful. The girl at the counter did not seem happy to be working there, she didn't even greet us. This was my first time eating here.I ordered a 1/4th order of tri tip with chips and salsa and guac. The salsa was flavorless yet spicey, the chips, cheap. The guac and meat were good though. Way over priced. I will probably come back and just order meat and tortiallas. And definitely would never leave a tip.

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