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Taco Bell - Mesa
1840 Cliff Dr, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-7611

Reviews by the General Public

ultimate saturday breakfast food!
Reviewer: cbilly from Santa Barbara, CA
Nothing is better than taco bell on a Saturday morning! After lots of alcohol, weed (maybe some blow) and forgetting to eat dinner I wake starving! The Bell is calling! For ten or less dollars I can get a large sport drink (hydrate!) and at least four delicious items (even a steak filled gordita) that means "little fatty" and it will fill anyone's overlooked belly. Sometimes when cute Latinas are walking too slow in the crosswalk I yell "Ondelay Gorditas!" I'm not sure if they get it but it is like the opposite of a Taco Bell experience - especially the Mesa - where you never wait longer than two minutes for your food! Great fast service!

Absolutely Devine!
Reviewer: Barbara Jones from Santa Barbara, CA
This restaurant is favorably divine. Me & my man enjoyed quality time over their chicken quesadilla highly recommended by the staff and tourists. We ordered 8 of them! I ate five myself, and Horatio (my man) ate four! The tortilla was so freshly made by the spanish women who I conversed with. They had all previously grown up in Guatemala, Mexico where their experience in tortilla making was passed down by their abuelitas. The blend of cheeses used in the quesadilla were specially imported from Mexico City! The quesadilla had a fabulous jalepeņo fondue sauce that was utterly superb and quite the finishing touch! In conclusion the quality of "Taco Bell" should be glorified by all who chose to lunch there. It is an utterly great restaurant for great quality food.

Nice place, try the new Fresco menu
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
For those of us watching our weight but still wanting the taste try the new Fresco Menu, basically they take the cheese out and put in Onions/Tomatoes/Cilantro to take its place. Good stuff and you don't have the run to the border bathroom feel afterwards. Plenty of indoor seating here and quick orders.

best taco bell
Reviewer: erin from beverly, ma
this is the best taco bell i have ever been to! There is a bar next door and you can leave your beer at your table, go get some taco bell (thru the walk up window) and then eat it with your beer right next door. This taco bell is a stoner's delight...and don't act like you dont know what i am talking about....santa barbara and california for that matter is full of stoners.

Try Finding a better restaurant when you're drunk...
Reviewer: Jolly Boy from Goleta,CA
Seven Layer Burrito Please. Make that a double. If I were Jesus, and i wanted to feed the hungry children of the world, something with quality--of course--and our children have suffered long enough. They deserve the absolute best.

um ok
Reviewer: matthew from santa barbara
dude, taco bell isnt even mexican food, its dehydrated meat and beans reconstituted and put into a taco shaped food item...

Who would even write a review of Taco Bell?
Reviewer: Lily White from Pasadena CA
Hello - it's Taco Bell.

It's Taco Bell, What's new?
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara,CA
Same ol' thing. Taco Bell= Cheap food at Cheap prices (You get what you pay for). This location tends to close early and there is no drive-thru, only a walk-up window in the back parking lot.

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