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Taco Bell - South Fairview
5890 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-5330

Reviews by the General Public

Shorted us
Reviewer: Trish from Santa Barbara, CA
Just got home to find they shorted us two burritos. I ordered a crunch wrap supreme and it had nothing in it. Wasn't it suppose to have cheese? I won't be going back to this location.

It's Taco Bell, only worse
Reviewer: Aaron from Santa Barbara, CA
This Taco Bell serves the same food as any other Taco Bell with the same flavor, so I don't think any more needs to be written about that. What distinguishes this restaurant is the poor service. About a third of the time I go to this Taco Bell something happens that makes me regret not driving over the freeway to its superior counterpart on north Fairview. Most of the time the problem is with how the food is prepared (I said *no* onions!), but recently I was short changed, which was a new one. The clerk returned $3 of my $3.03 change, I can only imagine for the sake of simplicity. I wasn't about to argue over three cents, but it was indicative of the half-hearted way the employees here approach their jobs. Just my two cents.

Moar better than South
Reviewer: Richard from Goleta, CA
Often, I do the lunch time walk of shame to the South Fairview Taco Bell but I can say I'm proud of it. What gives me satisfaction is not the artificial beef that may contain mostly saw dust or the latest box of crap corporate headquarters has been marketing... but it's the epic service. Unlike the moody, slow high schooler workers of the Taco Bell across the 101; this fast food joint employes the BEST. Their workplace is far from ideal for making Crunchy Tacos and they deal with a never-ending stream of grumpy customers (from the limited parking, no inside seating, sewer smells *think that was fixed recently?*) but despite all this they consistently pump out Crunchy Tacos or your choice of menu items that's aren't quite as good as the Crunchy Tacos. AM I RITE? "No" you say? That won't stop me feeling like Shaq every time I tilt my head and devour one. Fine, let's agree to disagree about the whole Crunchy Taco topic but let's agree the service is outstanding!

Old Town Goleta going downhill....
Reviewer: Richard Anderson from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here is pretty good, but the N Fairview location is far cleaner, brighter, and has more tables which are always clean. And have you noticed the smell from the sewer pipe covers between all the tables at this location? If it's not windy, you will know what I'm talking about in 2 seconds.

Go to the North Fairview one if at all possible
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I would go to the North Fairview one, the meat here was greasy the tacos fells apart, they had one person making stuff. If you can brave the Calle Real/Fairview intersection go North!

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