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Taco Bell - North Fairview
140 N. Fairview Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-2485

Reviews by the General Public

such trash the are serving
Reviewer: Pat from Goleta, CA
the place is old but in not to bad of shape if you dont mind going to the restroom and finding that that last person did not flush ,because the water was turned off. found that out when I tried to flush it myself and when It wouldn't I checked the tank and no water to be found it was confirmed when i tried to wash my hands in the sink. this was before I ordered I asked for a soft taco supreme and a burrito supreme what I got was a regular taco that had little meat and lots of not so great taste not at all up to taco bell standards. the burrito omg I read the ingredient list for the taco supreme on their website and what I received was not even what I was or anyone else should get if they expect to stay open. the tortilla was not only not warm and soft it was cold and hard the lettuce was wilted the tomatoes not even close to red the hamburger was below minimal in quantity. I opened it and disappointed tried to eat it with a fork but it tasted so bad I couldn't. I would advise the management to take a close look at who is prepping the food to be served and have the health department take a close look too.

Pretty awesome
Reviewer: Alex from Santa Barbara, CA
Over all, it's a pretty good Tacobell with very fast and friendly service. OH, and to that person that says that "they don't listen" well maybe you are just misinformed or don't tell them your order correctly. There is such a thing on the menu that is called a bean and rice burrito and by default it comes with cheese, and the onions, tomatoes and cilantro in it. If you wish to order a plain beans and rice burrito make sure you tell them that you ONLY want beans and rice in it! Don't confuse them and don't confuse yourself!

They dont listen
Reviewer: Laura from Santa Barbara, CA
Each time I've gone there they mess up my order. I usually order bean and rice burrito and they ask anything else on it? I say no nothing else. Then I get a buritto full of onions, tomatoes, and some sauce and jsut a little bit of beans and rice. I don't know why they don't understand that when someone says just plain beans and rice, that they only want beans and rice and nothing else! I shouldn't have to say no onion and tomatoes and whatever else whn I say JUST beans and rice. They need to learn the difference, or just not put as much stuff on a plain order.

Fast and Delicious
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
Obviously Taco bell is no 5 star establishment, but their food is five star for what you pay. Service is great, management is good and its always clean. only minus is because its so clean it often smells of cleaning chemicals, I recommend getting it to go.

Good Food for the Price/Wait
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
If you have no money and no time and you want to fill up eat here. Food got out to me quick. I like their chicken additions now and some of their other new stuff. Food does tend to go right through you though so not the healthiest of options. Possibly Rudy's down Calle Real if you want more authentic. Only issues are small driveway to get in and out and the infamous Fairview/Calle Real intersection.

it's a taco bell.
Reviewer: joey feng from Isla Vista
The food is alright, I don't see why everyone is rating taco bell 5 stars, it's no different from your average taco bell

Reviewer: Ania from UCSB, CA
i am addicted to their mild sauce. And I also second the disturbingly fast yet delightful service. Despite being filled with the retarded and crippled folk of Goleta, the food always comes within seconds. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

only the best
Reviewer: kayli from santa barbara, california
taco bell is the bomb!!! if you havent eaten at taco bell, you have to this second. definetly my favorite.

I can't believe no one has reviewed this Taco Bell
Reviewer: Brad Hargreeves from Goleta, CA
Not unlike most people I have eaten my fair share of fast food throughout the years. I must say that the service at this Taco Bell is probably the best at any I've been to in the entire country. Almost every time I order my food, even at the busy lunch hour, I get my order within 1 minute. When going at an off-peak hour, I have had my order come up several times before I have finished filling my drink. I once had forgotten to bring my calculator to do a few figures over lunch and asked the cashier if they had a spare. The manager on duty appeared within less than thirty seconds and handed it to me, no questions asked. Try that at most other fast food places. My rating is relative to other restaurants in this sector, FYI.

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