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The Habit - Milpas
216 S. Milpas St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-7472

Reviews by the General Public

Great burgers period
Reviewer: mushroom from St. Lawrence Island, AK
Great burgers consistently. Very busy hence service is often a little slow. The food is more than worth any delays. Outdoor tables have mast heaters when it's cold. When busy parking can be a problem. Dogs allowed in outdoor area.

they never get my to go order right...........
Reviewer: sam from Santa Barbara, CA
im from santa barbara, i love the habit. they can never get my to- go order right no matter what i order. and if a double char w cheese is too difficult i plead the fifth. not sure if management doesnt care or if theyre jus blowing it.

Gluttonous gastronomic pleasures at your beck and call
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Order the double combo with cheese and bust a gut. The added pleasure of mounds of fries with ranch / ketchup, and a Dr. Pepper to wash it all down adds to the gluttony. Too bad they got rid of the draft beer! Once every two months and I'm good. It is a guilty pleasure.

Woohoo! The Habit now has a club card
Reviewer: CL from Santa Barbara, CA
I love The Habit. On my last visit Karen offered me the new club card. I just had to get it, since I am totally addicted to their onion rings. I enjoy the charburgers also but, all of the lettuce, pickles and tomato really overwhelms the meat. The burger would be perfect if the meat patty was just a little larger. Service is always fast & friendly! I always enjoy going into a place where everyone seems to really like their job and want to please their customers. Thanks Habit.

Gastronomic and epic burger and fries
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Double cheese combo with raw onions...fries were perfect. Only wish you'd bring back the draft beer. Thanks for the great food!

Somewhere between the Goleta and La Cumbre One
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Food was better than the La Cumbre one but not as good as the Goleta one in my opinion. I would suggest going to this one in the afternoon as the lunch crowd gets big and there is limited parking and probably avoid the night time due to transients etc in that part of town. A lot of seating in/out here over others.

burnt fries, old bun, horrible tasting
Reviewer: paul from Santa Barbara, CA
I asked them not my fries prior to ordering because they always burn them at this location. On top of that My burger tasted awful. Everytime I go to this location my food is always horrible, burnt or old tasting. If the owner is there the food is perfect. There new goleta location is great and everytime I go there the food is great it just the milpas location that needs work.

Eat Outisde Or Take It Home
Reviewer: Linda from Santa Barbara
Tri tip sandwich and husband's burger were yummy but only because I took them home to eat. Last time we ate there, they started cleaning the floors right next to us. Nothing like ammonia to spoil the taste of your food. What were they thinking? It was the middle of the afternoon and the place was full.

Everyone raves about the burgers...
Reviewer: Jeff Campbell from Santa Barbara, CA
which are delicious, but some of the sandwiches are great too, the tri-tip in particular. I am not a fan of the fries but the onion rings are great, and the ice cream and shakes are really good too. The girls at the register are always friendly and the food always gets out quick.

great burger!
Reviewer: Susan from evergreen, Colorado
The burgers are great! The fries aren't the best. But we enjoyed the burgers and malts very much. We stopped here on our way to the airport, and wished we had tried The Habit sooner. We will be sure to eat here again when back in SB!

Fix the booths at the Milpas location
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara
Food is great, and shakes WOW! We cannot longer eat there because the new booths are too close to the tables and they are very uncomfortable. Please fix them back like the way they were - more roomy. Thank you for the yummy food.

Good food and Great service!
Reviewer: Danielle from Santa Barbara
If you want a good burger that is of good quality...not one of those awful fast food burgers....this is the place to go. We went to the habit for the first time last week and have picked it up three times since. The food is good, and the service is WONDERFUL! Some of the nicest people work at this restaurant. Everone has a smile on their face, food is made fast, and they haven't made a mistake on our to go orders. I definitely recommend the habit.

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