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The Habit - State St
628 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 892-5400

Reviews by the General Public

Great Burger!!
Reviewer: Jennifer H from Mckinney,TX
My family and I came here from Texas. On our 2nd day we were driving down State St and saw The Habit and decided to stop in. So glad we did. We loved it! The teriyaki burger is awesome! I can see why this place was so busy when we came by for lunch. Would definately eat again before we leave!

Great food..Great people
Reviewer: Andrew Baker from Santa Barbara, CA
Always have a great time at The Habit. I don't eat beef, but the vege burger is tastya as well as the fish burger. Seriously killer shakes. And always always super cool people. Great job Habit! -AB

Good Burger though not as good as Goleta one
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The original one is in Goleta. This one has no indoor seating, only outdoor seating. Park in the Macys underground for fairly close parking. This is pretty good and similar to the Milpas one and better than the La Cumbre plaza one. Try the Goleta one to compare. These burgers are similar to In N Out Burgers and tend to outvote In N Out locally.

oh, the smell of meaty treats
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara, ca
Ever since the Habit opened up on State Street, it's become harder to traverse this block without being drawn in by the tantalizing aroma of sizzling beef and french fries. As a local franchise, the Habit is my chosen favorite. And what makes this Habit more convenient than the others on Milpas and Hollister is the parking. Ironically, the other Habits have their own lots, but they are often filled to capacity, with little options to park elsewhere. Here, park in the city lot just behind it, and saunter up the counter - you're good to go. The charburger with fries and a drink is a great sized meal. When I'm feeling indulgent, I'll get it with bacon and swiss. Oh my, delicious. Shakes and onion rings are also fine. There are other options, like a chicken burger, or a veggie burger. You can also get your burger without the bun, wrapped in crunchy lettuce instead. My only gripe is that the burger gets really drippy. The juice pools in the paper wrapper, so if you start unwrapping to get to the last few bites, all this liquid spills out, and I am inevitably wearing a white shirt. This is probably my own fault for not planning better. And on the bright side of things, how decadant is it to savor a hot juicy hamburger that oozes juice and sauce down your face and hands. Regarding service: I realize this is not a table service place, but the folks behind the counter have always been friendly and professional. There's one young woman on the register there, she is always smiling! Even in that tight cramped place, with all the smoke and noise going on behind her. Right on, lady.

Best Burger!!
Reviewer: Sonis Wilson from London, England
Hubby and I made mistake of sharing a burger. If we had of know how amazing they were, we would have definitely had one each! Great burger definitely recommend.

The best burger EVER!!!
Reviewer: Mayra from Santa Barbara Ca
Are you looking for the BEST burger ever?? we'll this is it!!! No doubt, the best one i have ever tasted. Wow.

A good experience...!!!
Reviewer: Anuroop & Rashi Gupta from Santa Barbara
We went there around 8:15 pm in the evening on a weekday and they served us fresh burgers. There veggie burger was really very nice. The good thing about this place is their outside seating....very romantic...!!!

Pastrami sandwich is amazing
Reviewer: Hajir Sailors from Santa Barbara, CA
Obviously not the best service, it's a fast food establishment, but what an amazing pastrami with onions and everything done just right...the shakes are great, the tri-tip sandwiches are good and the burgers are good, but the pastrami is amazing...

this place is great
Reviewer: Bryan from Santa Barbara
I've been eating at this location for over a year now. Their onion rings are to die for! I crave them all the time! Their salads are also very good. It gets pretty busy here for lunch time, but I've never waited over 10 minutes for my food. The service has always been fantastic! Everybody smiles and is very polite. Especially Ruby. I almost always order the same thing, and she always remembers! She should be the manager eventually. She's terrific. The Habit rocks!

Best burger in town!!!
Reviewer: Oliver from Hamburg, Germany
When i spent my holiyday in Santa Barbara i dicovered this amazing burger grill. Althougt you don`t have such a big selection of burgers like McDonalds you know that your food is always fresh made. So enjoy the char broiled taste!!!

Reviewer: Lena from Santa Barbara, CA.
I don't eat a lot of meat, and this is the only place I will eat a hamburger in town! When your walking around State Street, you can smell the char aroma in the air 1/2 block a way, if the wind is just right! The meals are always fresh and hot! This is a must for anyone who enjoys a great hamburger at a great price!

Great Grub, nominal price, and great service.
Reviewer: Doug Monte from Lake Elsinore, Ca.
I was traveling through Santa Barbara with my family and we wanted a quick good meal. We stopped at the Habit because my wife and daughter had been there a bout a year ago and remembereed how good the food was. I agree. We enjoyed eating at the Habit in Santa Barbara. I Love a good pastrami and the way it was grilled made it better. Great service and very clean. Be back soon.

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