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Pierre Lafond
516 San Ysidro Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 565-1504

Reviews by the General Public

Find another place to eat!, 12/18/2017
Reviewer: Rain from Santa Barbara, CA
While I continue to shop at Wendy Foster and the other stores in this complex, I pass on the Pierre Lafond deli. At one time the prepared food was quite good, but in recent years the quality has suffered. The service was never great, but on my last few visits the service was shockingly rude. The staff acts like they resent the customers, and routinely overcharge on orders. There is no justification for treating customers with disrespect.

Food crushed into one container on a very hot day, 10/23/2017
Reviewer: Bernard from Santa Barbara, CA
Yesterday, on a hot Sunday afternoon, my wife and I stopped at Pierre Lafond for some tea and cake. While waiting to order, the clerk had his back to us, chatting to his fellow workers. After my third "Excuse me?" he turned to us without a word: no "How are you folks?" or "Can I help you?" - just a cold stare until I placed my order for a slice of mousse cake and a brownie. When I went up to pay, I was handed a small plastic container - the cake and the brownie were both crammed in there, squashed together. It took a while to separate them but the "service" and the spoiled presentation meant that our pleasant afternoon snack was anything but. I'd heard about the slapdash service at this place and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Some people don't even know where they are!
Reviewer: Mindy from Santa Barbara, CA
I think it's hilarious that some people are reviewing this deli mistaking it for the Wine Bistro. You can't order a steak at the Deli counter. So, with that out of the way, I'll review this actual place! The selection of fresh food is good, from the veggies in the produce section to the prepared foods like egg salad, tuna and marinated mozzarella, etc. The wine selection is okay, though as one would expect, heavy on the PL brand wine. Sandwiches are pretty basic, but tasty and the coffee (in the back room) is excellent. Service is always prompt and friendly, though I do wish they'd help enforce the line for payment since people often just wander into the middle of the line to pay, for some bizarre reason. Overall, this is a decent place to grab a coffee or a bite or even take some stuff home for lunch or dinner later on. Friendly service and nice, plentiful seating outside is a plus, too.

Awful service, slow, overcooked steak
Reviewer: Maureen from Santa Barbara, CA
So Disappointed. Waited over an hour for entrees and the restaurant was completely empty. Atmosphere is miserable. When we finally received our food, my steak was over cooked and it was, in addition to the sides, ice cold. I sent my steak back and it took an additional 20 minutes to recook my steak medium-rare. Finally, I insisted I didn't want it anymore only to meet the manager while we waited for the check. The manager was extremely unprofessional and proceeded to argue with me and my husband. $170.00 and all I ate was my husband's collared greens and red wine for dinner. Stay away! By far our worst dining experience in SB in the many years we have been here.

Love this place, just not the duck dishes...
Reviewer: Vanessa from Santa Barbara, CA
I really like this place a lot and have been here several times. I went here last night for a lovely date and hesitantly, but still excitedly, ordered the duck... again. I've ordered it before and didn't like it but it wasn't smoked this time so I gave it a shot. I really wanted their apricot salad and another appetizer but I wanted to try something new. Unfortunately it wasn't the best. I just wanted to pass the info along as it's pricey at $30/plate. Hopefully they step it up soon because this is the second time I've been disappointed by this dish. However, my date got the Seafood Stew, which was delicious! The creme brulee trio was delightful and my glass of Justin Syrah finished everything off perfectly! I highly recommend this restaurant, just not the duck entree (or anything they serve with duck).

Great food. Relaxing atmosphere
Reviewer: Julee from Bellevue WA
So many choices! And a fresh organic juice bar. Loved it. We had two different soups and shared a few other things. Awesome spanicopita. Sat outside at one of the many tables in the sun. A feel good place not fancy. Perfect for a casual lunch. Lots of choices displayed beautifully. Amazing fresh cookies too! Definitly would recommend.

Reviewer: mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Seriously. How long has this place been in business? Only 2 reviews?

Delicious Food - Fresh and Interesting
Reviewer: John D. from Santa Barbara, CA
As part of a drive along beautiful California 192, we had lunch at Pierre Lafond Deli and Market today. The food was so attractively displayed that it was a challenge to make a selection. We opted for the salad trios, and thoroughly enjoyed our meal, out of doors in the perfect July weather. We would recommend this charming deli/market, for its friendly service, good food and lovely setting.

Decent Grub, Super Lame service
Reviewer: Will from Santa Barbara
Every time i go in to get a sandwich, the people stand around acting like they're busy when there's nobody in the store. Once you actually tell someone you would like to order, it takes forever to get it made. Absolutely no sense of time or acknowledgement if you're in a hurry. Super lame sandwich shop!

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