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Little Alex's
1024 Coast Village Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 969-2297

Reviews by the General Public

Coming from Philly in July, just to get a fish taco, 4/15/2018
Reviewer: Laura from Phoenixville, PA
I lived at the house on the corner, Hot Springs Rd, when I went to college. I had my 1st fish taco there and fell in love with them!! 17 years ago I moved back to my hometown, Phoenixville PA, came back once for a visit and a taco and now saved enough $$$ to visit Santa Barbara even though friends are all gone. Bringing my 16 yr old son to experience what I've been talking about all these years. I hope that it's still as good!!! I'm so excited!!! Laura

Always good.
Reviewer: Mike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
I own a store in the area and eat here twice a week. The food is ALWAYS good. The people are nice and the price is right. OH,I should say I have been eating here for 15yrs.

Fantastic chicken soup! It cures colds!!
Reviewer: Penelope from Santa Barbara, CA
Delicious and fresh California Mexican food! the chicken soup cures colds! I swear! Get the medium or hot; and it just clears out your sinuses!! This is a real find!

Fresh Daily Tortillas and Tamales
Reviewer: Don North from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten the food at Little Alex's since it opened. The food is good and fresh and there is "Heart Healthy" menu. Prices and service is very good. I am writing this review because of the owners have hired a Lady to Make Tortillas and Tamales fresh each day. I tried the chicken tamale with a fresh green sauce and the pork tamale with a rich red sauce ( some mole added), both very good. The masa was moist and not fatty, and each tamale was 2 inches across and 4 inches long, and filled with meat.

Reviewer: Ang from Santa Barbara, CA
Not the best "mexican" food.. but the taco salad is amazing!!!! And in the winter.. the chicken soup... the best! Especially if you're sick.. you'll feel better the next day!

Love love LOVE Little Alex's!
Reviewer: Liz from Santa Barbara, CA
I can't say enough good things about Little Alex's. I've been going since the one opened on Upper State - 10 years ago? I used to work a couple blocks away and would get the taco salad at least once a week. Now no other taco salad will satisfy! So bummed when that one closed a few years back, but it's worth it to drive to Montecito. I'm having a taco salad right now, so delicious! Nom nom nom...

LOVE Little A's!!!!
Reviewer: Mandy from Santa Barbara, CA
Mmmmm, LOVE this place! There's a review below that's actually pretty misleading, so I just want to address a few things: The Chile Relleno's actually come with a green sauce, melted cheese & guacamole on top (my FAVORITE Guac by the way- they don't add any mayo or sour cream like some places do to give it more volume. Just fresh avos, tomatos, cilantro & onion and you can TASTE it!). If the one you had was plain, someone must have made a mistake in the kitchen. The rellenos are my dad's favorite thing, so I've had them many times and never had one come out plain. Sometimes, there is actually a little too much cheese for my taste, but that's just me. I've also never seen chips out of a bag there, ever. I've seen the cooks making fresh tortilla chips in the morning when I've gone in for a breakfast burrito (AMAZING by the way- I get it w/out green sauce but ad baja salsa instead. YUM-O!) The soft tacos can get mushy if you order to-go, but if you ever want, they'll put them on a separate plate so your beans and rice don't soften the tortilla (yes, I know because they've done that for me when I ordered and enchilada & taco combo). I always get mine w/ grilled chicken and add sliced avocado. The soup is also AMAZING! I don't know how it could be tasteless to someone, but oh well. I guess you can't please everyone. I've been eating here since I was a kid, so I know a lot of yummy things on the menu- Soup when you're sick. No joke, it is a miracle soup and if you get it spicy, your sinuses clear right up! The Nacho's are THE BEST and their cheese enchilada's are out of control good. The Taco Salad is my standard summer lunch and I found out you can get it with "Baja Style Chicken" which means that they'll cook some chicken in their baja salsa, so it has an extra kick! I also really like their fish tacos, but they aren't fish tacos for your diet. The fish is battered & fried, but it tastes REALLY good! They'll make pretty much anything to order, so if you don't like the way something is made, just ask them to take off this or add a little of that. I've never had a problem. Sometimes, they take a while to answer the phone, so I just go in, order and then run to Vons. By the time I get back, dinner for my entire family is ready to go :) If you've ever had a bad experience here, I would recommend giving it another try and TELL THEM! The owner is around a lot and I'm sure she'll fix whatever you ask for.

Amazingly Good
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
I have not been there for nearly a year. I think the chef is the same. I was stunned how good it was. The beans taste like they are cooked on their stove and not out of a can. Really, really good carnitas. Casual, quiet, no pretense, decent prices. Highly recommended.

Dissapointed with the food but service was nice.
Reviewer: Peter E. from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been going here since I was a kid and hadn't been in a several years. The burrito was so loose when I opened it, the whole thing fell apart. The meat was tough and the rice was dry. It was far less than satisfying. I usually go to El Sitio which is close by but they're closed Sunday's.

Chicken Soup Rocks!
Reviewer: Art from Santa Barbara, CA
Once when I was horribly ill, a friend brought me Little Alex's chicken soup. I've been hooked ever since. Now every time I get even the slightest case of sniffles, all I can think about is their chicken soup to go.

When you order, they'll ask: mild, medium or spicy. I normally like my food very spicy, but in this case medium is hotter then hell. Ask for chiles on the side and you can add to suit.

I cant remember if I've eaten anything else here, but the other food on the menu looks good. It's a little bit of a dive, but so are some of the best Mexican food places I've ever eaten.

Nice Server, Food just not there
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
To me the sign of a good burrito place is that they have black beans as an alternative to pinto beans which always makes things taste better. Even with the Hearty Salsa the burrito was just not there. Plus for all you can drink sodas out and a nice view of the golf course with nice seating. Server was nice and food came out quick.

Reviewer: ruby from Santa Barbara, CA
the foods not bad, most of the time, but the service is horendous! i usually call in orders and the girl never gets the orders right. i would ask the owner to give her a little talking to, but the rude one is always there. i dont want to be mean...

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