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Jeannine's Bakery - Montecito
1253 Coast Village Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 969-7878

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Tracy from Santa Barbara, CA
Have been going to Jeanine's since they were on Carrillo st. their bakery was Delicious!!! NOW ? not so much, they don't bake the currant scones as often , scones are dry and many times BURN !! on the bottom, so they don't let customers know this, they just slice the burned part and sell it !!! at the same price! The ingredients are not as high quality as before, and specially on Eleanor's coffee cake! and the size of slices are getting Smaller and smaller!! and prices are Higher ! and Higher!!! Soooo sad!!!!!!

Absolutely excellent
Reviewer: Robert from Minneapolis, MN
The food is incredible, atmosphere outside on a pretty day is awesome. Yes, service could have been a little better but when patrons are backed out the door, what do you expect? This place is one of our favorites!

Decent, My fav coffee. Good atmosphere. Slight busy at times
Reviewer: Bruce from Santa Barbara, CA
I go to Jeannie's everytime I'm in town in Santa Barbara. Food is great. Love the oatmeal with a covered with fruit and tastes clean. I always get a mocha. My wife loves their chai and eats different meals there. I would recommend. It's slightly pricey and VERY busy at times but worth it IMHO.

Eggs Benedict is HEAVEN ON A PLATE!!
Reviewer: Kimberly from Santa Barbara, CA
My old manager now manages this one and I swear they have the best eggs benedict I have ever had. I can't even get them anywhere else because they don't even compare. I also love the kahlua banana french toast. Everything is bomb and the scenery is perfect as well!! A must see!!!

Excellent Choclate Cake
Reviewer: sherif elabdelwahab from Santa Barbara, CA
Friend of ours brought a choclate cake from Jeannine's and it was blast. The quality and taste are so rich. The taste is not much different from the elite European pastery. Well done

Bring Back Major Dickason!
Reviewer: Stephen from Los Angeles, CA
We live in Los Angeles, and my wife and I love coming to Jeannine's for breakfast whenever we can get away. The food, the service and the ambience are perfect...but yesterday, I was shocked to find that they have changed their coffee to something called Stumptown. I tried them all, and they are weak, flavorless, coffee-colored water beverages. Bring back the Peet's Major Dickason's Blend!

Whats happend??
Reviewer: Marie Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
I have gone here for years but stopped by last week and things have changed. When I arrived I ordered a cappuccino( gal behind the bar was very helpful and nice) while I was waiting for a friend for lunch. I grabbed a table, the friend came and still no cappuccino, so we ordered lunch at the counter, and tried to carry the number holder, and our drinks and glassware to our table. Still no cappuccino. He said he'd call my name. oops our bottles weren't opened so I had to get up and have them opened and then still no cappuccino. Finally I hear a garble over the loud speaker and went in and it was my cappuccino. Then a lady, who works there but doesn't look like she does, asks me if I need a table, like I was a new costumer. I kindly explain I have one. Food came and its small portions and the table is sooo wobbly its hard to eat on. As we were eating, I noticed there were three waiters in black pants and aprons and white shirts standing on the steps in front doing nothing. Two out of the three have their hands in their pockets, one was reading the paper with the lady who asked if I need a seat AND that waiter kept messing with his nose, all this in front of costumers eating. What the heck happened here?? Down the street at Montecito Cafe is the same priced meal but with great service and we do not have to get up so much to help or serve ourselves. Doesn't make sense.

Overrated and over priced
Reviewer: LTW from Ventura,Ca
I have stopped by Jeannine's on several occasions in the morning on my way to work from Ventura since it's on my way going to work to Santa Barbara. Everytime, I have received my order wrong. On a few occasions, the young lady who was working the counter completely overlooked me(I work at the hospital and was wearing my work scrubs) and begun to start a lengthy conversation with the person behind me who seemed to be a possible Montecito local. I felt very disrespected and annoyed since I was next in line and I had to get to work. This happened on more than one occasion with the same worker. When I finally did get my order, it was pretty awful. I finally gave up and have never returned.

Excellent all the way!
Reviewer: Vanessa from Santa Barbara, CA
This is a fabulous cafe and the staff is super friendly! This will always be a SB favorite! The food is excellent and after frequent visits the staff made a point to catch my name and always greet me on first name basis. This is a gem!

Reviewer: Monica Boran from Newport Beach, CA
It is a very cute and pleasant place. The food is to die for..or kill :) Is delicious. The French toast with banana is heaven.

Great food - wish the service matched
Reviewer: Liz from Santa Barbara, CA
My sister and her husband recently visited from New York and we took them to Jeannine's for breakfast. We are frequent patrons and told our visitors that Jeannine's is a favorite. The people who take orders are often mildly impolite, but it was forgiveable because the food's consistently excellent. However, this time, we received our food in a reasonable amount of time but our guests did not. Their order was forgotten, and when we inquired about it, the kitchen threw it together carelessly - sloppy presentation and forgotten garnishes. The waiter did not apologize and in fact, was quite terse and upleasant when we requested the strawberry & mint garnish be brought for our guest. We apologized to our guests, and I am still deciding whether I will dine here again.

Very poor service!
Reviewer: Arlene from Boston, MA
We ended up at Jeannine's for breakfast by accident - talking a walk and decided it looked very cute and a good place to stop. I would agree that the people working inside at the counter are very snooty. If you don't know the ropes - it can be a very frustrating experience. For example, I ordered our breakfast inside which consisted of champagne, coffee and food. I was told to get my coffee myself and then come back to get my champagne. That was fine except that by the time I was going back in to get the champage our food was being delivered to our table. When I got the champagne (after waiting about 7 - 8 minutes for it) I was then told I had to pay right then. I had to go back outside to get my money, then back in to pay. It would have been nice to have been told that up front. The girl at the register knew for sure it was my first visit since I did have some questions. Finally, after we left I realized I left my fleece jacket on the back of my chair only to return and find it gone!! I guess with the high real estate prices in Montecito a free fleece jacket comes in handy! Go to wine country instead.

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