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Esau's Cafe - Carpinteria
507 Linden Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 684-1070

Reviews by the General Public

Safe ordering Breakfast
Reviewer: Ron from Santa Maria, CA
The service was very good, staff was very pleasant. I had the Fish n Chips, the fries were very good, the cole slaw on the sour side if you like that, I prefer sweet slaw. The fish had a ton of batter on them and the fish wasn't very tasty. My date had a salad, that looked like they just threw in the bowl whatever they had in the fridge and not the freshest ingredients. They're probably know for their breakfasts and maybe the Mexican food..We will return to try the breakfasts....Overall, excellent service, decent prices and close to the water.

Reviewer: Laura from Upland, CA
Great coffee food & service three times I was there. Even modified the menu for me with no problem! Very friendly!

Love Esuas
Reviewer: Hannah from California
My Family and I have been eating at Esau's Café since Forever always eat there when I visit . I Love the Atmosphere and the Food. My personal favorite is the Montecristo (probably did spell that right. The service can be a little slow only because they are busy all the time and they have a million things going on so be patient and sometime you have to remind them for stuff but who cares you need to be reminded things to! Give this place a chance with an open mind and hungry tummy you wont be disappointed :)

Worst experience & treatment e ever.
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
I just went to the Carpinteria Esaus. I sat out on the sidewalk tables for approx 20 minutes. A waiter took my order . He brought my coffee. I started to drink it only to find approximately 1/2 teaspoon of grounds at the bottom.BLECK!.I waited another 10 to 15 minutes for my order. When it arrived it was cold as could be. I was frustrated. So I walked inside and told the waiter that everything was cold as could be. He said the coffee was $2.50. So I dumped the change in my pocket (more than $2.50 I am sure) and left. I hope Stanley the owner who I have known for 10+ years hears of this. I just won't go back or recommend Esau's to anyone ever again. Very disappointed! There are plenty of other choices.

Dingy Exterior
Reviewer: Marty from Santa Barbara, CA
I dunno....I've always found their prices to be high...but since it doesn't seem to keep them from being insanely busy....who am I to say. Still....$4.25 for a bagel seems a bit much....even the bagel bakeries sell them for a dollar or so.... Last time there I decided to wait across the street...and couldn't help but notice how "beat" the front of the restaurant looks currently. Sadly in need of a paint job...and the awning looks like it hasn't be touched in years and years....filthy and faded and mil-dewed. I know that Esau's "style" has always been to purposely look down-home and frugal...and I suppose that's OK on the inside...but for the sake of adjoining businesses and Carpinteria in general.....they should take more pride in their appearance.

Service is still lacking
Reviewer: Rudy from Santa Barbara, CA
Ate here again thinking the service would improve, but was mistaken. The waiters are just not intune with the customers. I had wait about 10minutes for each coffee refill and vigorously ask again for refills. Eye contact was clearly lacking from the wait staff. The service downtown is better than this location and I've tested both many times with the same results. Maybe the bus boys should be doing more like the one downtown? It does make a difference.

Reviewer: Brittany from Carpinteria, CA
I haven't been here in quite a long time, because every time I go the food I get is way too greasy and cheesy. Not to mention bland and uninspired. It's as if they dump an inordinate amount of cheese on stuff to make up for the lack of flavor/freshness. Last time I was forced to go here I didn't even want to order an entree due to past bad experiences so I chose to just get a side of fruit. I received a tiny cup of raw grapefruit wedges and a couple of grapes, no sugar. First of all, raw grapefruit is disgusting to begin with, but with no sugar? Ew. I've never seen grapefruit wedges in a fruit side at any other restaurant...usually it's stuff like melons, berries, oranges. Why not just give me some orange wedges if you had seasonal limitations? I don't want to be surprised with grapefruit. Weird as heck. Oh yeah and your server is always going to be a bored, angry teenager who doesn't care about attentive service. Avoid this place. If you want good breakfast food walk a few blocks up Linden to Cajun Kitchen.

Sunny-side up on a cloudy day
Reviewer: Celia from Ojai, CA
First time customers...came out for the triathlon...went looking for breakfast...very positively impressed! The eggs were egg-ceptionally delicious...great rice/beans/tortilla sides. Husband enjoyed his Monte Cristo breakfast as well. Enjoyed the coffee and the very friendly atmosphere and staff. Delicioso!

Cinnamon toast yum
Reviewer: Ron & Sue from San Diego ,CA
After reading the reviews we decided this place would be the best from the choices we had. Amazing! Fresh salsa , tomatoes and jam. Cinnamon toast like, well better than mom made. The hash great along with the ch fried steak. Good stopping place when traveling.

I love this place
Reviewer: Gayle from Santa Barbara, CA
Every weekend that I can get to the beach I want to start out with coffee and breakfast at Esaus. If you adore really fluffy scrambled eggs, try theirs. They must have a secret that other restaurants haven't discovered. Family owned, freshest food, homemade sauces, cool people... Just my laid back beach town style. Don't go in too late on the weekends without expecting a wait. It's a popular place.

Pretty good, but not great
Reviewer: Andi from Carpinteria, CA
I'm torn. I want to love this Esau's outpost. Mostly because it's a much shorter drive to this one from my place than to the one in SB. But honestly? The one in SB is SO much better. The food and the service are much better at that location. I'm also torn about giving a less than stellar review of the service. The service is EXCEPTIONALLY friendly. But they just are either understaffed or haven't shown their wait staff how to properly attend to customers. When they are there, they're great. But the wait for the check is long. And if you want more water or coffee, it's like they just never come back. I used to think they were between staff or something, but it's been a constant issue there. The food can be very good. The eggs can be fluffy, light and taste like real eggs, not the usual breakfast fare you get at other places. That's the high point. But the rest of the food is hit and miss. Recently, the sometimes delicious breakfast potatoes were impossible to even eat and tasted like they were left over from the day before. Rubbery AND hard at the same time. Very odd. And a biscuit was so hard it basically was inedible. It fell apart and was obviously stale tasting (and, yes, I could have sent it back and asked for another, but short of bringing it inside to the chef, I'm not sure HOW since nobody came back out the entire time we were eating.) I'd love it if the owners would really take the service issue on board and make it a priority for the staff to understand how to wait tables. Being friendly and kind is great, but it takes more than that to run a business. There needs to be some skill there, too. I'm not sure what makes for the inconsistent quality of the food, but whatever is going on there needs improvement too.

Esau's=Great breakfast in Carpinteria
Reviewer: Mickey from Venice, CA
Whenever I pass through Carpinteria I always make a point of stopping by Esau's for breakfast. You just know you're in for a kickass breakfast there, complete with their homemade chunky salsa. The staff is attentive....a real family environment. The surf movies playing all day are perfect for the climate; laid back with not a care in the world other than BEACH TIME!!

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