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Starbucks - Carpinteria
5436 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 566-0728

Reviews by the General Public

Never get the orders right, poor customer service
Reviewer: Mindy from Santa Barbara, CA
This store has gone thru a few management changes and recently they have the dregs working there. They hardly ever get an order right, can't brew a non-bitter cup of coffee to save their lives and some of them are downright nasty. I'll not be going in here again.

Nice place, food well stocked
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The food was stocked really well here for the end of the day compared to other Starbucks I've been to. The desserts was awesome, and the other food did the job. The latte was decent and typical starbucks. The employee was very nice as most Starbuck employees are. Nice place, I'll have to compare with Coffee Bean and Tea down the street when I get over there, apparently a review war between the two, I have always found Starbucks to be better. Looks like that and here are the only coffee entries in town.

They know my name but...
Reviewer: Ashley from Carpinteria, CA
I agree with the poster who commented on the long wait for the drinks (let alone if they even get my drink correct). I like the fact that they have breakfast sandwiches (although frozen)...but I actually get a higher quality drink/friendly service/quicker service from the Coffee Bean in our town. Sorry Starbucks.

Long line, Its WORTH it!
Reviewer: Angeliena Alexander, aka "Tina" from Solvang, CA
My life is very stressful right now. But, everytime I go to this location they lift my spirit up and high. They are so pleasant and friendly. It's hard to find people that take their job w/ joy & pride. Waiting in the line and being recognized on the end w/ a pleasant smile its all worth my day.

Ok, if you're not there when it's busy....
Reviewer: Sally from Santa Barbara, CA
Because basically, if there are more than three people in there at one time, they will mess up your order. It's almost a given. The fact that they try hard is the reason they have 1.5 stars. But they are so totally disorganized that they simply can't get the drinks right. At first, I thought it was just a bad patch. Maybe some new employees, that sort of thing. But if I go in on a busy weekend morning, I can almost guarantee they will have to 1) make my drink again, 2) give my drink away to someone else 3) make the wrong size (somehow, always smaller than the one I paid for!) or 4) and this is my favorite: TELL ME I didn't order what I ordered. All of this and I get the same thing EVERY TIME I go in there. I'm done. I'll go to CBTL from now on, even though it's a bit of a hike from my place.

Reviewer: BRENT LOWE from Carpinteria Ca
I never thought I would ever step foot in Starbucks because of the high coffee prices but after going there for the first time, I have changed my mind and have become a regular. Mainly because of the service. I have never been to a public place where the employess are so nice. Especially, Danielle, Jessica, Crystal and I think its, Janine? Anyways, you people are great. Smiling all the time and its great to see all the beautiful women who come in here.

I don't LOVE the coffee... I go for the service
Reviewer: Amber from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm not a big Starbucks fan... they burn their beans when roasting & the coffee is too acidic. But the employees here are the best. They give a suggestion based on what you tell them you like & then follow up with you to see how you like it, if you don't they'll GLADLY make you another drink. Best for me is it's so much fun to people watch here.

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