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La Salsa
3987 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 964-1146

Reviews by the General Public

Very rude.
Reviewer: Lori from Santa Barbara, CA
We have been going to this franchise for many years. But tonight has just flipped the switch and I will not return. To make a long story short, there was miscommunication about a phone order I was picking up (which happens, I know) but then the woman at the counter lied about it and lied about the phone call. And then she brought my to-go order over to the salsa bar while I was getting salsa and dumped it on the counter where salsa was spilled and said, "Here's your order," and walked away. For a fast food Mexican place, the food is decent-to-good. But the service has been going downhill and I think it just dropped too low for my patronage.

Great service
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
The service here is great. The employees are very nice and helpful. La Salsa is a good place to go to in Five Points. The food is uniformly good. The hard taco special is "the bomb"...delicious. I great lunch or late dinner spot.

The name says it all
Reviewer: Stuart Orenstein from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm sorry the downtown State Street location closed (years ago) because while the Mexican fast food here is OK the Salsas are great: in variety, taste and freshness.

Great staff, average food
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara has so many mexican restaurants that if you're not outstanding it's hard to break away from the pack. La Salsa, unfortunately, is in the middle of said pack. Their food is average, I have no complaints but nothing wowed me about it either. Their service, however, is very efficient and they make the food behind the counter so you can watch. I asked for extra cilantro (I LOVE cilantro) and they put on more and then the woman was kind enough to show me the burrito and asked if I wanted more or less. Also, I noticed the same people handle food and money but always wear gloves when handling food, a huge plus!

Definitely on my best mexican in SB area short list
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Definitely on my best mexican in SB list. I will officially have to put it in with Palapas and New Baja Grill for the best stuff. Excellent food, salsa bar, soda bar(they have "Squirt"!) Very quick food service. Only negative is the parking as they share with other popular five points places.

Reviewer: Vicky from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the best place to go if you quick and easy want mexican food. LOVE the variety of their salsa bar. The employees are always respectful and patient. Great how they leave you to yourself. Their plates are huge, I always have to take some home because I can never finish it. The only one concern I would have is their water, but its not wise to drink Santa Barbara tap water in the first place! Other than that, LOVE La Salsa Cantina!

this place is da bomb diggity
Reviewer: Jess Munoz from IV
as i said in the summary. place is the shiznit. for real. no but seriously this place is so good and the size is giant. I say its better than any mexican food in IV.

Reviewer: ValCruz from Santa Barbara
The garbage bins near La Salsa will ruin your fine rep. 3/25/07 We saw 25 or so seagulls picking out the uncovered garbage and trowing it around! I think you need a bigger bin and it should be covered at all times! I love Salsa and buy take out all the time. Please take care of that mess, call your land lord!

Newly Remodeled! Check out the Beer Bottle Chandelier!
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, California
I've always liked LaSalsa....and miss their downtown location. The 5-Points store just got a complete remodel...and looks very fresh. The food's fresh too.... :) They're usually friendly and fast...a favorite place of mine for a quick bite after working late. As part of the remodel..they have this quirky chandelier built with empty beer bottles...hanging upside down. Clever!

Great Food
Reviewer: Kevin from Santa Barbara
La Salsa Is The Best Mexican Food IN Santa Barbara.

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