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Natural Cafe - Hitchcock Way
361 Hitchcock Way, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 563-1163

Reviews by the General Public

Falafel Balls rolling downhill, 3/14/2015
Reviewer: Herb from Santa Barbara, CA
We have eaten here many times, and one of our two most favorite dishes was the Falafel Pita sandwich. Not anymore! The last two times we ordered it, the Falafel balls were hard, dry, and tasteless. The first time this happened, we brushed it off as a one-time event. When we tried it again -- many weeks later -- the same thing happened.

good food, 7/29/2014
Reviewer: julie from Santa Barbara, CA
we went to this place and it looked like a nice place i got the presto pasta with natural salad it was actually really good different but good then i got the chicken tacos they where good but no the best. the salads are always good and what l like about this place is that it has a selection of food love the aloha bra soups were good too one time cold so what i'm saying is everything is good here.

literally the worst portobello mushroom sandwich i have had
Reviewer: Nora from Santa Barbara, CA
note to cooks: mushrooms should not be dunked in water, as they absorb said water, and then extrude the same, onto the bread slices. needless to say, my sandwich was WET and essentially inedible. really, really, bland food all around. no spice in the salsa, none. why does healthy have to mean tasteless? it does not. see: veggie grill (irvine).

Healthy food
Reviewer: stuart from Santa Barbara, CA
I like the food at all their locations and this one is great to grab a meal before or after the movie theater next door. It's fast food order at the counter style so service isn't really an issue. They have interesting Middle Eastern style sauces and salad dressings.

Excellent Food/Atmosphere/Service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Great place for lunch. Spacious seating, Outdoor seating option. Healthy yet tasty food. Food came out quick. Servers extremely nice. No reason not to go here than Jack in the Box.

Wholesome delicious fast food
Reviewer: Amy from SB
We have lived here for about two years and have been frequent visitors to The Natural Cafe. We love the Spinach salad with artichoke hearts, olives, feta cheese, and veggie bacon bits. For some yummy protein get it with sauteed tofu on top. The old town salad is also really good and very filling with brown rice, guacamole, cheese(sauteed tofu added). Try the Black bean enchiladas, or Nachos Grande! This location is great and very clean. Service is usually fast, even when they are busy. You can tell they have good management. To sum it up, this is a great place for a nice healthy lunch or dinner. Nothing fancy, but very simple and you will go back again and again!

We love this place.
Reviewer: Liz from Santa Barbara, CA
We eat at many of the Natural Cafes on a regular basis. We have made it our mission to try as many different things on the menu that we can, and we are always pleasantly surprised. The bread is amazing and makes great sandwiches. The locals favorite sandwich is my favorite so far. 5 stars to this place.

Lackluster Food
Reviewer: Santa Barbara Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered the creamy potato/leek soup which came with a big piece of bread--both had so little flavor I wondered if my tastebuds were out of commission that night. This was my second visit to a Natural Cafe after a very disappointing one a couple of years ago at the State St. location. Even my friends' food didn't look too exciting--i.e. an dry-looking enchilada with half-melted cheese,a pita sandwich that had a puny amount of over-lettuced filling. It's amazing that they are still in business but my guess is that people continue to go because of the name since there aren't a lot of natural food restaurants in town. I suggest Lazy Acres for stick to your ribs natural foods.

Natural Cafe - Hitchcock Way
Reviewer: M. Secord from CT
This place is fabulous - I once ate here for lunch, dinner, and then lunch again the next day - I love the turkey Gobbler burger - it's fantastic! The roast turkey is wonderful, too. The restaurant's clean, the service is really quick, and the food is delicious and wholesome - the desserts are yummy - plus, it's reasonable, too.

killing time
Reviewer: alice g. from carpinteria ca.
a place to hang while having your car serviced at mel clayton ford. over rated at best. to put a rating on the service is a joke. once the counter person takes your order is when your service ends. made a big mistake ordering the tofu dish....natural should not translate into no flavor.

good middle ground
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara
This is the best compromise place to go if you have to juggle any combination of 1. vegetarians, 2. poor folk, 3. space, and 4. kids. Okay, not a french fry in sight, which might cause a whimper or two from a kid, but send him to a corner with some simple pasta or let him push his nose to the dessert display case while you focus on the eating tasks at hand. I've been happy with the taste and price of the nachos, my friends are very happy with the tofu and steamed veggies. But can someone explain what is up with the falafel? I've never had it and here's why: anytime I show any interest in it, the STAFF look horrified, shake their heads, and desperately recommend I do not try it. If it's so bad, why is it still offered in its perpetual bad state?

Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara, Ca
I love Natural Cafe! I didn't know they had this location, I was driving home and I saw it hurrah.... it was like a mirage of water in the desert! The new place is beautiful and clean, and the staff was nice an curteous. I had the Baja burrito, it was delicious and I wasn't hungry for days (just kidding). My favorite new thing is the Old Town Salad, brown rice, feta, ripe red tomatoes....heavenly! The tihini dressing is amazing! I don't know exactly what it is, but it is delicious! I wish they would deliver, I'd be so healthy!!!! Yummo!!

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