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Sushi Teri - Carpinteria
970 Linden Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 745-1314

Reviews by the General Public

At least they are consistent
Reviewer: Jill from Carpinteria, CA
On Sunday evening, I went back to Sushi Teri after swearing never to step foot in there again after the horrible experience I had 6 years ago. The food was better this time. However, the service was still so incredibly horrible. Only after I flagged down the waiter to put in our sushi order, three waiters came by in succession and asked us if we were ready to order. Only once did anyone ask if we needed anything. My friend's meal came way before mine did and we both had sushi. The place was not crowded at all. I had to flag someone down to get the bill. Then three waiters came by asking us if we were ready for the bill. If I go back anytime in the next six years, I will sit at the sushi bar and cut out all of the inept wait staff.

Food okay - bad service
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered the Seafood Symphony and my husband ordered the Teriyaki Chicken combo. The waitress seemed like she was in a bad mood. My dinner came out first and after about 5 minutes my husband had to track down the waitress to ask her what happened to his dinner. No apology, no "Let me go check." When she came back a few minutes later with his food, again no apology. My meal was pretty good, filled with lots of clams, mussels, salmon, and shrimp (the shrimp were a bit overcooked). My husband's tempura and chicken were okay but the California roll looked like it had been made two days ago. The bus boy ended up bringing our check (and by the way was much more pleasant than the waitress) and when the waitress came to pick it up my husband mentioned to her how poor the service was....she didn't seem to care. Won't be back.

Decent food but the service...
Reviewer: trish from Santa Barbara, CA
I've had great luck with the food here but I don't eat anything raw. My rolls are always substantial and tasty. But I keep getting seated in this one waitress' section and she's REALLY bad. She kind of stands out as not one of the "family". I got so frustrated with her I started eating at the bar or ordering for take home. The sushi chefs are nice and cordial. The decor is kind of stark fast food joint-ish but clean and tidy. I much prefer the Sushi Teri in Santa Barbara on Bath to this one for sure, it's more "hopping" and cozy.

Nice place to eat, people nice
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The people were nice there for me. The food was good for me too. Like the other Sushi Teris in SB and Goleta in food and service. A nice chain. Only negative to the Teris is they close between lunch and dinner.

Absolutely horrible
Reviewer: Jill from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a Santa Barbara girl who recently moved to Carp. Sushi Teri in SB is not my favorite place, but there are no other choices for sushi in Carp. My daughter asked if they could sub a chicken roll for a CA roll in the tempura combo. The chicken roll costs less. We were charged $2 for a substitution, even though we were not told there would be such a charge. It was not removed when we asked. After we got our drinks and soup, the waitress who took our order asked us if we were waiting for the check or food. What??!! The Dragon Roll was flavorless. The salad was drowning in dressing. We were charged for two sodas we never ordered and it took a long time for them to correct the bill. I don't care how convenient this Sushi Teri is, I'm driving to Montecito, SB or Ventura (or anywhere!) for a decent sushi place next time.

Great Food! OK Service
Reviewer: Nich F from Saskatoon SK Canada
The food was amazing. I had the Chirashi Bowl Special and it was amazing. I am picky about Miso and it was spectacular. The fish was fresh and tastey, and the presentation was wonderful. The service was kind of lacking. I wasn't brought my Miso until the 2nd server brought me my bowl and realized I hadn't had the Miso yet. Besides the service it was definitely priced right.

Sushi 'Veri' (Plain!)
Reviewer: Tom Power from Santa Barbara, CA
The service was wonderful and quick, but the sushi was bland, not fresh, and portions were the smallest I've ever had...anywhere! The rolls looked like they were rolled like a joint...without the the girth! I ordered all 3 of my rolls spicy, but taste NO sense of spice in them (aside from perhaps the thin layer of what I can only guess is chipotle mayonnaise over the tightly rolled rice). I have never lived in 'Japan' for 7 years, but I've lived in LA for 44, and I've never tasted worse sushi.

I wish the food would equal the service
Reviewer: jessica crow from carpinteria, CA
I have gone to Sushi Teri 5-10 times because it is close to my home and is the only place to get sushi. However, I have never been happy with the food. The service is excellect, the staff is always very helpful and friendly but the food is very bland. None of seafood rolls I have ever tasted "fresh" or like "new" seafood. When paying $11 for 2 orders of California rolls, I do not expect them to fall apart when using chopsticks which happened on more then one occasion. The rolls always come out different everytime even when I order the same item. I have also dined on their meat and chicken which were sliced very very thin and were mostly fat. I felt the food at the grocery store is of better quality.

Gooooood FooOOD
Reviewer: Tiffany from Santa Barbara, CA
well its the best sushi Ive ever had, the service is not so great but the food is good. I love the food one of my favorite places to eat. I recommend it to everyone.

Reviewer: Danece from Riverside, California
Having lived in Japan for 12 years this is one of the best Japanese food restraunts in southern California. It is authentic. Service is family friendly, we feel at home. Service, Atmosphere, most of all the food! It is authentic!

I've had so much better.
Reviewer: Cherry from Carp, CA
I am willing to give a restaurant a second chance. I've given this Sushi Teri 4-5 chances since it's the closest sushi restaurant to my home. But I've never been happy when I've gone there. Service is fine but I don't like the sushi. It doesn't taste fresh and I'm not fond of any sushi place that puts lettuce in their sushi rolls. I know people that swear by Sushi Teri but it also tends to be the other locations that I hear rave reviews for. I just avoid this location now.

Worst Sushi
Reviewer: Jason Koivu from Carpinteria, CA
I don't like to bag on restaurants, but the Sushi Teri in Carpinteria makes some of the worst sushi I've ever had. It's bland and never fresh. The california rolls I usually get come with too much mayo. The crab tastes like it's been sitting out too long. My wife has similar complaints about this place too. When you're dealing with seafood items, freshness is key. The service is fine. Parking is rough cuz it's right on the corner of Carpinteria Ave and Linden, unless you find the hidden parking area down the back alley behind the restaurant.

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