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Sushi Teri - Goleta
5746 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-9909

Reviews by the General Public

Lunch time fiasco
Reviewer: Sara from santa barbara
I love this place but after today I may not go back.Service was a joke and food was a disappointment. At almost 1:00pm we waited over 10 minutes for a table yet could clearly see 8 empty tables. About 15 minutes after placing our orders we were told they are out of white rice and need to substitute with fried rice, which to me ruined my order, so I barely touched it. As I watched our waitress stand around for 8 minutes, to a near empty room, another employee stopped and finally asked if our check was wanted. Staff needs to be trained better on how to deal with "lunch rush" crowds and prevent main food shortages.

Reviewer: aj from Santa Barbara, CA
Gave them the benefit of the benefit of the doubt...worst Asian food in goleta

Sub-par Sushi, Great Service... I don't get it.
Reviewer: J.M. from Goleta, CA
My family loves this place, but I find the sushi sub-par and the menu pretty lacking (good sushi selection though). The service has always been great! I don't order sushi from here much anymore because I end up with fatty slices of eel or california rolls that are bland or fall apart. Whenever I order food like the hibachi steak (which my mother can't get enough of) or the teriyaki chicken, I am always disappointed (bad cuts of meat or over-flavoring). I give this place a higher food rating because my family raves about it, but I just don't see it. I will admit that it has gotten better over the years and the menu has grown, but I end up with fatty slices of meat and over-seasoned food. Most complaints of restaurants are that the food is tasteless... however, this place has the opposite. I will say that this place deserves a shot if you're trying new things, because I seem to be alone in my opinion about it (maybe I've just had bad luck here?). My family would give this place 4.5 - 5 stars on food AND service (keep it up, staff), but again, I don't see it.

What Happened?
Reviewer: S. from Santa Barbara, CA
We have been eating at Sushi Teri in Goleta for 7 years now and have always enjoyed it. That is until recently. The past 3 times we have gone the Sashimi portions have gone way down and they are doing this wierd cut that makes it look like it has been beated or they use a very dull knife. We have now stopped going and have gone the street to Takenoya- much better. Sorry Sushi Teri but I did mention this to you before leaving. Bring back Woldemort who was the best sushi chef in town. He is missed.

Great food & Service which is rare for a sushi place!
Reviewer: Ed from Santa Barbara, CA
I had been to sushi Teri a long time ago and wasn't too impressed so I never went back. Started going to Takenoya which was great until the service went downhill and they closed last month for renovations. So my wife and i decided to try Sushi Teri again and boy are we glad! We have been back a few times now and the food and service are great! I recommend the OmegaIII roll, pizza roll, and the crunchy roll. Trust me you will not be disappointed!

The Best Ahi Poke!
Reviewer: Vic T. from Santa Barbara, CA
I grew up in Hawaii and never had Ahi Poke salad this good!

Good food, Great service
Reviewer: mollie rolle from Santa Barbara, CA
Nice quality restaurant. We stick with the sushi mainly cause their teri sauce is to sweet. But the fish is fresh and the heart attack roll is one our favorites. Khloe our server is great. Very knowledgeable and always has a good request. Give it a try.

High marks for the area
Reviewer: Ed. F from Santa Barbara, CA
It's nice, very casual; the staff is all young and helpful. The sushi menu is a combination of traditional type nigri sushi to traditional rolls or an infusion of heavily spiced California style rolled sushi

Great Place for Quick Inexpensive Sushi, Fresh!
Reviewer: Alex Zamora from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been a regular customer of Sushi Terri since >1998. I discovered Sushi Terri on Bath street. After I wasn't Pleased with their service and lack of communication with customers, I looked around and found Calle Real location. This location really turned everything around. I found new love for this chain and am a regular bi-weekly customer. Its definitely not a fancy place but gets the job done. The staff is great, from the greeter upfront to the sushi chef. I like their quick service and hours are just right. Obviously if I go at 2:30 I wont get service even if the door is wide open. If the hours printed at any restaurant door say closed, in English it means CLOSED. The food, Crunchy roll, Omega 3 roll are amazing and have great flavor. Atmosphere can be whatever you make it to be. Stir fried vegetable platter is awesome as well. Min, and the tall young man which serviced my wife and I tonight did a great job, beside the fact the place was at max capacity. Check it out!

Fast, Convenient, Mediocre service
Reviewer: Noel T. from Santa Barbara, CA
In the past two months I've probably visited Sushi Teri about 6 times. If you don't place your drink and edamame/miso soup order with the person who seats you, you'll end up waiting a bit for your actual waitstaff to come and talk to you. Once your order is placed, it is usually pretty quick to come to your table. The food is good for the price and serving sizes are adequate for the price. The waitstaff rarely comes back to ask if for refills on tea/soda/water, and they try and scoot you out before you are finished eating, even if they aren't packed.
Last week I made trip for a quick lunch, not realizing what time it was (2:30pm). The door was WIDE open and some of the staff was sitting at the bar. When I asked if they were closed, one guy rolled his eyes at me and said YES. Why was the door wide open then? Seriously. You can't tease a pregnant woman with a sushi craving with an open door like that. Highly unprofessional.

Excellent backyard sushi joint
Reviewer: Lidia from Santa Barbara, CA
For most cuisines, I have two favorite restaurants. The first is always simple, delicious and inexpensive. The second is usually fancy and expensive. For me, Sushi Teri is the first. This our local sushi restaurant and we visit it nearly weekly. One waiter recognizes us by sight and always serves us (lucky us, we get super-fast and friendly service). Some of the other waiters can give off a slow, "surfer-dude" vibe, but they do the job. The sushi is fresh and filling. Most of the rolls are the classic stand-bys (dragon rolls, philly rolls) but they have some very creative rolls (the pizza roll, the mastercard roll) and have many specials. In short, this place offers up good sushi at great prices.

Good food good service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Good quality food here, price not too bad. Their lunch specials are good. Teriyaki bowls, miso soup and cal rolls combo. Small enough for intimacy but big enough to not be overly crowded. Good tempura also. Worth a try if have not tried it.

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