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Sushi Teri - Bath St
1013 Bath St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-1250

Reviews by the General Public

Charming location, good sushi
Reviewer: SLV from Santa Barbara, CA
I had lunch here a few weeks ago and sat on the lovely shady deck with my friend. I was very pleased with the presentation and quality of my food. The service was also very good. Perhaps the best thing about Sushi Teri is its un-pretentiousness, and Sushi Teri Bath St does not disappoint: good fish, good service, good price.

Eat and get out!
Reviewer: Mari from Santa Barbara, CA
Been going to this place for years and have definitely noticed a difference in service. Food is brought on one plate instead of separately, so you have to figure out what belongs to who! They must not have a dishwasher, because if you dare to ask for separate, plates you can put your sushi on or little plates for soy sauce, etc. It's as if you're asking for a free meal! Definitely will not go there again and will inform my friends. Poor example for Santa Barbara. Felt rushed and wasn't even asked if we wanted dessert or tea. Cleared the table while we were still sitting there eating, leaning over food and beverages! We were only there for 45 minutes and spent close to $100. Very unpleasant experience and it didn't come cheap!!! A shame, it used to be a pleasant experience- new manager?

27th Wedding Anniversay
Reviewer: Karen from Garden Grove, CA
Loved this restaurant. It was right down the street from the bed and breakfast we stayed in and was recommended by the owner. The food and service we top notch. The sushi was fresh and tasted great. Only thing is I am allergic to balsamic vinegar and they use it in there salad dressings.First time I have ever heard of a sushi place using this type of vinegar, but still loved every piece of sushi we ordered. We will diffidently be back

Best Sushi Experience Ever
Reviewer: Beth from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I just got back from a wonderful dinner at Sushi Teri. The restaurant is a hidden gem. It has a very cute asian ambiance and is filled with character and warm charm. The servers and cook were very friendly and helpful. They have an extensive and unique selection of rolls, I got the Ivery roll and it was amazing. The prices are reasonable and the portions are large. What's not to love? Please give this place a chance.

Really Good Food and Service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
If not for John's website I would not have known of this place, its hidden, take Bath St up next to Rustys on Carillo near freeway to find it. Really good food and service. It reminds me of one of those Japanese houses you might see in an anime. Inside and Outside seating. Service was incredibly great. Food was spot on. Give it a try. This was the first of the Sushi Teris. Not overly priced either for the quality. Place has some Japanese ambience. Not open in the afternoon.

$2 for a teeny bowl of rice?
Reviewer: Katie from Santa Barbara, CA
Pretty good fish, decent portion. But don't let the website fool you, the presentation is nothing like the pictures they show (the reality is quite rustic and for lack of a better word, messy, in comparison). We ordered two rolls and the dinner set to share between two people. The beef came out really salty so I asked for a bowl of rice, and I was really surprised that they charged us for it! I never had this happen before at any Japanese restaurant - or any restaurant in general. It's just so pathetically stingy, even in this economy.

Reasonable priced sushi
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is hidden on Bath St I think this place was a house coverted into a restaurant. The ambiance is simple and so is the food. It is good. Service is friendly.

Perfect Simply The Best Experience
Reviewer: Bradley Snider from Santa Barbara, CA
I have tried eating out at most of the sushi places in Santa Barbara including Edamasa, Arigato Sushi, and Shintori Sushi. I never visited Sushi Teri just because I saw the low review count here whereas it looked like everyone was going to Arigato and Edamasa. Anyway I really have to say that Sushi Teri on Bath street was the best experience. The Sushi Chef there was awesome and the service was vastly more appreciative and kind. Please go check it out you will be impressed!

Brings back memories!
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
I remember going to this location after it first opened. I believe before that it was the German House(Awsome place). We used to dine at the upper State St. location. Lately we tried the goleta location. Coming back here reminds me of how Sushi-Teri started. Very good rolls,chicken and beef. Many more special rolls than the goleta location. Great service. We will be back!

Not great
Reviewer: Michael Woelfel from Santa Barbara, CA
Had the sushi lunch and the tofu stir-fry. The sushi was ok, but the stir-fry was huge and tasteless. I was disappointed because the miso soup was excellent so I was expecting a decent lunch.

Reviewer: Kristen from Carpinteria
Excellent food and great service. My only complaint is that I sat outside and one of the fish shaped windsocks kept whacking me in the face! All the sushi Teris are good, definitely one of the best sushi places in town.

Sushi teri? More like Sushi Scary!
Reviewer: Barnabas Teo from Santa Barbara
I have never written a restaurant review before because i don't usually care to. I love food and I have patronized sushi teri many times for about 3 years now. But tonight I had a horrible experience. I ordered 3 different plates of sushi combos tonight. All were really disappointing. The sushi rice they used tasted old and stale, the sea weed used was thick and rubbery in texture. The sushi was really badly wrapped, it was breaking apart even before I picked it up. The seaweed wrapping on sushi is supposed to break when you bite into it, but this thick seaweed was elastic in nature. Maybe the chef was tired or this is a one off! It didn't used to be like this at sushi teri. The food was decent before, but the quality has dropped drastically since. If you insist on going here, stick to the teriyaki food, its is decent at least. I am asian and I know good sushi! Do something sushi teri, or risk losing business!

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