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Cantwell's Market
1533 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-3902

Reviews by the General Public

Interesting Market and Deli
Reviewer: Joyce from Santa Barbara, CA
Coming from San Diego area, stopped in Santa Barbara and asked a local man walking his dog a good place to buy a good sandwich. We found your market and was amazed with all the selection to pick from in the deli, Plus all the salads all fresh! It was nice to have the tables outside to sit at as we had a small maltese dog with us and was able to enjoy our lunch. I have already recommeded your market to our relatives as they are going to be in the area on the 18th of July. The service was excellent and after we ate went back and told them appreciated their service and how great the salad and sandwiches were. This was our first time there, but will not be our last. Thank you and your staff for their service as it shows they care.

Great place for a sandwich and a smoke.
Reviewer: J.R. from Santa Barbara, CA
The sandwiches are good and the people who work there are friendly. If you want a place where you can smoke this is it. Nobody bothers you and you can enjoy your cigarettes while seated outside.

Only good thing there is Gary
Reviewer: Gabriella from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been visiting Cantwells all my life and I have one thing I HAVE to say. Gary. The only reason me or any of my friends go there is that man Gary. He makes me and my friends just feel good. Never have I seen/heard customer service so extreme and rewarding. He is have got to see it/exoerience it to believe it. Gary....we love you!!

Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Not sure why it was called a specialty sandwich as there was nothing special about two thin slices of pastrami on soggy rye bread. I won't be back, but thank you for the friendly service.

Cantwells Rocks
Reviewer: Jason from Santa Barbara, CA
My opinion: Cantwell's Market rocks. Take it from someone who can actually use their space bar and type a sentence. With 30+ years in Santa Barbara, this is one my favorite destinations for a meat packed sandwich and/or nice bottle of wine.

review by rachel
Reviewer: Rachel Day from Aberdeen, Scotland
i live in scotland (united kingdom) and we have a aunt in santa barbara whos 103 and we go to anta abara every october and when we are there, every lunch we go to cantwells for a fine sandwich! the sandwhiches are huge not like the uk and ae so fine we even take them on the plane!!! i think $5-$6 for a sandwich is a good price and its noy overpriced! the service is good. they are really nicei like how there is tables outside so that you can enjoy your sandwich in the sun or shade. i have only had sandwiches and not hot food. i would definately recommend the deli!

Good Food/Service, a wide selection of items
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Sandwiches not as good as South Coast but its a nice Deli. Seating inside. Sandwiches were good. Only complaint is that the bread tended to be soggy in areas on opening your sandwich package, is it that some of the vegetables have water on them and seep out of the sandwich? I've seen the same problem with Quizno's subs, not sure what the problem is. This place had nice servers and their selection of beverages, chips and other goodies was really good. They had a selection of meats and cheeses but this is probably not the place to go for hard to find meats/cheeses, try Gelsons, Lazy Acres or a cheese shop. 2 for 1 discount card sandwich deal makes this place hard to pass up.

A nice treat
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
I personally have been going here for 4 years and love it. I love the options, love their specialty sandwiches, like the many options for salads, sides, and drinks. My one complaint would be the cutting back on the amount of meat on the sandwich and raising the price at the same time.

Please call back
Reviewer: shawn from Santa Barbara, CA
So I just called Cantwell's asking if they had pork roll or taylor ham. (a type of deli meat). The gal on phone did not understand my questions and asked me if it was a salad or meat? I said meat. Then she said the only had salmon and chicken! What? I have been there before I know better. (I didn't say that to her :)). She then asked me to call back in 10 minutes. If they person answering phone does not speak english how are they going to help those who only speak english. That was crazy! PLease fix that so I can find out what products you have before I drive all the way down town

Reviewer: Miku from Santa Barbara, CA
I live a block from Cantwells, and I go there mainly for cigarettes and random items when driving isn't an option.

Some of the premade meals are fairly good, others not so much. One thing most of them seem to have in common is that they're kind of on the soggy side, like they were made 8 hours ago and put in the fridge. This of course doesn't matter as much for stuff that you will heat up in the microwave, such as their chicken picatta meal, which is quite tasty, only problem being that it's $7.99, and this is a recurring problem; Prices at Cantwells are fairly steep for most items.

There's definitely truth to people's deli complaints, because I just got back home from going in shortly after they opened in the morning and buying a turkey and basil croissant. Besides the usual sogginess (even though it's the beginning of the day), the bigger problem here is that I got home, opened it up, and THERE IS NO TURKEY IN IT. They forgot to put in the turkey. So, with any premade food item you buy, make sure you look at it to see that everything is there.

Otherwise, the selection of things in general is pretty good. Lots of less known brand names and interesting products. Great selection of bottled drinks. Teas, energy drinks, sodas, even drinkable yogurt and all sorts of milk substitutes.

But with so many price-gouged hippy items, just don't go there to buy multivitamins and face lotion, because if you do, you're either rich, or just stupid.

Great selection!
Reviewer: Becky from Santa Barbara, CA
Cantwells is accomodating for all different tastes and diets. I am grateful they have many vegetarian and vegan options. Also, their baked goods and coffee selection are wonderful. It is a great spot to stop for a snack or an entire meal, and they sell lots of interesting gourmet items.

Now two. Does it get any better than this?
Reviewer: Preston from Carpinteria, CA
I have been going to Cantwells Market for over 14 years. The selection is unique and and the attention to presentation remarkable. I love the deli. I wish I could more often, but I don't live that close to either location. The sandwiches are the best, not to mention the breakfast burritos. The market's inventory is somewhat European which makes simple browsing very interesting. The Hair-Raiser coffee will keep you going for several days. Cantwells rocks! And now for the encore --- the new Summerland location!

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