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216 E. Yanonali St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 899-2300

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I love this place!, 9/4/2018
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eaten here many times over the years and their food is quality and delicious! Its on the pricey side but not really different from other high-end sandwich shops in the area. I love their Gyro sandwiches (though not as much as Steves Gyros but driving to Cleveland is kind of a deal breaker) They have many great sandwiches as well as great daily specials. While I don't discount the previous negative reviews, I have had only positive experiences over 12-15 visits. I believe their happy customers outnumber the unhappy ones considerably.

Reviewer: MELISSA from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been meaning to write this review for a while now. We arrived and ordered take-out and decided to sit down and share a glass of wine while we waited for our food to be ready. The lady brought us our wine and when I asked her for another glass so we could share she said NO, BECAUSE IT WOULD COST HER TOO MUCH MONEY, BECAUSE SHE HAD TO WASH AND POLISH THE EXTRA GLASS- FOR REAL??? I've been coming to this place for years and she has always been nun to friendly, which I can handle, but to be plain cheap, is just annoying and embarrassing when I'm paying $10 for a veggie sandwich- like seriously, get your life lady. I guess she'd rather lose customers over what, 50cents?? Had to share this ridiculous experience......

Reviewer: Franz from Santa Barbara, CA
Ordered a gyro and it was just average with no seasoning besides garlic. The meat was grey looking and I thru more than half in the trash. Last gyro I had was so great in flavor but it was in SLO at Java . Next time I get something different .

Excellent Service and Scrumptious Food
Reviewer: Linda from Santa Barbara, CA
Imagine getting this service from Cox or anyone else? Phoned in order; husband picked up and didn't realize I had added on to original 2 items. Came home with the 2. When I called they totally admit THEIR error - other food was in fridge. Don't want to start a new demand on them - but the person who erred DELIVERED the rest of the food on her way home. And it was ALL delicious!

Cranberry goat cheese salad
Reviewer: Sara from Santa Barbara, CA
Do not order. NOT worth $9.- not even $5.- Fresco salad is much better. The salad was small, had way too much dressing, the dressing tasted like desert, way too sweet, ingredients were mediocre, stingy w the cheese &had two odd croutons or whatever they were. Sloppy &a rip off at that price. They Shld hv gyros everyday, not just two days of the week. Isn't that what the place is any good for anyway? Robbed.

This is a culinary temple, far more than a deil
Reviewer: Jinelle from Santa Barbara, CA
One feels almost reverential when exploring the aisles of this remarkable deli because the buyers have such a good eye for both the unique and high quality. It is a pleasure to just be in the presence of such well-chosen items. Had the Reuben sandwich and while the sauerkraut was far too tame, it was a well-excecuted sandwich though not a classic by a long shot. Tasty, high quality, juicy and satisfying. Such and odd, off the beaten path location but one sees a trip down Yanonali street from State Street to Metropulos is a wine/dine treat in its own right. Reds for coffee and several wine shops are making this a pleasurable destination walking detour for both locals and tourists.

Local Gem -- More Than Just A Great Deli
Reviewer: Kim P. from Santa Ynez Valley, CA
Ann and Craig and their exceptional staff offer delicious deli style cuisine along with hand-picked cheeses, meats, wines, and a vast array of imported grocery items. The selection is not to be beat! I always find interesting and delicious Italian, Greek, French, etc staples for cooking, as well as unusual, hard to find condiments and other delicacies. It's fun to hunt among the dry goods to see what's new each time I stop in, usually about once a week. Great place to pop in to pick up an array of items for an easy meal at home, for a picnic, or to sit on the lovely porch there. This is very much a neighborhood gem of a place, I just wish it were located in my neighborhood! But no matter; I frequently and gladly go out of my way to this wonderful shop. Everyone's ALWAYS friendly, helpful and attentive...and they're savvy about the stock on hand. Oh, and the desserts are outrageously divine, especially the cookies in the small tiered case by the back deli case (one of the best kept secrets in town, for real!) I keep Metropulos in mind for extra special goodies around the holidays, too, and have enjoyed their pies and appetizers just as much as all the other terrific foods we enjoy all year. As another review advised: GO THERE!!! Really, do yourself the favor.

Superb deli food!
Reviewer: Bob from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been going to Metropulos a lot lately and have finally made it through their entire Specialty Sandwich menu, hot & cold. There are hits and misses and near misses as would be expected, but mostly everything is very good to terrific. Faves are the Mr. Delicious panini (EPIC), and on the cold side, the RBG (heavenly). Yes, it's expensive ($8.50 for a whole sandwich), but not for Santa Barbara. Whoever said you could pay half as much somewhere else in town...I'd like to know where (grocery store deli's don't count, different animal). Metropulos is within $1.00 of pretty much all the other specialty deli's in town (South Coast, 3 Pickles, etc.). Never had bad service, the owners have always been delightful to talk to, small selection of nice wines and great cheeses, meats and grocery items. Go there!

Excellent Lunch!
Reviewer: JS from Santa Barbara, CA
Loved everything about my lunch (Avocado Sandwich with house saldad) except the wait. Seemed like there were 6 people making sandwiches but not very efficiently. I wil be definitely be back though, since the food was so yummy!

Reviewer: K.W.McT. from Santa Barbara, CA
1. Guy says he weekly spends over $100 at a small Mom & Pop and doesn't know the first name of either mom or pop? 2. Says he is overcharged significantly on an order (assumedly made weekly) and doesn't notice it and doesn't report it in person immediately? Maybe he did have had the container tops crossed over on items ordered at the same time, but, if they are the same size it makes no difference. If they weren't; bring them in, uneaten of course, but there in lies the problem no doubt. But he wants to settle this over the phone? Been gojng there since they opened 7 years ago; wish I had spent $5,200/year. BTW, Ann and Craig's place is worth it!

Best in Town
Reviewer: Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been coming to Metropulos for over 3 years now. It is absolutely exceptional in every way- best sandwiches in town, great deli-style prepare foods, and some of the best home-made deserts around. The service is also wonderful, and the owners are 2 of the nicest and hardest working people I know. Seeing a review such as Phillipe's below makes me question my faith in humanity- really buddy?? You just made a sweatshop analogy of Metropulos? Ha!! And you somehow referenced the suffering in Japan as it relates to your Metropulos experience?!! I think we all know who the real clown is..

Terrible, worst customer service in SB...AVOID these clowns.
Reviewer: Phillipe from Santa Barbara, CA
Well I spent >$100 a week here consistently, so >$5200 a year so I was a good customer. I went last Friday and bought 5 containers, 3 large and 2 small and 2 Gyros. One of the small containers had Tuna salad in it and upon opening my bag over the weekend, I see the Tuna was overcharged at $13.56, more than 2.5 times the price of chicken curry at $5.50 in same container and more expensive than all 3 containers that were more than THREE TIMES as big. I called first thing I noticed on Sunday, but they are closed. I called again Monday, asking for the owner and she basically accused me of switching lids on the products, which is just OUT OF CONTROL. I mean in what world do we live in where a business accuses a customer, and a GOOD ONE, of lying and trying to rip them off of a few dollars (less than $5 probably)? I do not need the money here, but it is a question of principle, people are starving in Japan and they rip off honest loyal Santa Barbarans... I think they must run a sweatshop so one of their disgruntled employees overcharged me...It is simple, the owner hired the person that overcharged me, she is responsible for her employees and their mistakes, not the customer. No accountability on part of owner, instead she accuses ME OF BEING DISHONEST WHEN I AM THE VICTIM. I have never seen such arrogance, intransigence and dishonesty in dealing with a business IN AMERICA, not just SB. Worst customer service in SB, hands down, the owners need to read some books on treating customers and take customer service 101 classes. Avoid these clowns, you will not leave with a sour taste in your mouth, the owner lady is so unpleasant, impatient and frigid it is scary...she refused to offer any solution, accused me of lying and then had the audacity to tell me I did not even buy the correct sizes according to her husband, well guess what, your husband is wrong.. I have the containers in my fridge still and my AMEX bill does not lie.. The food is terribly overpriced as well. I expect an answer by the owner on this website displaying her snobby/self righteous/I'm never wrong attitude..

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