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Marty's Pizza Delivery
2733 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 682-6955

Reviews by the General Public

Great Pizza
Reviewer: Encina from Santa Barbara, CA
We have oredered Marty's Pizza for years at my place of work. Every once in a while we order a large pizza from Marty's and every time it is simply delicious. Best pizza in Santa Barbara

So disappointed!
Reviewer: Dominique Smith from Santa Barbara, CA
We've ordered pizza from Marty's for years, delivered at home. Usually, we really enjoy it. Today, we ordered a large Sicilian, and it was AWFUL! It arrived lukewarm, the crust was dry and brittle, way over-cooked, the cheese was dry, and it was absolutely tasteless: couldn't taste the fresh basil, onions or garlic advertised for this Sicilian pizza. Big disappointment! For sure we won't order this again, and I hope it was just an accident, or we'll have to find a new place to order from!

The Real Deal
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
I came off the freeway after a grueling 9 hour road trip to go visit family for the holidays. I called into Marty's for a large Hot and Spicy one of Marty's signature pies. The pizza was ready when I walked in the a matter of fact it was on the way out of the oven not just sitting there getting soggy! They use top shelf ingredients and the crust is great. This place is old school the way pizza should be! If you want a good pizza with no BS then give these guys a call!!

Reviewer: former pizza-lover from Santa Barbara, CA
gentlemen who answered the phone for my delivery mumbled to the point where i almost hung up before i even placed an order. once i struggled through the ordering process, i waited for an hour and 10 minutes for my large supreme pizza to arrive. when it didn't i called and asked if maybe they forgot about me...they did. i gave all my info a second time and a half hour later i received a pizza that got colder with every bite. the sausage was cold to many onions and peppers, all around bad. wish i ordered dominoes.

Marty's 18 dollar pizza
Reviewer: Jim from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I ordered a Pizza - 18 bucks - It was so far below what I expected that I stopped at one slice. Not much for toppings and the crust was burnt. I was hoping for more for a first time customer that has 3 teenagers ready for good pizza.

Great pizza, convenient online ordering
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
The pizza here is consistently really good. Online ordering is super convenient. The only negative is what others have said here, that it seems they don't read the special instructions on the online ordering. If you want the pizza well-done (which I recommend if you like a crispier crust), you're better off calling in.

Reviewer: JC from Santa Barbara, CA
I decided to give martys a try the other night. I ordered their deluxe, and I can say that I was unimpressed. Very generic & cheap ingredients, headed by horrible sauce which tastes like sour tomato paste. The pizza was also slightly undercooked. I would have to say that Martys fails to make my top 10 in santa barbara.

Its Saturday night,
Reviewer: Renee Cameo from Santa Barbara, CA
Its Saturday night and I CANT EVEN order a pizza from Marty's! what kind of Pizza place closes at 9:30pm on a Saturday!!!!! I like the pizza, its probably the best in town.... What's with SB and the lack of options past 9pm!? WHAT'S WITH Marty's PIZZA Closing so early, LAME-ness! Marty's Pizza, your losing business! ~ A Hungry Local, grrrrr (but it is REALLY good pizza)

Love it!! Best pizza in Sta Barb BY FAR
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
I happened on Marty's by accident one SuperBowl Sunday, and have been a loyal customer ever since! I didn't expect this little pizza joint to even be busy, but holy cow he was hopping and after tasting the pizza I can see why! As an added touch of class, he was incredibly busy, looked like he was working alone, and still found the time to be courteous and friendly the whole time. That place is a total gem, and I am so glad I found it.

Best Pizza Locally
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been ordering from Martys for at least the last 5 years and have never been disappointed with the Pizza.Salads are also great. The website for ordering could be upgraded to include things such as extra toppings etc and they in fact do not read the special instructions or at least the kitchen does not. I have made several requests via the comments box and was not done. If you do want something different call in the order and they will comply. At least they have a website for ordering and they do not charge extra for delivery

Amazing Pizza!!!
Reviewer: Brett from Santa Barbara, CA
Well, the quality of the pizza is what really impresses me. I have been ordering from marty's for years and have never been disappointed with my order. they get it right every time and the food is high quality and consistent. I usually get the's really awesome.

RUDE and HORRIBLE service
Reviewer: Mariana from Santa Barbara, CA
We call Marty's a lot for delivery to our office. The other day when we called, whoever takes the orders over the phone was complete rude and yelling at our receptionist over the phone. Good customer service goes a long way, our office will never order from here again.

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