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El Rincon Bohemio - State St
4141 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 967-4464

  • Category: Mexican
  • Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat-Sun 9am-9pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Haven't eaten here yet .. will tonight. Looking forward ..
Reviewer: Margie Poohie Pie from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm going to enjoy this food and see how it stacks up next to La Superica Tacqueria, (the absolute best in town).

one of my top five restaurants of all time.
Reviewer: Agustin Ruiz Jr from Los Angeles,CA
If you are ever in Santa Barbara on vacation, or just passing by, you have got to swing by and try their food.If you like spicy mexican, try the camarones rancheros plate with rice and's my favorite. The atmosphere is nice, and the service was excellent and don't have to wait a long time like some other places.

Menudo Heaven
Reviewer: Francisco from Santa Barbara, CA
I wish to be succinct. Rincon Boehemio is a genuine in all it's aspects. The secret it entertains I find enthralling! Menudo may be had everyday of the week! Particularly since I am diabetic it may be had without hominy! How awesome is that for having it your way.

Consistently good
Reviewer: Hugh from Goleta, Ca
I really like going here for lunch and today as usual everything was just very good. Seems like the staff is on the ball. Not much of a wait for the food and everything was hot and delicious. Their chile relleno is fluffy with lots of cheese. The tacos crunchy and delicious. I like their sauces overall. Today I had a Chile Verde burrito which was quite tasty, perhaps a bit mild. The rice and beans always quite edible. I love the salsa dip too and the chips seemed fresh. I'll keep coming back. I love the large sodas and free refills. Seems much better than the Goleta one but to be fair it has been a long time since I ate there.

Time to change the oil in your deep fryer.
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Usually this place is pretty good, but the fact that the chips were chewy and rancid, as was the flauta made this visit not so good. Servers are always nice and attentive, but please, change your oil.

wonderful food
Reviewer: nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
We eat here often great food always hot.Service is very good, they cook to order so you might have to wait a minute or two if busy, worth it!!

Excellent Chile Colorado
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
My first visit here. The albondigas soup has clear broth, a BIG tender meatball, and BIG chunks of potato, carrot, and zuke (one each), served with fresh lemon that really makes it sing. The chile colorado is small-cut pork (and plenty of it), in a rich sauce that gets better the longer it stays on your tongue--among the best I've ever had. The rice is topped with a dash of yellow-orange chile sauce that is to die for. Hard to judge the service coz it was a very slow night, but I did notice that there were many regular customers who were on first-name basis with the staff. After 37 years in SB, I think I have a new favorite! Why did I wait so long? (P.S. I would give 5*, but I reserve that for two-fork cloth-napkins joints. I did get two spoons, though.)

a great local hidden place !
Reviewer: colleen from Santa Barbara, CA
If you really like authentic Mexican food ...GO HERE! It's tiny and needs some updating [ although the bathrooms are beautiful]. The waiters are good, but could be alittle more on top of things. But you come for the FOOD ! BEST AROUND HERE !

Under-appreciated local gem...
Reviewer: Brooks from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been living in SB for about 5 years now (although I have been going to La Super Rica my whole life), and I must say that Rincon Bohemio is the most "hidden" local gem of them all. The staff is always very nice and grateful for my business, and the food is always extremely flavorful. I would say they have the best enchiladas and flautas in town, and I personally think their Pozole (their version is basically like Mexican Pho, it has so many delicious toppings on the side!) and Menudo are the best I've had in SB as well. With so many mexican restaurants in town this one gets little attention - dont be fooled! Just to give you an idea of what my "taste" for Mexican food is, my favorite chiliquiles are at Super Rica and Rose Cafe (Mesa), Lily's is my taco joint of choice, Super Cucas and Rudy's for burritos (you have to go to the right ones though), and Rincon for soups and other dishes (FYI: during Fiesta, Our Lady Guadalupe on Milpas dominates all of the above).

Not worth it!!
Reviewer: Donna from Santa Barbara, CA
Took a chance on getting a to go order from this place since it was near my house. Bad idea!!! The waitress could not charge my credit card because the other waitress was on the phone tying up the credit card line. Huh?? I had to wait and then she had to run my card again. A tostada for $10.00 after charging me extra for the guac and the to go container. Rediculous! The tostada was mainly lettuce, the guac did not taste that good and the chicken was boring.Never again!Waste of a good lunchbreak.

Reviewer: Lise from Redondo Beach, CA
This is my most favorite restaurant on the planet. I have been going there my whole life. Everytime I am in Santa Barbara I go there. I have not found any other Mexican food like this. can sit anywhere you like.

Bad Service
Reviewer: Gary from Santa Barbara, CA
If you like wait for your order to be taken while disorganized and oblivious waitresses flutter about taking the orders of patrons who've arrived after you, then maybe you should think about eating here. If you're seeking a clean, organized place to eat ... then this surely isn't the place for you on a Sunday.

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