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Jack in the Box - Upper State
3747 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 682-8674

Reviews by the General Public

Shorted on Bacon
Reviewer: CHK from Santa Barbara, CA
I order Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburgers as a special treat on occasion, and for the past two years, they have omitted the bacon on the cheeseburgers even when correctly ordered at the drive-thru. This means I get all the way home before I discover it. They do try to make it up when I come back and complain, but GET IT FIXED!!!!

Jack, how can you keep DOING this?
Reviewer: Rex Of SB from Santa Barbara, CA
Jack did it to me again! Even though I KNOW it has the worst fast-food on the planet, about every year or so, J-In-The-B will come up with a new hamburger concoction that looks delicious. So I buy it, it’s beyond terrible, and I vow never to make that mistake again. But then it’s a year later and they’ve invented something new, which looks absolutely mouth-watering in the ads on teevee, so of course I have to try one—only this time it’s even worse than before. Such is the case with Jack’s current awfulness, the “Buttery Burger,” allegedly drenched in garlic butter and featuring melted swiss cheeze, tomato and lettuce. It was drenched in something, alright, but nothing I could identify as either garlic or butter. It was definitely greasy, however. The lettuce was a huge double-folded piece that dwarfed the “4-ounce” patty. How you can put all this glop between two hamburger buns and still have an utterly flavorless mess is a question unto itself. The fries were unchanged since my last visit. They’re a golden yellow color that is found nowhere else in nature, and what little taste they do have is redolent of chemicals of some type. I honestly, truly don’t understand how this terrible fast-food chain stays in business. I was there a few minutes before 12 noon and I not only was the only customer, but I saw virtually no vehicles at the drive-through window either. Awful, awful, AWFUL!

The employees mean well, but, well, y'know...
Reviewer: Prescott from Santa Barbara, CA
Often when I arrive early about fifteen minutes after they open, there's nobody in the front area but I can hear convivial conversation and giggling coming from the back. Two or three minutes later someone comes out to take my order. Any special instruction such as "no lettuce" or "double bacon please" is often done wrong, or you get a nodding of the head but there's a feeling you're not being understood. The nodding of the head means yes but there is in actuality little or no comprehension due to language barrier. Often the coffee is barely warm, even fifteen minutes after the place opens...or the carafe' is mostly empty and I have to call and wave someone down to get me some. Are they making the coffee an hour before they unlock the front doors? It's a mystery how the coffee could be almost empty and barely warm, just fifteen minutes after they open. Apart from this, the employees are warm-hearted and well meaning. The Constructive Solution: change the hiring practices. We all know what I'm talking about. Now then, the food. It has a faint and pervading odor and taste of industrial chemicals. It is food that seems like food, but deep down it doesn't taste like it. You wolf it down because there's a place on every corner, nobody cooks anymore, so you go in, but you know it drains a little energy and health and happiness from you every time. I cannot recommend this "restaurant" on any basis.

WORST Jack in the box experience I've ever had!
Reviewer: Rachel from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm a big fan of this fast-food chain, but after the last 5 or 6 times that I've been there... its been a horrible experience. COLD fries, WRONG fries, long wait, RUDE service (even from management), soda tastes watered down. BUT tonight was the last straw! I work at a fast food place as well and can understand that they get busy and it gets hectic, but a bad attitude toward your customers?? really? NOT HAPPY AND WILL NOT BE RETURNING FOR A LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!

good manager
Reviewer: Jamien from Santa Barbara, CA
I had a problem with a guy who threatening to charge me for extra BBQ sauce. I ordered a large meal and got a small drink. However I called the store and the manager promptly dealt with the issue. the manager is good, the food is ok.

First Date Friendly
Reviewer: Ned Mathias from Santa Barbara, CA
Feel grateful for the opportunity and forum to discuss my dining experience at this esteemed establishment. Pleasant ambiance, flattering lighting, eclectic decor. Just the special place you look to for a memorable first impression on a job interview or that all-important first date. A bit disheartened by the limited epicurian selection. As a vegan looking for organic and sustainable fairtrade ingredients, I found it surprisingly challenging to order from their late-night drive-thru menu. Yet, my chat with the drive-thru attendant was both insightful and inspiring...Thank you Jack, I will be back.

Not too bad but not too great
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I like Jack in the Box food. This one seems a little lower class for some reason, maybe I am used to the Goleta one which has gotten better with their service recently. So compared to the Goleta one this one not so good esp before 5. After 5 it seems like the food comes out a lot quicker and they seem less confused so I recommend going at night. The English comprehension is much better at night.

Reviewer: Kevin from Santa Barbara
The Food Here Is Great I Always Order The Jr Bacon Chesse Burger Only For 99 cents

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