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Deja Vu Cafe
966 Embarcadero Del Mar, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 968-8888

Reviews by the General Public

One of the best stops in Isla Vista, 12/30/2018
Reviewer: HawaiianInSB from Kapaa, Hawaii
Ate here almost every day during the fall of 2007 and summer of 2008. Always ate at Freebirds, Sushiya, or Deja Vu...and the Teri burger and wings/fries hit the spot every time. Even when I was low on $$$, you could always find me here. Atmosphere was great, what you would expect in a college town. And I found the service to be really good. Nothing to complain about, at all. Those Teri burgers definitely made me feel like I was back home in the islands, though! Thanks Deja Vu!!

Amazing food and great quality , 3/19/2018
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
Clean and great service and food best burger in town just you need to wait little bit because they make everything fresh is worth to wait 5 minutes try gaucho burger is so good I difficulty recommending this place to try you will love it

Pretty Decent
Reviewer: Allen from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is pretty good and the customer service isn't that bad. I can honestly say that I've never had a bad experience with anyone who works there, or the manager for that matter. Great place for burgers, a tiny bit overpriced.

Reviewer: adriana from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered a shrimp basket and the shrimps still had they're poop trails I called them imediately and demanded for my money back and they were really rude about it ew I'm so disgusted by this never again

Used to eat here but not anymore...
Reviewer: Stephanie Khairallah from Santa Barbara, CA
I use to go here all the time for chicken strips (not the best but to curb my craving for them, yum!) but one night I went there with a friend for mozzarella sticks. The portion for $6 was laughable and when I asked for two ranches and two marinara sauces, the man rudely said "no, you can have one". Never going there again because of rude service.

Try the Cajun Chicken or Ranch Chicken
Reviewer: ted from Santa Barbara, CA
Honestly, i don't understand the complaints below about not enough variety. This place has tons of variety. But that is not the point. I only go there for the Ranch Chicken or the Cajun Chicken w/ avocado. Ranch Chicken is priced well, and the Cajun Chicken is normal for IV prices. $6.80. And it is really good. This has been my security net for all 4 years here in Santa Barbara. Peace

Ok food/service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Wait a bit long for your food. Really more of an American grill type place with salads. Video games, pool table and Big TV. A little pricey for dinner. Soda fountain mostly out of stuff. Ranch Chicken Sandwich was good. They have eggs and beer(not wide variety) here too(and onion rings). No Mexican food or Coffee like drinks here.

A real review
Reviewer: Rod Jahangir from Santa Barbara, CA
has anyone ordered anything from the menu that they did not like? i doubt it, everything is good espicially their lunch specials, its around 7 bucks, but remember a mcdonalds meal is probably 6 bucks now. everyone knows the food is great and the service, well just dont be an idiot, if you go in there drunk of coarse the manager will treat you poorly, i would do the same, i go in their all the time and they always treat me with respect and have done nothing wrong, they deal with drunk freshman who have no manners and if i was them i would throw them out of their restaurant too! food may take a little long but hey its not mcdonalds!

Decent food, bad service
Reviewer: Peter from IV
The food is pretty good, but you will get sick of it after a while. The whole hamburger is pretty big but usually the patty itself is very skinny. The fries are usually a 2 out of 5 and if you get chilli cheese fries with a meal its over $10. The combo 1 with tax included is liek $8.45. I used to get ranch for free in a small salsa sized cup but now its 25cents. Also the soft drinks weren't carbonated so I paid for that too but had to get water. I don't think I'm gonna come back.

Horrible, horrible service
Reviewer: Dave from Goleta, CA
We had a burger delayed ten orders. And, when the burger was (finally) ready, the manager simply let it sit on the counter, even though he assured me several times that he'd "bring it out when it's ready". After this was pointed out to him, the manager suggested we leave. Deja Vu truly deserves zero stars for service, but I awarded a half star for showing the Lakers game.

Liked everything I've tasted at a pretty reasonable price.
Reviewer: Angeelo Ramirez from Goleta, CA
I love the big T.V and the good food that goes with it, jajaja. Everything is made when I order it. Since I discovered it I can't stop going there with my boyfriend Johnny Escobar and friends. If I had a restaurant I would call it Deja Vu 2, jajaja, just kidding, there can only be one Deja Vu. So go there peeps. Peace.

Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara
The food here is always great, but the last time i called, you might want to reconsider eating at this place. After ordering some food over the phone, i asked for my total and the Manager says "no. I'm going to cancel your order." and he hangs up. Later on, i call back and ask him why he hung up and all he can say is that he is the manager and he can do whatever he wants. I have other friends call and see if they can order and he hangs up on them as well. His excuse for his rudeness was because he's the "manager."

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