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Costco Food Court
7095 Camino Real Marketplace, Goleta
Phone: (805) 685-7299

Reviews by the General Public

Rose's review of Costco is Outstanding!
Reviewer: RiffRaff from Santa Barbara, CA
Rose's review is easily the best review EVER on Maybe even in the entire history of reviews.

waiting too long
Reviewer: Mo from Santa Barbara, CA
I like going to Costco every so often. When I do go, I like my dog and coke for $1.50 and I'm satisfied. The only thing I don't like is the wait for just my dog and soda. There should be a line for all the quick orders and another for larger orders. This would speed up the lines for those going for small orders verses getting stuck behind that one person who is undecided or has a large order. Oh and I like their pizzas and I love the prices. good job all around

Rose for the win..
Reviewer: roger from Santa Barbara, CA
Rose for the win for the strangest review of the worst food ever!

Reviewer: rose from Santa Barbara, CA
costco has great food, great prices, great customer service & great PIZZA! I dont care for the dogs, why buy the pizza buy the slice? when you can get a large combo for under $10!!! i usually get two large combos eat 4 or 5 pieces throw the rest in my freezer at home. heat em the microwave, then shove it in! I dont care how greesy it is, or (Cheap) it's the best bang for your buck! beats dominoes and pizza hut any day. Im in Montana I've seen some famous movie stars eat at the food court, they dont have a problem with it. We only live once why worry about greasy food. when your dead you'l have maggots all over you so what the diffrence? God Bless all costco folks

Good food for the price!
Reviewer: Nat from South CA
I always go here to catch a quick and very cheap pepperoni pizza. So I get a HUGE piece here, then go to the waterpark and see these like 7 dollar personal pizzas! The soda is also the cheapest, like ever. It is really greasy though, why I only did 4 stars, I always have to dab with the napkin, and it really isn't good for my wasteline, lol. (but nothing is anymore...) THE BIG THING IS THE DESSERTS. ICE CREAM BARS WITH *THICK* CHOCLATE AND NUT COATING, YUMMY BERRY SMOOTHIE, AND LATTES! NO NEED FOR STARBUCKS. Lines are long and workers are a little impatient. Other than that = YUM!

Reviewer: Jaxon from Santa Barbara, CA
Pizza was great AND cheap! Everything else is really cheap. Lines go quick. A great way to have a fast lunch that tastes really good.

Last Food Deal Left on the Planet!
Reviewer: The Barron from Santa Barbara, CA
Such a deal! $1.50 and you get a soda to boot. The dogs are great and you can load on all the fixins you want. Nobody but yourself to blame if it comes out wrong after a trip to the condiment "silos." Warning! Load up on the napkins if you're eatin' a loaded dog in the car. The only reason I gave them four stars was a slight wait due to long lines, but heck, it's worth the wait during "prime time!"

Reviewer: fletch from Santa Barbara, CA
I think the line situation at Costco is perfect. Cheap food ,quick lines.Doesn't get better.Arron does Costco have one monster line inside the store? I hope you are joking.

Fix your lines, please.
Reviewer: Aaron from Santa Barbara, CA
I like the food, the employees are fine, but I hate the idea of having separate lines for each clerk. Note to Costco: I don't like it when someone arriving in line two minutes after me gets to a clerk before me. Why should a customer be unnecessarily forced to wait because someone in front of them doesn't know what they want, has a large order, or insists on digging for coins to pay the exact amount? I have no idea why Costco's policy is to keep separate lines (and they are very vigilant to keep them separate), but it does nothing to improve service.

Yum yum!
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
Costco has great kosher dogs. For $1.50 you get a dog and soda! Everything there is so cheap, the best part is being able to order at the register inside when you buy stuff and then going outside with your receipt and it's already prepped for you. The service is good, this place is the best.

I go there for the ALMOND ICE CREAM BARS
Reviewer: George from Santa Barbara, CA
The Almond Ice Cream bars are the best dessert in all of Santa Barbara... hands down! For a buck fifty you got an ice cream dipped in thick chocolate. Every corner of the bar is then topped with almond chunks. IT is worth every penny as a Santa Barbara local to drive up and also get a Combo (meat veggie) Pizza. IT IS LOADED with toppings for a great 2 bucks. The only thing I cannot stand is when freeloaders bring their own cups and fill it at the fountain. I just want to throw those away in front of them. There's a good variety of drinks. The service is very efficient and well-trained... but they can get really busy at times. Itís best to go in the middle of the day for an ice cream bar; plus they are PERFECT for the summer. Take the challenge - get a bar!!

Only one major Con:
Reviewer: eric from Santa Barbara, CA
They will not give you a side of ranch for the pizza, they will not sell you a side of ranch no matter how much you beg or argue. They have sides of ranch behind the counter (for the salads) but will not let you have any unless you've purchased a sallad. Absolutely no exceptions. That is the only fault I find with Costco's Food Court. Also, after 25 years serving their popular kosher hotdog they are fazing it out in favor of a Kikland brand weiner. I have high hopes for it since Kirkland has always delivered great quality for the price.

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