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Peet's Coffee - 3905 State St
3905 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-9952

Reviews by the General Public

Too much ginger, 1/21/2018
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
The featured golden drinks with honey,ginger,and turmeric have way too much ginger! Who created such rubbish?

best coffee in town
Reviewer: zeus from Santa Barbara, CA
other roasters just can't measure up. there's no substitute for this coffee, if you haven't tried the arabian mocha java give it a whirl. best enjoyed when ground with a burr grinder and french pressed. i avoid watery tasteless starbucks coffee like the plague. i hope santa barbarians don't discover how good the honey bran muffin is, i like to know there's one waiting for me ;)

Slipping these days
Reviewer: Beth Rose from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Pete's and have been frequenting since I lived in Berkley. This location is nice, decent parking lot, never seem to be enough chairs and tables during the busy times - sometimes I reluctantly go elsewhere when I see there will be no seating. On my last 3 visits I could not drink my coffee... a Nonfat Cap. Horribly bitter or is it sour, the drink tastes stale as if the milk is not fresh. It actually turns my stomach. Normally I would rate Peets at 4 or 4.5 stars but unless this downturn is temporary I will only be able to rate it a 1 star. Would be really nice to see some fresh food that is not sweet as an accompaniment to the drinks however they don't even have a toaster for a bagel so if I'm hungry Pete's won't do at all.

Just the Best...
Reviewer: Krista from Santa Barbara, CA
Nothing compares to Pete's warmth, service and quality coffee. I appreciate the free coffee with every order of beans. I go just for that as my special treat when I get my coffee beans during a lull in my day. I am the only coffee drinker in my family so I order small amounts so I can go 1 a week or bi-weekly. I started going to Pete's as a new coffee drinker and they never made me feel stupid and took the time to answer my questions pleasantly, almost excited to help me find my favorite. They are real and not trying to make a faddish statement...just love that.

Nice Latte and pleasant atmosphere
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
There is parking just for this place and a few others in a driveway next to it that is kind of hidden. Beverages are good. Limited food though. This is apparently a national chain. Not sure if I would recommend over the Starbucks close by though.

Reviewer: Sara from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Peet's in any form. I have always had the best service here and find the people who drink here are my kind of people. REAL coffee drinkers know where to go! They recently moved around their menu and I mistakenly ordered something I did not mean to. Not only did the barista guess exactly what I meant to order from my jumble of words, she offered to make it for me at no cost. Being in a rush, I took what I ordered thinking that was fair and she went on to give me a ticket for a free drink for next time! Talk about going the extra mile!! I have never had a bad experience. Peet's is the best. I just wish there was another with better parking ;)

Peet's is Never a Let Down, When are They Opening Another
Reviewer: Sara from Santa Barbara, CA
I LOVE the coffee. Nothing compares; even if you buy to make in your pot at home Peet's is simply the best! I just wish there were more than one; there is such limited parking to enjoy this one.

bay area transplant very happy!
Reviewer: Lori from Santa Barbara
I moved here very recently from the bay area and was delighted to find a Peet's in town. No other coffee will do! Friendly, knowledgeable staff and the world's best coffee. Rich, dark and so flavorful. Here's hoping that Peet's will open more locations in SB.

Rush Hour Warning
Reviewer: Troy from Santa Barbara, CA
Strong coffee, good coffee, friendly baristas, but if you're in a hurry don't even try to go there Monday thru Friday between 7 and 10am. It normally takes between 20-40 minutes to find parking, order your drink, wait for your drink and be on your way. They do seem to always have the nicest staff and they try very hard to accomidate each customer.

A great coffee place; with friendly people
Reviewer: Paul Travisano from Goleta, CA
In the last month or so a friend and I went to Peet's every morning for our coffee. Every time it was nothing less than exceptional. The coffee is great, with the exception of a few roasts, you just have to get to know which ones you like. The service is very good. There is a manager there, Johno, who is very attentive and friendly, and began to recognize and talk with us every morning. Even some of the employees began to know us by name, and what our order was going to be. The place could have better seating, in terms of comfort. The metal chairs aren't too inviting. But that's a small detail and really only applies to people who sit for hours on end. In short: great coffee and great service.

Great coffee!
Reviewer: W. from Goleta
Always a line... Good food, excellent coffee!

Reviewer: mINDA from sb, ca

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