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Java Station
4447 Hollister Ave, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 681-0202

Reviews by the General Public

worst EVER
Reviewer: TheManUlove2Hate from Santa Barbara, CA
Went in around 10am, three co-worker standing around talking to each other about other coffee stores. Ordered a medium coffee. Three of the six coffee thermostats were empty. No cream, or 2%milk, no sugar, no lids for my coffee. Absolutely terrible and disgrace to any coffee store. Highly NOT recommended!

Friday night "dessert night" a REAL treat!
Reviewer: Cynthia from Sonoma, CA
Java Station is transformed from a daytime coffee house to a warm, inviting cafe' for the weekly dessert night event - white tablecloths, candles, elegant place settings, the fireplace roaring, a trio playing original and popular music, a welcome greeting and seating upon arrival, full table service...and that's just the atmosphere! Wait until you taste the desserts! We ordered 3 items: chocolate mousse with petite baklava and a house-made caramel sauce, a 3 berry cobbler with whipped cream, and the coup de grace, Bananas Foster Flambe, prepared tableside - very impressive and delicious! I will be back to try the 6 other selections on the menu, and I highly recommend it to everyone. Check it out!

Great coffee and eats
Reviewer: jon from Santa Barbara, CA
Nice place to Hang out for a great coffee drink.

A relaxed hangout
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
A chill place to chat, read, or just drink your coffee with an eclectic population of locals. Music (inside) & road noise (outside) are just about the perfect volume to insulate nearby tables from each other. Grab a table by the wall and you can plug in your laptop to work; I've never been hurried out by employees. Parking is a bit scarce, but if you can park your car then you'll find plenty of space at the tables. I'm not the world's pickiest coffee drinker, but the coffee and food have always been fine by me, and the mochas are delicious. Service is sometimes slow (at quiet hours only one person is in the kitchen, so they can be overwhelmed if multiple people come in at once), but I've had no other problems. Prices are pretty much standard in the age of Starbucks. I've been to Java Station about a dozen times in the past few weeks.

Getting better
Reviewer: Trijo gansett from Santa Barbara, CA
The place is getting better and the owner seems much nicer. With thier type of decanters you must drain a little of the coffee out before you fill up your cup to get out the cold stuff ( assuming it comes out cold). Stay tuned.

Reviewer: Shannon from Santa Barbara, CA
I went in on a Sunday morning, asked for a Americano with foam on top and was treated as if I was an alien for ordering such a thing! I asked the lovely cashier if the place had been remodeled recently..she said I dont know, and stared blank at my face. I finished my order, and watched as she first handled my money and then proceeded to make my bagel with her NASTY, DIRTY money hands...I thought, wow thats discusting...and then it was burned and stale as well! Then as I was putting cream and sugar in my coffee..the little sweetheart behind the counter said to her coworker, "That lady was so annoying." I walked up to counter and said, "Where is your manager?" Cashier, "Uh I dunno." So I called the Owner...He answered and was super RUDE AND AGGRESSIVE, AND basically didnt give a damn! AND THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD GOES TO.......STARBUCKS!! I will NEVER go to Java Station again...and I'll make sure to tell everyone I know.. ;O)

Java Station -- no longer a fun hangout
Reviewer: Bruce M. from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to enjoy hanging out at Java Station. But the service has become terrible, and the staff is downright surly. I used to go there for my morning coffee -- and the other day I did, and brought in with me a oatmeal I had picked up ar McDonald's. I was enjoying my coffee and oatmeal and surfing the internet when the owner / manager walks up to me and says "can I take that for you? Don't bring in outside food to this coffee shop!" I can understand his policy, but it was the rudeness and manner in which he said it. I am a loyal customer and have spents hundreds of dollars there -- so I hardly think enjoying one McDonalds cup of oatmeal there will hurt his business. I will not be back to Java Station ever. Another issue is the owner / manager keeps his young toddler in the store, and she is constantly screaming "daaaaaaady!" non-stop. It is annoying and disruptive, and many customers have complained or left because of this. A coffee shop is not the place to raise you kid, in my opinion. Also, the staff constantly smokes outside, and this stench wafts into the store. Its enough to make customers gag, let alone probably a violation of health regulations. The food had never been more than mediocre at best -- dry tasteless bagels and sandwiches. And the coffee is often cold, as they keep it in large thermoses that are not changed often enough. Java Station's motto should be "come for the bad service, stay for the mediocre food!".

Great start to my day
Reviewer: Erin from Santa Barbara, CA
I was surprised to read some of the negative comments. I tend to drop into grab a coffee and go. Today was a first. I sat in a comfy chair, enjoyed the music and did some work on my laptop. Staff was very nice and I believe the owner was there, also very nice. Coffee was great Ö Great experience, Iíll be backÖ All I can say is you canít please everyone.

One of the employees REALLY likes John Mayer
Reviewer: Paula from Santa Barbara, CA
OMG It was so bad, we had to leave. The sandwiches are great and the coffee keeps me coming back. The music is seriously bad though.

Update pictures
Reviewer: Trijo Gansett from Santa Barbara, CA
Java Station just isn't what it used to be... Though Green Star has improved its roast, it still isn't quite there. Espresso tastes good, but the brewed coffee (ahem, coffee shop) doesn't taste good. (I frequent all independently owned coffee shops and there are only a few who manage to keep there coffee tasting the same)

Good Place....and Good times
Reviewer: Brian Jacobs from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is for the artistic type...freemind kind of thinking. You make it your own and create a positive atmosphere. The staff is run by modern day hippies, so give um a break and work on your patience skills. Don't forget to kick out the kind vibe in the back...just listen for the music. Have Fun

Reviewer: Sean Obrian from Santa Barbara, CA
What a great coffee shop! I had a chai latte and an avocado tomato sandwich. I wish they were open later.

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