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Good Cup - Mesa
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2018-09

1819 Cliff Dr, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-8699

Reviews by the General Public

Locals Cozy Spot, 2/12/2012
Reviewer: Real Name from Santa Barbara, CA
The Good Cup has great laid-back atmosphere. I love to put my feet up and chill-out, read, and drink a good cup. Music is cool. The Mesa is the beachy part of SB where there's still some original charm. A couple things could make The Good Cup better. Toast the bagels for the customer. Every coffee house in town does that for you. And go back to the organic coffee you used to serve. The new Dillons coffee isn't nearly as good. Lazy Acres now has better, smoother coffee. Otherwise The Good Cup rules the local coffee house scene IMO.

And what about the music?!, 2/1/2012
Reviewer: Lisa Danhi from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been going to Good Cup since I arrived in Santa Barbara in 1995 and have enjoyed the friendly, direct, and consistent service that continues to appear in big smiles from behind the counter. But no one has mentioned that there has been over 2 years of live ALL ORIGINAL music and poetry twice a month at Good Cup every 2nd and 4th Wednesday nights from 6-7:30 PM, beginning with an open mic followed by two 30-minute sets of delightful local and touring talent. If it were not for owner Philip Friden's generosity, I would not be able to offer this sweet opportunity to the community. Hope you will stop by and give a listen soon!

Weak service, 1/14/2012
Reviewer: Abbey from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered food and instead of calling it out or bringing it over they just set it on the counter. This would be fine except for there was no one else in line and the girls just stood behind the counter talking. Having worked in the restraint industry I would never let someone's food get cold ad then blaitantly stand around chatting. In today's economy it seems like bringing the food over and just putting in that bit of extra effort would really be nice. I mean isn't that why I put a tip in the jar? Also ordered I medium and 1 large blended drink to go and they were the exact same size! The medium Short and fat and the large tall an skinny. Just go with the medium and wait at the counter for your food.

Great Iced Chai, 8/1/2011
Reviewer: Jennifer H from Mckinney,TX
My family and I are visiting from Texas and I was looking for a good place for coffee and chai. So glad I found Good Cup! The baristas are extremely friendly and the coffee and chai are wonderful! I am not a fan of the other "mainstream" coffee place so I was super excited to find this one! I will definately miss Good Cup when we leave!

My main hang out spot, 3/30/2011
Reviewer: Tosh from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been going to Good Cup for quite a few months now and i love it. The people there are great. I go there as often as i can for my ice coffee no matter how cold it is outside. I would love to work there one day.

Good Cup is the only coffee shop worth a review., 4/21/2010
Reviewer: Matt Bentley from Ventura, CA
I live in Ventura and work at SBCC, every morning going into Good Cup is the highlight of my day. I only know the morning shift barista's and they are some of the nicest people on the planet. The drinks are always made right and the muffins are excellent. Once they know you, you're remembered and so is your drink. I find myself driving from Ventura on my days off to get a Good Cup. You have a happy customer for life! Can we get one in Ventura please!

Good Cup Does It Right, 5/26/2009
Reviewer: Lara from Santa Barbara, CA
I work at the Good Cup several days a week and have to say that it is one of the highlights of my day. They really listen to their customers, their blended mochas are the best in town, the environment is comfortable, airy and full of light, and the staff is incredibly friendly. I am happy to have made it one of my few office spaces. Now, we're just waiting for free internet!!

Good Cup! , 4/1/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Really good Chai Latte, maybe the best I have had in SB? Good pastries. The sandwich was just Ok and could have been better. SB discount card offset the slightly higher price. Server worked very fast but they could use one more to speed things up a bit. Lots of indoor and outdoor seating.

Just terrible, 9/27/2008
Reviewer: Jerry Bryce from Santa Barbara, CA
I stopped in here for the first time since it took the spot of the old coffee shop and was terrible. I had a Ice blended Mocha and there were still ice chunks in it. When I asked if they would re do it she said Would have to pay for another even though it looked like iced coffee. Just go stop in at Lazy Acres theres a coffee bar or even starbucks.

great coffee, better baristas, 9/25/2008
Reviewer: penster from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the place for a relaxting cup of coffee, a great smoothie, and tasty food. Love the baristas, but Alex is the best. Nobody moves faster to make better drinks! And smiles.

Always enjoy starting my day off at Good Cup, 1/11/2008
Reviewer: CB from Santa Barbara, Ca.
I love my coffee and going to have a good capuccino or mocha at Good Cup is truly a morning ritual on my days off. I have to say, some baristas are better then others and there are times the girls are more interested in their conversations between themselves then addressing me. I will also say, being in the service industry I actually understand how that goes! And over all they are all genuinely nice, friendly people and I enjoy seeing them all! Although I do miss Beth and anyone who knew her when she was there knows what I mean, she could make anyone smile, she was just purely positive all the way through!

Go there, 11/26/2007
Reviewer: hellokitty from Santa Barbar, cA
It is so good and great service too!

xlnt, 7/8/2007
Reviewer: ignatz mouse from santa babylon,ca
dude brews righteous java man!!!

good coffee, sweet deal with axxess card!, 6/6/2007
Reviewer: chee from sb, ca
this place is very conducive to studying...well-lit, open doors, and nearby convenience stores. with a discount card, one gets 1/2 off any food item with the purchase of an espresso drink, so my iced americano plus a scone ran me just $3.10! in addition, the quality of the baked goods is really good...they order their pastries from D'Angelo's and Debbie's Delights...2 of my favorite joints around town. me gusta mucho!

CHAI LOVER!!!!!, 1/9/2007
Reviewer: Michelle from Santa Barbara
I was very impressed with this coffee house. its wonderful. the CHAI TEA is AMAZING. Its way better than any of those chain chai's. They are also cheaper than anywhere else for the size. Their service is wonderful and its great to see that the same employees stick around there for a while (hense they are probobly well respected workers). they are so friendly. the atmosphere is really cute and there is always a place to sit. super quick in and out. ive ben going there for over a year and will keep on. ENJOY!!

I agree with Justine! (see below), 9/29/2006
Reviewer: Jenny from Santa Barbara
Thank you Good Cup! I don't go to the chain coffee houses for many reasons. They are like Wal-Mart's of Coffee. And I can't stand that they make you order in their secret language, who would have guessed that a tall wasn't the largest size? Anyways, the counter helpers always know what I order and it's so nice to see my neighbors there. Keep up the great work!

Good Cup is a Good Place to Go!, 9/26/2006
Reviewer: Justine from SB, CA
Living on the Mesa, I am pleased that there is an independent coffeehouse in the neighborhood. I stopped in one day for a blended mocha (quite good) and noticed that they have a wonderful array of cards and quirky little gift items. I have since gone back specifically to shop for such things. Also went in one Sunday morning to work on my laptop for a while, and enjoyed the atmosphere and very friendly service. The one drawback is that they charge for internet access whereas virtually every other coffeehouse in town offers it gratis. On the way out I picked up one of their sandwiches for lunch, with fresh mozarella and tomatoes, served with a salad, and it was delicious! Not cheap, but worth it.

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