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Starbucks - State & De La Guerra
800 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-0173

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Walter from Santa Barbara, CA
Why did Americans buy into this tyranny? Walk in in the morning and have your ears BLASTED by this mindless corporate selected Starbucks music. It is ALL trash. The young women "cannot adjust" the air conditioning since all is corporate controlled from somewhere else. Starbucks has always been immature and stupid. This store just exemplifies it; dumb dumber, dumbest. A real intimidated staff just perfect for an Orwellian future. They are likely nice people in real life with minds....

I Wish
Reviewer: Yari from Lecce, Italy
I wish we didn't have to go thrpugh all this prepackaged franchise soul branding in order to get a coffee. I miss our caveman days before this was even a named street. Just a rough planet. good coffee but not as good as Caffe' Quarta from Lecce, Italy.

Thanks Bryon
Reviewer: Jim from Santa Barbara, CA
I came in today and asked for 50 $5.00 gift cards. Bryon helped me with a smile and a great attitude. Thanks Bryon!

Ok place
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Expecting more from the good reviews. Chai was a bit weak. Place was nice though with an upstairs though a bit cramped. Bit of a homeless area. Goodies were good. People were nice. For better chai try the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf across the street.

Best Starbucks in So. California
Reviewer: T. Farrel from Encino, CA
I travel city to city for work here in Southern California. The Crew and warm feeling they provide sure set an example of what Starbucks Customer Service is all about. For a Coffee House so extremely busy, they sure have it together. Kudos to the entire staff. All of you would make Howard Schultz Proud.

Rude barista
Reviewer: kelly ramirez from Santa Barbara, CA
ok so let me start off by saying i work at another starbucks. I know how things should be run and I know how we are supposed to treat customers.. etc. I have about 4 or 5 drinks per day so as you can guess I am all over santa barbara getting starbucks.. I was truly disappointed by their service. I went in on a super duper busy rush hour. I waited in line patiently (because I know how starbucks always is), got to the register, ordered my drink and then handed my partner card to the cashier. she punched in my numbers and asked to see my ID. I showed her my ID that was in my picture slot in my wallet. She asked me to take my ID out and carefully examined it for about 20 seconds. After that I asked her if I could use my discount for my friend who was with me and she took the time to call the manager over and ask (of course the answer was yes). in total she took up about 5 minute of everybody elses time trying to make sure I wasn't hassling starbucks with my 30% off.

Thank you for providing excellent customer service
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara, CA
Picked up a latte for my boss and I, got to the office and dropped one. Called to see if they could have another drink ready by the time I return, and without hesitation Kyle said they'd have it on the side for me, and it was ready by the time I arrived a minute later. Excellent customer service!! Thank you! :)

slightly unkempt atmosphere, but good coffee
Reviewer: cheecher from sb
I needed to do some work downtown, so I figured that I'd hit up this branch of starbucks to get my study on. although my coffee was delightful, there were only a few tables on which I could study. this seems like a pretty popular place for people to get coffee, so I had to share some elbow-space with the line forming at the cashier register. the bathroom seemed slightly scary for a starbucks, but I'll try not to complain because it was functional. I'd recommend coming here to grab a cup to go, but studying here is probably a "no-no."

Great Location!
Reviewer: Rachel Ray from Montecito, Ca
This Starbucks is right in the middle of State St. - the location is fantastic during one of shopping sprees - not to mention convienient! I'm always impressed at how efficient and friendly the service is even when its packed wall to wall. Keep up the good work!

My Favorite
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara, Ca
This location is my favorite Starbucks in town. The service is nice, and the drinks are fantastic. They have a really nice manager, too! They make the best iced coffee, and there is such thing as bad iced coffee, but not at this Starbucks! Yummo!

Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
I saw Mary Kate - Olsen , Brandon Davis and Faria having latte's in the corner! That was hella cool! You always see a celebrity or two at this Starbucks - and the coffee/service is fantastic too!

great food
Reviewer: Carl T. Conoly from Columbus,OH
We went here every morning on our vacation. Food was great,service wasgreat,and pretty much everything was great.

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